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Kadeem Jones is a star quarterback for Southside High He is thrilled when college scouts seek him out His visit to Teller College is amazing College cheerleaders pay attention to him The recruiter even gives him money to have a good time But then NCAA officials accuse Teller s staff of illegally recruiting top talent Will Kadeem decide to help their investigation, even though it means the end of the good times What will it do to his chances of playing college football

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  1. Jorge Jorge says:

    This story focused on Kadeem Jones the star quarterback for the high school football team He is being recruited by several schools but he really wants to go to Teller University because they have a winning football team The Assistant Coach at Teller begins to give Kadeem money and takes him to the college for the weekend along with a few of his team mates Kadeem boastfully tells a rival coach about all the things the Teller coach has been doing, not realizing that it is an NCAA violation to received gifts and promises from recruiters The NCAA Regulation boards get involved and Ty has to decide if he wants to do the right thing by testifying against Teller.I like this book because its about sports something that i like also because it shows that telling the truth has its rewards.This book is best suited for middle school readers The book is very simple and has a happy ending It has realistic subject matter but not necessarily a realistic i ll say that middle school readers will enjoy this book.

  2. Nick Redden Nick Redden says:

    I liked this book because it was a topic I am interested in I really following high school basketball players and their recruitment process This book was about a boy, Kadeem who was a senior at his high school and the star of the football team He was getting recruited by multiple colleges, but one that seemed really appealing to him was Teller University Their coach brought him out for lunch and had him hangout with the cheerleaders When he met the cheerleaders he really liked one of girls and they started texting and hanging out then Kadeem went to Teller s football games Teller was also recruiting some other kids on his high school team which added interest to the University But what Kadeem and his teammates didn t know, until a man who works for the NCAA came to talk to him was that Teller was recruiting him and his teammates illegally So Kadeem had to decide what to do, if he should not do anything and go to his dream school or work with the NCAA to bust Teller Kadeem decides to work with the NCAA and turn on Teller, which was the right thing to do in many people s eyes After the trial against Teller, Kadeem decides to go to Peterson University and has a successful career there.

  3. ReGina ReGina says:

    This is a good book for upper graders that have low reading levels However, for athletes that may be recruited, this provides an over simplified portrayal of the recruiting process I would say this book is on a fourth fifth grade reading level, but this is definitely middle secondary interest level Should appeal in particular to boys interested in football or playing for a college.

  4. Tristen Thiel Tristen Thiel says:

    Really good book especially if you are into football.

  5. Larry Johnson Larry Johnson says:

    Recruited by Suzanne Weyn was an amazing book that I read This book is about a teenager by the name of Kadeem Jones a quarterback at Southside High He is getting recruited by a good handful of college schools Kadeem is currently a senior quarterback who is currently a top recruit who is getting recruited by Teller University and some other colleges Through all that, Kadeem gets in to a sticky situation with the NCAA Kadeem held the football high, pumping it in the air 12 This quote stands out to me because he s acting excited as if he has never reached the end zone it s almost natural to him at this point This book is told over the last couple games of his high school career I really enjoyed this book a lot I really liked this book because i can relate to this as a high school athlete who is currently going through the recruitment process at the time I m kind of glad I read this book because at first, I really didn t know anything about the recruitment process and how it works, but reading this helped me know a few rules and eventually i looked up some rules and regulations of the NCAA To me the part I disliked was how it ended I wanted to know how he did in college and beyond that I would recommend this book to anyone who loves sports As an athlete, reading this book makes you want to look up and go over the rules and regulations If you break NCAA rules, you could get your eligibility took right from your hands This is a eye opener to all athletes trying to play at the next level.

  6. Natalie Natalie says:

    Kadeem is a pretty good quarterback, good enough to get the attention of scouts One scout in particular, from Teller, seems especially interested He s buying Kadeem dinners, introducing him to cheerleaders, and letting him know they ll help him with classes Then Kadeem finds out this recruiter is violating recruiting laws with the NCAA And he has to decide if he s going to help bring him down.

