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The hugely popular early chapter book series re emerges with a new look Brand new eye catching cover art brings a modern feel to this classic monster series for young readers The new swimming instructor at Camp Lone Wolf, Nessie McFarland, is anything but normal And when she s in her scuba gear, Nessie s skinny black body, long neck, and little head remind the kids of the great legend of Lock Ness But Nessie can t really be a monster, could she

10 thoughts on “Monsters Don't Scuba Dive (The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, #14)

  1. paige turner ♡ paige turner ♡ says:

    It just seems like these kids get an idea that someone is some sort of monster, they want to stop it before it hurts anyonethen they realize that that person monster isn t so bad so they leave it be Which is what happened again in this one.Howie decides that Miss McFarland is pretty much the Loch Ness monster, especially since her name is Nessie, they want to expose hershe saves their lives, and Eddie s life not once, but twice and they decide she should live in peace if she is a monster She wasn t hurting anyone to begin with, she was just sharing her love and knowledge of the waters with these people.I do hope she stays at the camp though And it would be pretty awesome if the Loch Ness Monster could turn into a human.

  2. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    This is a chapter book about a mysterious monster lurking the lake of a campground The story is exciting and engaging following a group of pre teen kids through their time at camp I would recommend this for 3rd or 4th grade readers.

  3. Jerome Jerome says:

    Another interesting, adventurous tale The kids are back at Camp Lone Wolf As usual, the camp has a new instructor with some monster like qualities that meet the camp s hiring requirements The instructor in question is teaching the campers how to scuba dive Due to her unusual behavior and Scottish background, the kids suspect her of being the Loch Ness monster.This book can get a little confusing The mystery at times is whether or not the camp s lake is home to a Loch Ness type monster, and at other times it is whether the instructor herself is this monster This ends up being confusing than mysterious.

  4. BookeryBliss BookeryBliss says:

    The collection of The adventures of the Bailey School Kids stories are among my all time favorite children s books Witty, mischievous and fun, these short and silly books continue to bring giggles to the young and old Just as I have enjoyed them as a kid, my own children also love them today I even catch myself re reading them alone from time to time What can I say I guess I ll always be a BSK kid at heart.

  5. Bubacar Ndoye Bubacar Ndoye says:

    The summary of this book is The Baliey school kids are on their vacation and they go to Camp Lne Wolf,where they think their swmiming coach is a monster,and they want to catch it and tell it to the world,but in the end they learned monster should not be bothered so they left it a lone and told the reportes their are no monsters.Iwould recomened this book if you like funny exciting and and mysteirous books

  6. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is the fourteenth book in the The Adventures of the Bailey School Kids series We ve only read a couple of them so far, but our oldest really likes them It s in the middle, so we get the feeling that we re missing out on some of the background history of the kids But it s a fun story and we are looking forward to reading books in this series.

  7. Mari Anne Mari Anne says:

    2.5 stars Cute but kind of simplistic with barely a plot Aidan picked it because of the sea monster angle He liked it but I don t know that it inspired him to pick up any in Bailey School Kids series A quick read with nice short, fast chapters Okay, probably best for early readers in grades 1 3.

  8. Catherine Woodman Catherine Woodman says:

    The Bailey School Kids is a best selling children s book series by Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey Its main characters are a group of four children Eddie, Howie, Liza, Melody who suspect some persons in the stories are popular folk lore or fairy tale characters They are appealing because they mix a familiar story in with this group of kids Mid grammar school

  9. Molly Molly says:

    A silly series that creates questions than it answers It s great for formulating theories as well as predictions The class dynamics should be very familiar to those of the Magic School Bus generation.

  10. Lauren Lauren says:

    This series of book was just funny and entertaining as a kid