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Calling upon scores of interviews and hundreds of pages of manuscripts and correspondence, Bettina Drew s vivid narrative captures the essence of a complex nonconformist whose tremendous talent lives on through his writing It is a walk on the wild side, with a man who knew it as no other.

10 thoughts on “Nelson Algren: A Life on the Wild Side

  1. Keith Schnell Keith Schnell says:

    This is pretty much the only good biography of Nelson Algren available The main reason for this is the biographer s attitude towards her subject although she clearly appreciates his work, she does not for a minute buy into the persona that Algren tried continuously, and often unsuccessfully, to build around himself This means that while she is able to explore at some length the ways that events in his life influenced his work, which is often a fascinating look inside his writing process, she doesn t let her clear admiration for the writer cause her to pull any punches when dealing with the less admirable parts of his life Most notable among these were his ruinous gambling addiction and his callous treatment of his wives and friends, as well as his inability to deal with what he perceived to be insufficient recognition of his success by the American people and by Hollywood, which left him to waste his talent in sulking for the last thirty years of his life Bettina Drew strikes the right balance in profiling an important and complex character who had in common with his characters than even he seemed to realize.

  2. Therese Therese says:

    I had this book on my bookshelf forever and didn t read it Tho Bettina Drew isn t the best writer, the facts of Algren s life are fascinating enough to keep you reading There s not a lot out there about Algren But if you re a fan you ll really like this

  3. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Sad story of an impressive man who peaked in his forties and then for the next three decades turned his back on the writing that gave his life meaning.

  4. Tommy Tommy says:

    Top notch bio of a top notch author

  5. Philip Philip says:

    As far as I can tell, Algren is a composite of Bukowski, Ginsberg, Kerouac and Cassady.