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Ivan Chonkin is a simple, bumbling peasant who has been drafted into the Red Army Shortly before the outbreak of World War II, he is sent to an obscure village with one week's ration of canned meat and orders to guard a downed plane Apparently forgotten by his unit, Chonkin resumes his life as a peasant and passes the war tending the village postmistress's garden Just after the German invasion, the secret police discover this mysterious soldier lurking behind the front line Their pursuit of Chonkin and his determined resistance lead to wild skirmishes and slapstick encounters Private Chonkin has frequently been called the Schweik of Stalinist Russia Like Schweik he uses his extraordinary stupidity to outwit his persecutors Unfortunately, for Chonkin Stalin's communist apparatchiks were farskilled persecutors than Franz Joseph's Imperial bureaucrats Whereas Schweik survives and prospers, Chonkin inevitably is dispatched to the Gulag.Gogol and Bulgakov are the only two Russian writers that I am aware of who possess the same level of talent in comic writing as Voinovich This book is great fun and highly recommended for anyone who has an interest in Stalin's Russia. Short, bowlegged, big red ears, field shirt sticking out over his belt, Private Ivan Chonkin, the hero of Vladimir Voinovich’s novel, has been likened to Jaroslav Hašek's The Good Soldier Švejk, and for good reason – like Švejk, Chonkin is an everyman forever at war with the forces political, military, social, whatever that use the iron fist of power in an attempt to obliterate a person’s unique individuality and humanity.Squarely in the great tradition of satire and the absurdist fiction of Gogol, Kharms and Zabolotsky, with The Life Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin Vladimir Voinovich served up enough antiSoviet zingers to contribute to his eventually getting kicked out of the country and stripped of his citizenship.The storyline is simple: a pilot of a Soviet aircraft makes a forced landing in the farming village of Krasnoye near his Air Force base Private Ivan Chonkin is sent to guard the military’s property I so much enjoyed the novel’s narrator telling readers directly how he amassed information on the subject of Chonkin and the village and added a little something of his own And how he would have taken a tall, well built, disciplined military hero for his main character but all those crack students of military and political theory where already taken up and all he was left with was Chonkin However, he urges us to treat his novel’s hero (Chonkin) as we would our very own child since when we have a child we get what we get and don’t throw the kid out the window.Likewise, I relished the Mikhail Bulgakovesque dream sequences that gave Mr Voinovich the opportunity to flex his creative imagination Chonkin has his first dream when he’s sleeping in bed with Nyurka, his new girlfriend from the village He watches as none other than Comrade Stalin slowly descends from the sky holding his rifle and wearing a woman’s dress Stalin tells the sergeant in charge that Private Chonkin abandoned his post guarding the aircraft, lost his combat weapon and therefore deserves to be shot In our hero’s second dream, he attends a wedding reception where the groom and all the guests turn out to be not humans but pigs Oh, no, he's been duped! Chonkin realizes he has blurted out a classified military secret to the first person (actually a pig) he ran into at the table And one of the dire consequences of his fatal mistake? Humanork is on the menu! A tray bearing naked Comrade Stalin holding his famous pipe, all garnished with onions and green peas Stalin grins slyly to himself behind his mustache.The third dream is another doozy This time the dreamer is Gladishev, one of the villagers who is a prototypical Soviet “new” man of science In Gladishev’s dream his horse Osya informs him in plain Russian that he is no longer a horse but a human being Gladishev says if Osya is a true Soviet human he would go to the front to fight the Germans Osya replies that Gladishev is the dumbest person in the world since he should know a horse doesn’t have fingers to pull a trigger.These are but snatches catching several colorful, hilarious bits What's noteworthy is the way these dreams reinforce a major theme running throughout the novel: the prevailing Soviet system is a complete misreading of the rhythms of nature and life Such an inept, assbackwards system will lead men like Gladishev to do such things as fill his house with shit, even eat shit and drink water mixed with shit, based on scientific and materialistic calculations that all life is nourished by shit.Such a misreading has its effect on all areas of Soviet life and community For instance, at one village meeting the chairman of the local kolkhoz (collective farm) chastises members who fail to work the minimum number of workdays Among the Comrades singled out for a tongue lashing is Zhikin, one of those who flaunts his age and illnesses The chairman goes on: “Of course I realize that Zhikin is a disabled Civil War veteran and has not legs But now he’s cashing in on those legs of his Let him sit himself down in a furrow and crawl from bush to bush at his own speed, weeding as he goes and thereby fulfilling the minimum workday requirements.”The chairman also is vocal when the village learns of the German offensive against their country: “The war will write everything off The main thing’s to get to the front as fast as possible; there either you get a chest full of metals or a head full of bullets, but either way, at least you can live like an honest man.”Such Soviet wisdom peppers every page This is a very funny book But as you are laughing, Comrades, you will be brought facetoface with life on a community farm and in the military that is downright cruel and brutalizing One last example that really tickled my funnybone The narrator relays a rapid change of chairmen over at another village The first chairman was put in jail for stealing, the second for seducing minors, and the third took to drinking and kept on drinking until he drank up everything he owned and all the kolkhoz funds Things got so bad he hanged himself but left a one world suicide note – “Ech” with three exclamation points The narrator tells us nobody figured out what that “Ech!!!” was supposed to mean Actually, even as an American in 2018 I have a pretty good idea what he was getting at with his “Ech!!!” I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANY MORE!!!Having read The Fur Hat and Moscow 2042 I wanted to treat myself to Vladimir Voinovich’s classic earlier work I’m glad I did I enjoy laughing and this novel provided ample opportunities I can see why Ivan Chonkin is now a widely known figure in Russian popular culture.Vladimir Voinovich, Born 1932Kuzma Gladishev was known as a learned man not only in Krasnoye but in the entire area One of the many proofs of his erudition was the wooden outhouse in his garden, on which was written in large black letters, in English, WATER CLOSET Vladimir Voinovich, The Life Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin This has been called 'the Russian Švejk', and I can certainly see that It's a farce; and it kept me smiling then laughing, at a little sly humor or at outright buffoonery.Skewering the communist system: A meeting is an arrangement whereby a large number of people gather together, some to say what they really do not think, some not to say what they really do.Or the foolishness of war: Chonkin did not learn about what had happened (Barbarossa) immediately because he was sitting in the outhouse, in no hurry to leave.The laugh out loud part is when, through a misunderstanding, a Russian officer escaping from Chonkin is thought by other Russian officials to be a German soldier He has to be interrogated, right? So they find some junior lieutenant who 'studied' German in school What he actually learned pretty much began and ended with : Heute ist das Wasser warm But in he goes to question 'the German' The poor Russian officer wakes from a concussion, thanks to a rifle butt to the jaw, and is groggily confronted by this soldier barking some Guten Morgen, Herr at him Thinking himself captured by the Nazis, he starts shouting Heil Hitler! Stalin kaput! I was entertained Not that these star rating thingies really matter, but I bumped this up a halfstar because Vladimir Voinovich is the guy who carried the microfilmed pages of Vasily Grossman's Life and Fate to the West That has to count for something. Chonkin a hapless, stupid soldier, is a classic Ivan from a folk tale who although simple and straight forward will win through in the end Taken out of his environment and placed in another ecosystem things quickly look very different Sent to guard an aeroplane that was forced to land in a village, the dumbest soldier in the Red Army becomes the cleverest man for miles around There he finds true love in the shape of the cleverest woman in the village (view spoiler)[ a woman who is beautifully described as ' literate', to contextualise her response in a moment of crisis (hide spoiler)]