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The Start Of World War II Looms Over Three Friends Who Struggle To Remain Loyal As One Of Them Is Threatened With Internment By The British Government, From The Author Of The Sweeping, Stirring Kristin Harmel, Internationally Bestselling Author Of The Room On Rue Am Lie The Light Over London In August Of , As Britain Watches The Headlines In Fear Of Another Devastating War With Germany, Three Childhood Friends Must Choose Between Friendship Or Country Erstwhile Socialite Nora Is Determined To Find Her Place In The Home Office S Air Raid Precautions Department, Matchmaker Hazel Tries To Mask Two Closely Guarded Secrets With Irrepressible Optimism, And German Expat Marie Worries That She And Her Family Might Face Imprisonment In An Internment Camp If War Is Declared When Germany Invades Poland And Tensions On The Home Front Rise, Marie Is Labeled An Enemy Alien, And The Three Friends Find Themselves Fighting Together To Keep Her Free At Any Cost Featuring Julia Kelly S Signature Intricate, Tender, And Convincing Publishers Weekly Prose, The Whispers Of War Is A Moving And Unforgettable Tale Of The Power Of Friendship And Womanhood In The Midst Of Conflict

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  1. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    Historical fiction is my favorite genre so when I saw that this book discussed internment camps in England during WWII I was very interested I have read extensively about internment camps in the United States but didn t know that they existed in England.The story takes place in the present and past In the present we meet Samantha who has come to England from Chicago to meet her grandmother s great friend Nora In her grandmother s will she specifically asked that Samantha deliver the eulogy and that she hand deliver a package to Nora.We begin to learn the main story as it is told to Samantha.As described in the blurb the story revolves around three very close friends in England before and during the beginning of WWII Nora is a socialite who prefers working than attending debutante balls and socials, she works in the Ministry of Home Security in the Home Office She has her own home through funds left to her by her father who passed away.Marie is German born but has been in England since she was 12, first at boarding school and then living with her aunt and uncle whom she loves deeply They gave her the home and love that Marie so needed as her own parents were quite cold towards her She rarely visited them in Germany being told often to just stay in England for the holidays, etc She works in the German department of the University, secretary to Herr Gunter the department chair This is the perfect fit for her being fluent in German.Hazel works for a matchmaking service founded by Lady Moreton They work carefully and discreetly matching women with men with similar interests, etc All initial connections are made through the agency.The three friends have been stayed close since boarding school and meet every week for Friday night dinners.When the first rumors or war begin, people remember and talk about the fact that Germans and others were sent to internment camps during WWI as a precaution against any spies or anti British movements When Hitler s armies begin to move towards France the British government requires all Germans living in Britain to come before a tribunal and then they are classified as to their threat to the government.I don t want to give away any of the plot but there are some interesting twists that are surprising and require Nora and Hazel to fight for Marie s freedom This author has a way of telling rather than showing what is happening There is talk about the internment camps but there is no description of the condition of these camps and what it was like to live in them No one living in one is ever discussed in any detail We never got to that point in the story I found this disappointing as I didn t really learn anything about the camps except what I read in the author s notes, which were informative.There is a romance that takes place in the present time between Samantha and Nora s grandson which seemed contrived and not very believable In the past there is a budding romance between Marie and Richard, a widow whom Hazel had matched to Marie Everything just turns out too neat, tidy and happy for me to feel it could be real I might be a little too cynical but things don t usually turn out so perfectly in the real world.I think this is a good story which I would classify as a story of friendship,romance and what family means to different people, with a historical background It was easy to read and the past and present flowed well together.I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss.The novel is set to publish in January 2020.