  7. Jo Jo says:

    It was okay It was definitely for younger kids even though it was set in high school.

  8. Caleb Heideman Caleb Heideman says:

    Recruited was one of the best books that I have ever read It was very suspenseful because I was wondering if he was going to get recruited to a college Then he talked to Frank Harries and he was set on Teller He met a girl named Alyssa and he started to like her and when he sent her a friend request on Facebook she didn t reply for the next three days and he was worried When he saw her the next she said that she didn t answer because her boyfriend is the jealous type The next game a scout named Roy Fellows introduced himself to Kadeem He offered a scholarship but he said I m with teller Then on Monday at practice he say Roy Fellows with a tall man and they walked to the sidelines and watched the whole practice After that they stopped him and Roy introduced him to Alan Murphy They said that teller scout could make one phone call and see them very few times That Teller would send cheerleaders to get the best players to come to teller and Frank Harries was lying They asked him if he would help them take record of what all he does and get Teller in trouble He said he will tell them in a day to think about it Frank Harris invited him to come to Teller for the weekend he asked his mom and she said yes He went to the came it was fun to watch but they were killing their opponent After that he went to the faculty room to eat, and when Alyssa would come he would talk to her When she came in he said do you want to go out just you and me Then Frank came up beside her and said you guys go out later and pulled a fifty dollar out of his pocket Alyssa said sure pick me up at my house in thirty minutes He sat on the porch for twenty minutes then went in and about said hurry up when saw her in the room on the phone He heard her say I can t wait till all of this recruit things over He decided to help Alan murphy If you want to read a good sports book recruited would be a good one.

  9. Malik Hughes Malik Hughes says:

    The author of the book the recruited is Suzanne Weyn Recruited is about a high school football quarterback named Kadeem Kadeem is the star quarterback at his school South side Kadeem and his friend Ty are happy when scouts from colleges come to watch there scrimmage game During the scrimmage Kadeem looks like a star and wins the game After the game the coach from teller university comes to speak to with Kadeem Kadeem is offered to go out to dinner with the coach and he takes it At dinner the coach gives him offers and introduces him to some of the cheer leaders Kadeem becomes fond of one of the cheer leaders named Alyssa so he gets her number and email Also at the dinner the coach invites Kadeem to the next Teller game At the game Kadeem sees many other players from high school During half time the coach gives all the players he invited 20 dollars so they can get lunch While waiting in line the coach from Peterson university comes to Kadeem and tries to give Kadeem offers m, Kadeem gets annoyed and tell the coach everything that teller is offering After one of Kadeem s practices the coach from Peterson and an NCAA official confront Kadeem about the violations that teller has done and ask him to help expose them Kadeem thinks about helping and decides to help after he finds out that Alyssa used him and that this was the right thing to do.My favorite part of the book was when Kadeem was offered a scholarship for doing the right thing My least favorite part was when Alyssa used him This is a very good book I would recommend it to all my friends

  10. Jazzy Habba Jazzy Habba says:

    Recruitedby suzanne weynThe book I read was called Recruited, it is about a young man named Kadeem he is a senior student and a star quarterback player of south side high kadeem was offered a visit to Teller university to see if he would like to play for the football tell and possibly attend school there next years but Frank harris was found guilty of illegally recruiting top talent by the NCAA officials and destroyed all thoughts of Kadeems about attending Teller In my opinion the book was okay but not one of my favorites it was very short and didn t have much excitement in it, it wasn t really interesting and rather hard to get into I would recommend this book to a younger grade level maybe for sixth graders, I would recommend this book to younger kid to get them thinking about what they really want to do with there life when they get a little older, and to help them get thinking about college a little , I think it would really get the younger kids to take school seriously and it s never too early to think about what college you wish to attend to in the near future, it might encourage kids to ask questions about college and they may learn new things they didn t even know were possible if they attending college, it may get the kids engaged in their school work and concerned about their school grades If they are any sports players they may even look into scholarships or for athletic people that don t play sports to start considering playing sports, The possibilities are endless.