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Bonnie is 5 3 and weighs 109 lbs and believes she is fat Her sister, the fashion model, suggests that she might want to drop a few pounds before trying out for cheerleading, and her mother keeps a picture of a big, ugly pig on the refrigerator Eating and appearances are certainly issues in this family Bonnie does drop a few pounds and makes the cheerleading squad and then she drops a fewand a fewuntil she skeletal She is laughed off the basketball court while cheering, but even that is not enough to help Bonnie face her eating disorder. oh, man, back when i was 13 or so, these kinds of books were such a big deal they were like the predecessors of that topical writer cyclone jodi picoult, where the publishers would take a Big Problem facing teens, and just huck a formulaic book at it suicide, pregnancy, drugs, sexual abuse see a teenage problem, build a book around it my own personal morbid fascination was with the betrayal of the body and i read em all shit, i have cancer , i am in a coma , holy scoliosis , dude, where s my leg i even read a book about lupus lupus and when i was diagnosed with epilepsy i thought shit, i never read a book to tell me how to deal with this if i had cancer, i would just drink a watermelon milkshake and have a positive attitude and i would most likely be fine but then relapse in the next book grr and i have never been anorexic i have a nearly pornographic relationship with food, but i loved this book like cake.and it is probably terrible, but i did, i loved it and read it at least 17 times and i am having a really nostalgic week i was in a part of town yesterday that was my old stomping grounds when i was a young hot college girl, and it was getting warmer,and everyone looked so young and gorgeous sigh glorious this is not a book review, although this is fine book about teen anorexia bulimia, this is just me being puppy shuddery in memories of youth.yeah, i ain t no proust i m pretty sure i read every crappy teen book equivalent of an afterschool special when i was in elementary for some reason this book and The Prettiest Girl in the World stand out among the rest i LOVED these books, which is odd considering i was a chubby little preteen with a huge buddah belly, gobbling up some fairly graphic accounts of adolescent anorexia what can i sayi was a weird kid. I had read this back in the 80 s, and was overcome with the urge to re read it after seeing a post on some book blog about it And to tell you the truth, this book sort of scared me during my re read It seems like such an enabling eating disorder book I guess in the 80 s, talking about stuff like this was still taboo, but I just felt this overwhelming icky feeling Lots of emotions Most of them not wonderful Plus the book wrapped up a little too neatly in the end for me Still, I guess a brave book for tackling the subject And on a less serious note, what a cover It s kind of incredible.