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A heaping helping of comfort food with a side of good old fashioned values The author of The Church Ladies Divine Desserts returns with recipes for all courses and for every occasion This delightful treasury offers not only crowd pleasing recipes but also Church Lady words of wisdom on manners and decorum, along with engaging stories from the lives of the Church Ladies More than 200 recipes for everything from salads to sides to seafood.

10 thoughts on “The Church Ladies' Celestial Suppers and Sensible Advice

  1. Sallee Sallee says:

    This was a wonderful cookbook I liked it so well I plan on having my local bookstore see if they can order me a copy When I read a cookbook, I read it like any other book, reading every page and recipe This book is loaded with wonderful recipes along with pithy advice from the church ladies So you have great food and wise advice rolled into one great book.

  2. Barb Bailey Barb Bailey says:

    I loved this cookbook Not only did I get lots of good old fashioned, southern recipes, from this book I also got lots of sensible advice some of which I heard growing up from my Methodist Church Ladies and some new.

  3. Stella Stella says:

    The recipes are great, easy to follow, I ve had this book for about 5 years now One thing that I ve changed was some of the measurements, to lesson the calories My favorite recipe is found on page 76 Grandmother s Macaroni and Cheese.