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Woven In Moonlight Author Isabel Ibanez Oknalubliniec.eu An OwnVoices Bolivian Inspired Political Fantasy A Magically Gifted Weaver Plays The Role Of Double Agent To Restore Her Queen To A Troubled Throne, But Upon Confronting A Masked Vigilante And A Warm Hearted Princess, She Discovers That Corruption Comes In All Forms.

10 thoughts on “Woven in Moonlight

  1. Melanie Melanie says:

    Woven in Moonlight is a wonderfully magical story, filled with characters that grab your attention and leave you wantingI love the world that Isabel has created through the setting and plot I was drawn in by the strong female characters Add in a masked stranger, unexpected friendships, and intriguing twis...

  2. Sam Robinson Sam Robinson says:

    Such a unique story with lovable and interesting characters I love how strong the lead character is I read A LOT of YA books and some seem to just tell the same story over and over again I get so bored This was N...

  3. Brianne Brianne says:

    I really enjoyed this book It has such amazing character development, told a story that kept my attention and was like nothing else I ve ever read I am not typically a fantasy or YA reader but this surpassed my expectations and wa...

  4. Anna Ware Anna Ware says:

    Loved this book It was a unique story and very well written The language was so visual, I felt like I was right there in Bolivia, enjoying the sights, tasting the food and getting wrapped up in the adventure I can t wait to readfrom Isabel Iba ez

  5. T♠️bi T♠️bi says:

    oh I do so love political fantasies .