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You know you have greatness within you Never doubt that You just need strong as steel determination Today you can start to get it.Try something that really works Judge for yourself Judge from your results.You can already do many things without self discipline and will power You brush your teeth You get dressed You eat breakfast Each of your actions can be effortless like this and in this book you can learn how.Maybe you are doing something that is stopping you from succeeding Can you do something daily to make you reach your potential Of course you can.Whatever your goals are, this book can help you With over 100 exercises, it can help you change your life.Read the extracts below in the From the Author section Download a sample or click on Look inside.What you will learn 1 Truth What you have to face up to and what you have to believe about yourself.2 Change What you cannot do and cannot have anyin your life if you want a different life 3 Beliefs What you have to believe if you want to change.4 Learning What you don t know and what you have to have before you can succeed at a goal.5 Goals What you have to give up and what is really stopping you from working on your goals.6 Positivity and Negativity What being positive and negative does and how neither positivity nor negativity are best.7 Reasons The importance of your own reasons for changing and why they may not be helping you.8 Self Discipline What self discipline really is and what happens at the moments when you seem to lack self discipline.9 Will Power Why will power appears to fail, and why we keep doing things that really don t want to do.10 Thoughts What our minds give us, who we really are, and what our brains really do.11 Words What words can do to us, for us, and how they can be used to help us with our goals.12 Actions What we can learn to do without question and without much thought.Thank you for reading this book description.Try something that really works Judge for yourself Judge from your results.

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