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For two years, Cruz Medina has tried hard to ignore Tamsyn, the plus size beauty he s lusted after since high school Never mind that he climbs rooftops every evening to watch her in bed, her hands caressing her lush curves with an intimacy he can only dream about Never mind that she wants him just as badly, that he can smell her arousal and need every time they meetHe s a werewolf, she s not Loving her isn t an option until a rogue pack of shifters goes on the hunt for Tamsyn and the only way to protect the woman he loves is to tell her the truth

10 thoughts on “Beast Next Door

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    Really good novella length story that mixes werewolves, strange government type organisations and a sweet love story that has a fated sort of feel with plenty of hot sexytime too By the looks of it, this is the start of a new series so i ll be keeping my eye out for book 2 shows lots of promise though and very easy to read and get into

  2. Kimchi Kimchi says:

    Great read , couldn t put it down can t wait to read the next one.

  3. Terri Barnett Terri Barnett says:

    This book was amazing, I couldn t put it down My only question is when is Dominic Lyrra s story coming out He has to find her go see her This book was amazing, I couldn t put it down My only question is when is Dominic Lyrra s story coming out He has to find her go see her

  4. Clarisse Martinez Clarisse Martinez says:

    This book was a good read The story was short and to the point I m hoping there will be a continued book to this story.

  5. LanyBelle LanyBelle says:

    okay so many gave this a high rating and thought it would be good but im so confused i just had no clue on what was going on i was completely lost on everything i was reading so i just decided to stop reading at first it seemed interesting but then the scene of the story would change too fast that im like wait what just happened

  6. Krissy Krissy says:

    Terrible This story totally sucked some major balls It was all over the place and didn t flow well I can t tell you how many times the scene changed so suddenly that I actually went back to reread just to make sure I didn t miss anything It just hopped from one scene to the next to the next to the next to the next The end I will not be reading anything else by this author

  7. Rita Rita says:

    Is this a series Because it ended like one I see no sign of the next book Do they find Lyrra Does DOM get his HEA I mean really, why did I read this Quick werewolf book, without a proper ending.

  8. Ivy Deluca Ivy Deluca says:

    Too disjointed to rate higher, and it felt like the first draft for a longer story So much left undeveloped between the H h in favor of a greater conspiracy But on the positive side.the cover s pretty

  9. V V says:

    I really liked this story I hope we getif Dominic, Tamsyn and Cruz

  10. Tracey Tracey says:

    Part of a larger picture I think, this short paranormal story stands alone Hot, erotic, romantic action and over the top characters give this a higher than average lift.