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Amway distributors tout their business as the best business opportunity in the world Yet of the five million or so Americans whove been involved over its 40 year history, fewer than 1% have made a profit, and fewer than one tenth of one percent have established the large incomes that they claim are achievable by all Ruth Carter has written a clear, concise account based on her 15 years of experience as a distributor and five years of insider information as the employee of a Diamond The book attacks head on the accusations of deception, cultism, and greed which are so often leveled at the Amway business Here at last are the reasons why, clearly explained by a former insider Amway Motivational Organizations Behind the Smoke and Mirrors takes a serious look at a real Diamonds annual income and expenses what is the system who makes money in the system what is a cult why is Amway accused of cultism This book is a must read for anyone whos ever been involved in Amway, or has suffered the pain of watching loved ones change their personalities and lose their money to the deceptions of an Amway Motivational Organization Amway Motivational Organizations Behind the Smoke and Mirrors picks up where Amway The Cult of Free Enterprise and Fake It Til You Make It left off.