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Emde março de , aosanos de idade, o poeta português Fernando Pessoa teve um insight e, naquilo que ele chamaria mais tarde de 'dia triunfal', criou seus três principais heterônimos, Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis e Álvaro de Campos Deulhes, além do nome, uma biografia, um biotipo e, sobretudo, uma obra e um estilo poético únicos Tratase do único caso de heteronímia de toda história da literatura universal Álvaro de Campos era, segundo Pessoa, 'o mais histericamente histérico de mim', era engenheiro, usava monóculo, e o poeta escrevia sob o seu nome quando sentia um súbito impulso de escrever não sei o quê Campos é o heterônimo da modernidade, da euforia, da irreverência total a tudo e a todos, cultuador da liberdade, sedento por experimentar todas as sensações a um só tempo e profundamente influenciado por Walt Whitman De sua lavra são os célebres versos de 'Opiário', 'Ode trinfual', 'Lisbon revisited' e 'Tabacaria'este último considerado dos mais belos poemas da língua portuguesa

10 thoughts on “Poemas de Álvaro de Campos

  1. Haifa Grar / Mercurielle_ Haifa Grar / Mercurielle_ says:

    I can't possibly review this.


  2. Andre Odysseus Andre Odysseus says:

    The best poetry collection I have ever read. Brilliant! Stunning!

  3. vi macdonald vi macdonald says:

    I’m nothing.
    I’ll never be anything.
    I can’t wish I were anything.
    Even so, I have all the dreams of the world in me.

    Goddamnit, Fernando.

  4. Lucy in the sky Lucy in the sky says:

    My second favorite book in the world.

  5. Mariana Mariana says:

    5 unequivocal stars for the content, 3 for the edition, which I found a bit clunky. Pessoa, however, is a whole universe. Absolutely incredible.

  6. Maria Maria says:

    You'd think after so many hundreds of poems the man would run out of new things to say and the genius quality of his poems would start to fade. But think again.
    Pessoa is just... Goodness, I really have no words to describe such a man. My best praise could never suffice to translate all of his talent and all of my fascination. The more I read his words, the more I run out of words of my own to characterize him.
    For a while, just forget all the labels you were imposed on in school. It really bothers me how so many people claim to dislike poetry because they couldn't dissect and find the style and language properties they were supposed to in class. Poetry was meant to be felt and one does not need to take any classes for that; in order to read poetry all you need is to be human. Just read a poem and feel it tearing your soul apart.
    Álvaro de Campos is so powerful, so mystical, so distressing, so painful, so all over the place, so spot-on...
    Do not settle for The Tobacco Shop. There is nothing but brilliance in everything this godforsaken man ever wrote.

  7. Marco Marco says:

    I don’t easily give 5 stars to a book but I didn't hesitate with this one. For me, a book I'd describe as remarkable has to make me feel something, and after I finish it its words have to keep rewriting themselves in my mind. With Álvaro de Campos I feel everything – his tiredness of the soul, his enthusiasm, his vision of the world and death -, and I still ask for more. His poems are beyond remarkable. Fernando Pessoa will always be the Master.

  8. Carolina Morales Carolina Morales says:

    My beloved, favoutite of all (too many) heteronyms of Fernando Pessoa. Cynical, skeptic, a little rude now and then, but always talented and straight.

  9. Zack Zack says:

    pessoa is such a fun poet. i like fun.

  10. Inês Martins Inês Martins says:

    The complexities of the main character we’re shown with rich and insightful vocabulary in this wonderfully written book. You don’t want to know how much time I spent dramatically reciting most - if not all - of the poems.