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Alex McAuliff has received an offer he can t refuse two million dollars for a geological survey of Jamaica All Dunstone Limited requires is his time, his expertise, and his absolute secrecy No one not even McAuliff s handpicked team can know of Dunstone s involvement But British Intelligence is aware of the deal, and they ve let Alex in on a secret of their own The last survey team Dunstone dispatched to Jamaica vanished without a trace Now it s too late to turn back Alex already knows about Dunstone which means he knows too much From the moment he lands in Jamaica, Alex is a marked man On an island paradise where a beautiful woman might be a spy and every move could be his last, Alex s only clue to survival is a single mysterious word Halidon Praise for Robert Ludlum Don t ever begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day Chicago Sun Times Ludlum stuffssurprises into his novels than any other six pack of thriller writers combined The New York Times If you write fiction, you should read this book Fifth among Robert Ludlum s twenty three thrillers, this book is a gem The story keeps advancing, the characters are complex and interesting, and every time the reader thinks things are about to slow down there is a new worry added That s suspense.Stephen King has written much about the importance of writers reading Can I be blunt on this subject he wrote in On Writing A Memoir of the Craft If you don t have time to read, you don t have the time or the tools to write Reading is the creative center of a writer s life Ludlum did everything well in this thriller There are quiet and romantic moments, but the suspense just keeps building The setting, Jamaica, is a major character in the story, and not the Jamaica you might expect The penultimate chapter draws you to the satisfying conclusion at breathtaking speed And the final chapter wraps up everything perfectly.Ludlum s other thrillers have a bit too much graphic violence for my tastes this one s is largely limited to a few pages toward the end The rest makes it all worthwhile. Marvelous imagery Subtle I m jealous Too much of a good thing gets boring, however The last part lost its zing. A friend lent me this book, and since I read The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum and absolutely loved it, I was very eager to start The Cry of the Halidon If left on my own I probably would not have picked up this book, but I never refuse a book, I read anything that I can get my hands on and I always make it a point to finish a book that I started.Alexander McAuliff was chosen by Dunstone p.l.c to head a survey team in the depths of the Jamaican jungle, otherwise known as the Cock Pit Alex was offered a fortune to do this and he thought this would be a breakthrough in his career However, upon leaving the meeting with Dunstone s Julian Warfield he is approached by British Intelligence where he is informed that all is not as it seems Unknowingly Alex finds himself involved in a conspiracy dealing with Dunstone, British Intelligence and a force known as The Halidon in Jamaica As the plot thickens Alex has to fight for his and the team s safety and it becomes a life or death situation, but even members of his own team are not what they seem While the three entities battle it out, Alex is caught in the middle but all he wants to do is get out of Jamaica a free man.When I read the book description the first time it sounded like this could be a gripping thriller But although the plot is an intricate one, after all this is what Ludlum is famous for, it lacks any suspense At times I didn t quite get it and while reading this book I was sometimes questioning the point of the story, but there were also parts that I really enjoyed The way things happened most of the time seemed far fetched and lack credibility, I didn t think it was believable at all When the end was approaching it sort of had me hooked for a little while, until the ending leaves you not knowing what really happened between the British Intelligence agent and the Halidonite I am annoyed by books that leave me with questions as to what happened, why do some authors do that It s like they skip the part that you have been waiting for and just tell you the result But how did it happen When I finish a book that ends this way, the first thing I think is Huh All in all I have mixed feelings about this book, I didn t hate it but I didn t really like it either I much preferred The Bourne Identity to this one and if you never read anything by Robert Ludlum before I wouldn t recommend that you start with this one I wouldn t say not to read it either, but check out some of his other books before you get to this one. A couple of years ago, I lucked out and found a Barnes and Noble that was going out of business Unfortunately, I didn t discover it until the last day, but I was able to pick up a couple hundred dollars worth in books In this lot were 20 or so Robert Ludlum books I m an absolute fan of that genre, so I figured what the heck I ve read a few from that stash and picked this one to read over the Thanksgiving holiday I felt that this book started out slow, but it grew on my and it definitely had my interest in the end All in all, it was a good book, but the story line was different from what I m used to w Ludlum I would recommend this to a friend. This was a dark book with savage rituals and culture in other words Ludlum tries to infuse terror of the African wild to Jamaica Alex is a geologist who is hired to go to Jamaica to do a geological survey Once there he discovers things are not as they appear.The last survey group sent by Dunstone, the company that has hired him, had vanished completely out of sight He is also pegged by the British Intelligence who want him to do a little snooping for them The Cry of the Halidon isn t the normal Ludlum affair and indeed there are far far better books written by him, all I can say is this book wasn t boring and you do want to find out what exactly Halidon means Jamaica is up for grabs as a secret investment group, British intelligence, and locals battle for control of the island with different objectives Alex Mcauliff is is caught in the middle as be is hired by the investors to conduct a survey of a remote location on the island and he doesn t know who on his team that he can trust This is a good thriller in typical Ludlum style. Typical Ludlum book well defined characters, an interesting plotline with a number of surprises along the way, and very detailed descriptions of the surroundings. A little apart from Ludlum s normal spy and action capers as it centers on the development of Jamaica and all the interested parties motives and actions that align and differ in numerous ways throughout At the middle of it all are a few British suveyists geologist and other types ostensably there to survey a big portion of unsettled land, but really serving as the lynch pin of multinational corporation plans, native Jamaicans who have their own feeling on how their country s resources should be handled, the British Government, and the titular group of ghosts who really control everything It was a pretty good concept but came off a bit clunky, particularly as the main cog, the british survey head, was in theory coming in blind but had to control all the moving parts just didn t really ever seem right in the way his view was the main one that kept mattering even though he had the least real involvement and ramifications If a fan of Ludlum s work, definitely worth the read just to see a different side of him, but if new to him, there are quite a few better to go with. Not an important book but a very entertaining book More twists than a snake with a broken back.