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Elizabeth has a new job at an unusual library a lending library of objects, not books In a secret room in the basement lies the Grimm Collection That s where the librarians lock away powerful items straight out of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales seven league boots, a table that produces a feast at the blink of an eye, Snow White s stepmother s sinister mirror that talks in riddles.When the magical objects start to disappear, Elizabeth embarks on a dangerous quest to catch the thief before she can be accused of the crime or captured by the thief.Polly Shulman has created a contemporary fantasy with a fascinating setting and premise, starring an ordinary girl whose after school job is far from ordinary and leads to a world of excitement, romance and magical intrigue. Right from the start, it was extremely easy to get lost in the pages of The Grimm Legacy The world that Shulman has created is so realistic and vivid that it s not hard to imagine the New York Circulating Material Repository, a building that looks like a normal Manhattan brownstone on the outside but is actually much bigger on the inside, having expanded into the neighbouring properties I especially love the fact that Shulman began each chapter of the book with a Repository object that would be used in the chapter and a call number Much like Elizabeth then, I felt overwhelmed at first because the call numbers really aid in imagining how vast the Repository s collection is, but as the book progresses, I too learned how to read the call numbers and so the library started to feel like a second home This neat detail to the book just makes you feel as if the Repository does exist I love my library, but if there s an actual place like the Repository, feel free to let me know.The other thing that I really enjoyed about The Grimm Legacy is the cast of characters They re all very fleshed out and I love that it s a multicultural mix since the Repository is located in New York As much as I liked Elizabeth though and watching her come into her own, my two favourite characters are Marc and Anjali s siblings, Andre and Jaya Readers are introduced to Andre when he comes up to Elizabeth while she s working and tells her he has to go to the bathroom A three year old miniature version of his brother, I couldn t help laughing as Elizabeth hoped that he wasn t Marc shrunk by a shrink ray Plus, Andre calls his brother butter and Elizabeth Libbet, which I found so cute Meanwhile, Jaya is that annoying younger sibling, and her interactions with Anjali bring back memories of growing up with my own younger sister She s also smart and witty though, which meant that scenes with Jaya were always fun to read Shulman s writing was absolutely brilliant For example, she does an amazing job describing the Repository without spending a huge amount of time on minute details about how the Repository would work the basic details are covered or slowing down the story In addition, while there s references to many fairy tales, some of which I haven t heard of, Shulman does a good job determining which objects back stories would need to be explained a little Speaking of objects, Snow White s stepmother s mirror is featured prominently, and I loved that it would only answer questions when addressed in a rhyme Then when answering back in a rhyme, although the mirror had to speak the truth, it would make the truth as ambiguous as possible and call Elizabeth by variations of her name simply to annoy her Despite the hints of threat though, the novel remains a fun and light read that will appeal to tweens, teens and adults alike. I really wanted to love this book, very attractive premise But I found the writing surprisingly unpolished like they skipped all the editorial passes and went straight to production The characters, flat to begin with, became increasing frustrating, making stupid choices clearly only to twist the plot into a hackneyed shape The pacing was odd as well in the second half of the book, where the action scenes felt rushed and ambient interludes were emphasized I wanted this book to be about the wonder and magic of fairytales, but the fairytale aspect was just a sidenote here it was almost exclusively about the materialistilism for magical objects The kids never wonder about the Brothers Grimm and seem to have only a passing knowledge interest in their work beyond the dancing princesses tale, that weirdly comes up a bunch even though it isn t related to the plot There were a few cool ideas and interesting images here, but they didn t connect together enough to add real depth. Ms.Shulman totally gets fairy tale readers When I finised this book I thought Now why didn t I think of that Elizabeth at the moment is friendless Her best friend has moved to California and she is still trying to get accustomed to her new home situation, new stepmother and two step sisters who thankfully are at a college now Things start to shift when Elizabeth decides to do her paper in history over the Grimm fairy tales Elizabeth s history teacher gives her a recommendation to work at a library But she will find out this is not like any library she has ever been to, in this library you can check out magical objects which of course opens up a whole can of trouble.While working at the library she gets to meet the other pages Anjali beautiful and nice , Marc star athlete and super good looking, and Andrew serious, caring and funny The pages, with the help of some younger siblings, will have to solve the mystery of the missing objects in the library They find out soon enough that to find lost magic, you have to use magic Suffice to say it s beyond interesting to see how they pull this off.I really REALLY had the deep need to be able to read the entire book I had to turn it in the next day and I read up till the last minute, so I could feed the need to know what happened I am so glad I did There were a few fairy tales mentioned in the story that I never heard of, and it s always a plus to find out something you didn t know about The one thing I enjoyed the most other than the idea of the library was the dynamic between the characters It s uncertain but still heart warming If you are looking for an original idea this is it The only reason why I docked off a star was because I would have liked to have seen how Elizabeth s homelife developed I will definitely read of this author s writing.Ok so can anybody give me any idea how to get this job Seriously. I can t resist books like this The thought of a library that has magical objects you can actually borrow is amazing I ve always liked Fairytales though probably not as much as Elizabeth so the title is what really caught my attention We find Elizabeth in a rut She has no friends at her new school, and all she does at home is chores and homework So when she is given the opportunity for a job after school at an unusual library she takes it with optimism And this new job of hers leads Elizabeth through a mystery that requires her and her friends to borrow a lot of magical objects in order to save the day The Grimm Legacy was imaginative, exciting, and funny The beginning is a bit slow because Elizabeth is just starting her job so she is confused about what she has to do and acutely curious about the all mysterious Grimm collection Consequently, she keeps asking question after question and some of them didn t seem all that necessary I was very impatient to get to the part where she sees the Grimm collection The romance is kind of woven in a roundabout way It slightly annoyed me that Elizabeth kept mentioning how great her new friend Anjali looked and how the two guys where fawning over her Sounded a tiny bit jealous but I m glad that Elizabeth holds no malice She is a very kind hearted character she has to be or else she probably wouldn t have gotten the job in the first place One thing is I couldn t get enough of was all the magical objects that the characters got to use, I was kind of jealous myself.