  2. Paige Paige says:

    The title explains the book it is quite literally chatter about the war There is a lot of dialogue and conversation among the three friends about war coming There is nothing militaristic except a few mentions of a blackout, and the details of the Jews suffering is negated The synopsis mentions internment camps But again the internment camps is only chatter among the friends and it never goes beyond their conversation The plot itself transpires around the social transformations during 1939 and 1940 for the three friends Marie, Nora, and Hazel With various backgrounds, the main drama ensues around Marie who is of German descent living in Britain Marie is painted as the victim of anti German sentiments during the onset of WWII The friends circle around Marie to provide support while politics begin to intrude the homes of Britain and divide families.I found the dual timeline unnecessary Samantha now present is to deliver her grandmother s eulogy, so she travels from America to Britain to visit with her grandmother s friend, Nora, in order to learn about her grandmother Marie so that she can write a proper eulogy There isn t any puzzle piecing involved with the dual timeline Overall, this was an okay read and is 2.5 stars for me It was a lot of talking and not a lot of happening There was also plenty of romance, which I don t mind, but I didn t find it very pertinent to the storyline.I received an advanced copy from the publisher via NetGalley Opinions are my own.

  3. Tina Tina says:

    This was a pretty easy and straight forward read for me I read, Julia Kelly s last novel, The Light Over London and enjoyed it very much This one had a nice and interesting premise but fell a little flat for me.I liked that there were 3 strong women in the story Their friendship was honest and true The story had a dual timeline with past and present In the present Samantha s Grandmother has died and she needs to travel back to England to give back a box to her Grandmother s friend Once she arrives her Grandmother s friend begins to tell the story of their friendship and what happened to them all during WWII in England.I felt that the story lacked some depth The present day story was only 3 chapters at the ending of each of the friend s past story I felt like the ending needed some closure on all the friend s lives.Still a pretty easy book that flowed well from chapter to chapter Just a little bit light for wartime.I d like to thank NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Canada for granting me access to this Advanced Reader Copy.

  4. Natalie Natalie says:

    Reading this novel was both enjoyable and educational The story of three devoted friends in WWII London and their trials and hardships during those turbulent years Marie, Nora and Hazel are faced with the issues of being women during a time when women were considered inferior and incompetent Coupled with this was the extraordinary way in which German aliens were treated during the war I had no idea that England had internment camps, similar to Japanese internment camps here in America The fact that Marie was German drove the plot of the novel The author has stirred together women s issues, wartime politics, friendship and romance to create a very engaging novel I was totally immersed in the story, and I have spent some time researching the concept of internment camps What could be timely today than learning about people locked up for no reason except an accident of birth I think this book will be a perfect read for book groups and seminars in woman s studies, WWII social history and will lead to discussions about the treatment of immigrants and aliens by our government Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read this book and go on an unexpected journey.

  5. Sydney Long Sydney Long says:

    Wow I m speechless as to how amazing this book is Upon the death of her grandmother, MarieSamantha is given not only the task of presenting her eulogy but returning a precious keepsake to one of her grandmothers oldest and best friends As with many people who were affected by World War 2, Marie kept much of it from her family She would occasionally tell Samantha to ask her about the war sometime but life always prevented Samantha from doing that, a major regret when it became too late.When Samantha arrives in London to visit Marie s dear friend Nora, a story was recounted that made Samantha question the grandmother she thought she had known so well Marie was of German nationality and when she was a teenager, she was sent to a boarding school in England where she met Nora and the third member of their trio Hazel Together the three would see each other through some very dark times.This is where the historical stuff kicks in and it sure makes for an aspect of suspense in this book When Germany invaded Poland, England gave them a deadline to back out or they would declare war Wellwe all know that war was declared At the time, there were thousands of German and Austrian immigrants living in England, many wanting to start a new life after the devastation of the First World War Regardless of their innocence, these alien residents were required to sit through tribunals and then be classified into one of three groups Marie was forced to sit through her own tribunal, despite having lived in England since she was a child Despite her innocence, her familial ties put her in a very tricky and dangerous and up in the air situation Nora and Hazel vow to keep their friend safe and despite having issues in their own personal lives, the ladies always put each other first Without giving away spoilers because I want you all to pick up this book the minute it hits the shelf, this is an excellent book on the strength and bonds of friendship True friends become family and even during a time of war, family sticks together I was truly saddened to finish this story but it wrapped up so beautifully despite me selfishly wanting A couple of things to keep in does jump back and forth between Marie, Nora and Hazel as well as briefly jumping into the present with Samantha It flows beautifully so don t let that keep you from reading Alsoit s vital to read the authors notes You ll learn about the historical aspect of things and I think it s always important to understand where, why and how writers bring their work to life Two thumbs WAY up

