download ePUB Hunza: Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Oldest Living PeopleAuthor Jay Milton Hoffman –

This book first published in 1968, has now been updated to include all occurrences in HUNZA land since 1985 the year of the last update This is not just a storybook or a travelogue of HUNZA land, but one of the greatest health books ever published You will be amazed with the information you will learn in the fifteen chapters that deal with health and how you can obtain it.

8 thoughts on “Hunza: Secrets of the World's Healthiest and Oldest Living People

  1. Joshua Joshua says:

    This book went from interesting to dumb to stupid Written in the 60 s by someone who wrote on a subject he fervently wanted to believe in, we follow Dr Jay M Hoffman as he travels to Kashmir to investigate the Hunza people, supposedly very long lived The story of his journey was interesting and his initial descriptions of the people and their land held my attention But then he used the book as a platform for promoting his very religious centered beliefs about sex and diet At one point he wrote that any sort of condiment like pepper, paprika, and other spices are the main cause of degenerative diseases This is then countered with sound advice like stay away from excess salt and get some exercise Unfortunately, the book seemed about what the author thought we all should do to live a healthier life than about the Hunza people.