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If You Cannot Speak Truth At A Beheading, When Can You Speak ItEngland, May Anne Boleyn Is Dead, Decapitated In The Space Of A Heartbeat By A Hired French Executioner As Her Remains Are Bundled Into Oblivion, Thomas Cromwell Breakfasts With The Victors The Blacksmith S Son From Putney Emerges From The Spring S Bloodbath To Continue His Climb To Power And Wealth, While His Formidable Master, Henry VIII, Settles To Short Lived Happiness With His Third Queen Before Jane Dies Giving Birth To The Male Heir He Most CravesCromwell Is A Man With Only His Wits To Rely On He Has No Great Family To Back Him, No Private Army Despite Rebellion At Home, Traitors Plotting Abroad And The Threat Of Invasion Testing Henry S Regime To The Breaking Point, Cromwell S Robust Imagination Sees A New Country In The Mirror Of The Future But Can A Nation, Or A Person, Shed The Past Like A Skin Do The Dead Continually Unbury Themselves What Will You Do, The Spanish Ambassador Asks Cromwell, When The King Turns On You, As Sooner Or Later He Turns On Everyone Close To Him With The Mirror The Light, Hilary Mantel Brings To A Triumphant Close The Trilogy She Began With Wolf Hall And Bring Up The Bodies She Traces The Final Years Of Thomas Cromwell, The Boy From Nowhere Who Climbs To The Heights Of Power, Offering A Defining Portrait Of Predator And Prey, Of A Ferocious Contest Between Present And Past, Between Royal Will And A Common Man S Vision Of A Modern Nation Making Itself Through Conflict, Passion, And Courage

10 thoughts on “The Mirror & the Light

  1. Nermin Nermin says:

    I really don t understand how and why anyone would give an unpublished book 1 star and 4,5 stars for that matter Isn t it high time Goodreads did something about it

  2. Desirae Desirae says:

    I need He, Cromwell in my life.

  3. T_creum T_creum says:

    One reviewer knocked the book, claimed Mantel savages the royals just to sell books The book is not published yet And for goodness sake, read the speech Mantel obviously feels sorry for Kate, and the free press gleefully and intentionally misrepresented her comments to sell newspapers Who is guilty here

  4. Annet Annet says:

    Finally it s announced To be published on 5 March 2020, SO looking forward to it

  5. Susanna - Censored by thesummitvanuatu.co.uk Susanna - Censored by thesummitvanuatu.co.uk says:

    It feels like we ve been waiting for this one forever, but I think it s only five years or so.I have never felt such kinship with G.R.R Martin fans.

  6. Leslie Leslie says:

    There should never be a book review before it is actually published I have enjoyed and appreciate Goodreads but very disappointed that they would allow comments on an unwritten book Really Apparently, some oversight is needed.

  7. Book of Secrets°ღ Book of Secrets°ღ says:

    She, Diana, needs this book to be released soon.

  8. Minerva Minerva says:

    Farewell A long farewell to all my greatnessThis is the state of man today he puts forthThe tender leaves of hopes tomorrow blossoms,And bears his blushing honours thick upon himThe third day comes a frost, a killing frost,And when he thinks, good easy man, full surelyHis greatness is a ripening, nips his root,And then he falls, as I do I have ventured,Like little wanton boys that swim on bladders,This many summers in a sea of glory,But far beyond my depth my high blown prideAt length broke under me, and now has left meWeary, and old with service, to the mercyOf a rude stream, that must for ever hide me.Vain pomp and glory of this world, I hate ye I feel my heart new opened O, how wretchedIs that poor man that hangs on princes favours There is betwixt that smile we would aspire to,That sweet aspect of princes, and their ruin,More pangs and fears than wars or women have And when he falls, he falls like Lucifer,Never to hope again Enter Cromwell, standing amazedShakespeare The Life of King Henry the Eighth, Act 3, Scene 2

  9. Michelle Cristiani Michelle Cristiani says:

    I m already upset there won t be a book 4 Wish Cromwell had lived longer.

  10. Mymymble Mymymble says:

    So I owe John Crace, The Guardian s political sketch writer, for letting me know the publication date is next March See his Wednesday diary entry.https www.theguardian.com uk news 2Apart from The Winds of Winter, I too can t think of a book I ve anticipated .Although, of course, I know the ending.