  6. Camille Maio Camille Maio says:

    This book was refreshing in a sea of much WWII fiction At its heart, it is the story of friendship In this case, three women who became each other s family and whose devotion is tested in a world changing through war and new roles for women Heartwarming and compelling, it lifts the reader to a place of beauty and joy even as the shadows of impending war threaten to shatter life as they know it New love, family secrets, and national loyalties shape the friendships Though WWII fiction is a regular genre of mine, I felt that The Whispers of War elevated the human story of it in ways that felt brand new And as I always love to learn through historical fiction I was pleased and horrified to learn about the extensiveness of internments and the darkness that fear and propaganda can harbor Kelly touched on themes that are found throughout history, giving it a human face.

  7. Natasha Lester Natasha Lester says:

    A story of exquisite tenderness, The Whispers of War beautifully captures just how precious female friendship can be, and shines a light onto an important but less well known aspect of war Add to that rich historical detail and a cast of engaging characters and you have a must read for all historical fiction fans.

  8. Molly Molly says:

    THE WHISPERS OF WARThis was a nice enjoyable book It is the story of three young women Nora, Marie, and Hazel living in England during WWII They have been friends ever since rooming together during boarding school We come to learn of their lives and loves through Marie s granddaughter Samantha who, in the present day, is writing her grandmother s eulogy after her recent passing at the age of 103.All three women are strong and independent They have careers and are involved in various romantic relationships But as war looms near, England has to assess its population of non British born citizens within its borders Marie is German, though she has been living in England since childhood As the war expands throughout Europe, talk of internment camps and imprisonment becomes a reality in England The story focuses on the importance of friendship, the struggle between privacy and the sharing of secrets, and about discovering what each person really wants out of life It moves along at a nice steady pace and held my interest the whole way through It was somewhat light but enjoyable and historically informative as well.I would like to thank NetGalley, Julia Kelly, and Simon Schuster for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  9. Christine Mott Christine Mott says:

    5 Thank you NetGalley, Gallery Books and Julia Kelly for an advanced copy I truly am inspired with each new book by Julia Kelly She always draws you in with the main characters and I feel like I am right there in the moment experiencing what they are The main characters are three best friends who meet during school They have a bond at a very young age As Britain starts to feel the affects of World War II, the friends find themselves in unique situations as they try to protect one of them from internment Marie is German but has lived in Britain and considers Britain her home Her best friends are Nora, who works at the Home Office Precautions Department and Hazel who is a matchmaker Their bond is strong, but does the war tear them apart Secrecy, love, betrayal, friendship and much test their friendship Throughout it all we discover that family is important and family is not always the traditional type If you love historical fiction Julia Kelly writes with such passion and a always draws me in Enjoy juliakellywrites, juliay, thewhispersofwar, netgalley, bookreview, bookstagram, bookworm, stamperlady50, historicalfiction

  10. Mary Mary says:

    The Whispers of War is a dual timeline story that examines the daily struggles of three friends during WWII The bond of friendship is quite moving each very different woman sacrificing their identities to preserve the ties that bind In a time of war, sides are divided The Aliens Restriction Act is looming in the minds of England s citizens Public opinion is highly in favor of securing her borders Reminiscent of today s illegal citizen issues, I found this portion of a gripping wartime tale very interesting When facing war we normally think of our own country and the rights we have What about those that have come to a country that offers freedom and fair justice Do we discriminate against innocent people who have zero ties to our enemy Do we turn our backs on friends and family because we re suspicious Julia Kelly s characters are fresh, devoted, and the kind of women I d definitely want on my side Well told and fast paced Review copy courtesy of Simon and Schuster NetGalley Thank you