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Arrested at the outset of Stalin's Great Purge, Varlam Shalamovspent seventeen years in the Soviet gulag at Kolyma, including six years in the gold mines where few survived Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn admitted that Shalamov's imprisonment “was bitter and longer than mine, and I say with respect that it fell to him, not to me, to touch that bottom of brutalization and despair to which the whole of camp life dragged us” Best known for the dispassionately related short stories of prisoners in his monumental collection Kolyma Tales, the six cycles of poetry that comprise the Kolyma Notebooks are their emotional and very personal companion Shalamov only alludes to the labor camps in these poems, with lyrical impressions of the harsh beauty of the northern taiga — its blizzards, flora and fauna — appearing alongside ruminations on other writers and expressions of joy at being able to write again after than a decade of confinementThis eBook preview contains the Translator's Introduction and the poems The Blue Notebook, The Spell of Spring, Gray Stone, Red Lily of the Valley, and The Summit The limited edition, hand made case bound book is to be released March ,by Human Side PressFor information visit humansidepress