[Download books] Teaching Tips: A Guide-Book for the Beginning College TeacherAuthor Wilbert J. McKeachie – Schematicwiringdiagram.co

This book was assigned as required reading for a graduate level class titled Teaching Professional and Technical Writing and this was such a good fit It should really be the required reading of any GTA practicum because it covers so many bases I ve found the reading incredibly useful and have taken incredibly thorough notes throughout each chapter I m kind of disappointed I rented it from the bookstore this one might need to find a permanent home on my bookshelf for an easy reach I recommend this little baby to anyone teaching, looking to teach, or even has taught so as to get some opinions and feedback on it. Great book if you want to be an excellent instructor or if you want to know the best and the greatest in the field of educational design. I don t recommend reading this cover to cover Instead, put it on your bookshelf and consult it when needed The short chapters make it easy to use for quick advice when you have a teaching challenge We use this book in the Center for Teaching and Learning s Early Career Teaching Program I also recommend it for pharmacy residents who plan to teach in the classroom or lab. After reading just the first few chapter of this book, I know that it will be an outstanding and irreplaceable resource should I ever get a teaching position I plan to purchase the newest edition, out this year, once I have a chance. Lots of common sense material I was required to read this prior to acting as a TA Most if the information was not relevant to me as a TA. Classic text which I will definitely return. An excellent resource for future and new professors. McKeachie s Teaching Tips is a handbook designed to provide helpful strategies for dealing with both the everyday problems of teaching at the university level, and those that pop up in trying to maximize learning for every student The suggested strategies are supported by research and are grounded in enough theory to enable teachers to adapt them to their own situations The author does not suggest a set of recipes to be followed mechanically, but gives teachers the tools they need to deal with the ever changing dynamics of teaching and learning. Good, basic best practices for new educators. Like most teaching guides, there are a few things in here that are great You might use some of these things daily, some every now and then, and of course there are a few things in here that I found would not work in my classroom The goal here is to see ways in which you can better the education you are providing, which is possible always and there are some good hints in here I especially liked that there are problems listed with some ideas of how to go about changing those issues.