Free Best Mathew Swain: the Odds Are MurderAuthor Mike McQuay –

Swain Wasn T Betting On His Future He D Returned Home, Wasted And Flat Broke, To Find The City Ravaged By A Deadly Plague But When An Old Friend Got Fried Before His Eyes, Swain Was Back In Business The Stakes Were Life And Death For Millions, Including Swain S Long Lost Love Odds Were He D Die Catching The Murderer If The Plague Didn T Kill Him First

10 thoughts on “Mathew Swain: the Odds Are Murder

  1. Raegan Butcher Raegan Butcher says:

    Final installment of the excellent Mathew Swain series.All four of the Mathew Swain books are enjoyable and this was a fine end to the series.

  2. Jennifer Connolly Jennifer Connolly says:

    This is the fourth and last book in the Mathew Swain series and my second favorite after the debut, Hot Time in Old Town.

  3. Beauregard Shagnasty Beauregard Shagnasty says:

    I wish there were but this is a nice way to see Swain go out.