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Deja and Josiah are seasonal best friends.Every autumn, all through high school, they ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is They say good bye every Halloween, and they re reunited every September 1.But this Halloween is different Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last season at the pumpkin patch Their last shift together Their last good bye.Josiah s ready to spend the whole night feeling melancholy about it Deja isn t ready to let him She s got aplan What if instead of moping and the usual slinging lima beans down at the Succotash Hut they went out with a bang They could see all the sights Taste all the snacks And Josiah could finally talk to that cute girl he s been mooning over for three years.What if their last shift was an adventure

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  1. Emily May Emily May says:

    This is such a sweet, fun book Perfect for autumn Two friends Deja and Josiah who only see each other at the pumpkin patch where they work during autumn, are working their last shift together But, this time, they decide to change things up They abandon their post at the Succotash Hut and go on an adventure around the pumpkin patch, eating s s, taking hayrides, getting lost in the maze all while searching for the girl who Josiah has been crushing on for years He s finally going to ask her out if he can find the nerve It s a warm, feel good story with wonderful artwork The only slight issue I had is view spoiler I never felt any romantic chemistry between Deja and Josiah They seemed like really good friends and I think the ending could have been just as meaningful if Josiah had returned to Deja because he realized their friendship was important than his crush hide spoiler

  2. emma emma says:

    i read this book, and then i took a day, and then i read it i want to read it again already naturally i m reading it again.yes, it s been 2 days I LOVE THIS BOOK AND I WANT TO LIVE INSIDE IT.but i will settle for rereading it immediately trying this new thing called optimism where i m excited for this book and believe i m going to like itso we ll see how this goes I AM READY FOR FALL AND I AM READY FOR THIS BOOK

  3. Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) Chelsea (chelseadolling reads) says:

    This was stinking cute If you want to get into the fall spirit, this would be the perfect place to start Now excuse me while I go chug a venti pumpkin cream cold brew

  4. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    I loved it so much A cute story and they work at The Pumpkin Patch This place is a dream come true

  5. ✨ A ✨ ✨ A ✨ says:

    Like every autumn smell all at once This is a perfect autumn read This graphic novel gave me all the fall feels which was awesome because it s spring time where I am I wanted to dive into these beautiful pages, to experience everything with Josiah and Deja It s Deja and Josiah s last night at the pumpkin patch they work at every Halloween season The last chance for Josiah to finally speak to the fudge girl he s been crushing on for three seasons Deja convinces shy Josiah to go talk to her, but it turns out that fudge girl is harder to track than they thought What starts as a mission to find fudge girl turns into a night of adventure I really liked Deja and Josiah s friendship, they made such a good pair Josiah is shy and introverted and Deja is outgoing and makes friends easily Their banter and interactions were cute and I wish this book was longer weeps Who cares It s our last night Burn every bridge I d rather not burn anything So as I mentioned before starting Pumpkinheads, this was my first graphic novel I wish someone had told me how fast it is to read one I finished this super quick And I really wanted .I can t say I ve been converted to the graphic novel fan club, because sometimes I d forget to look at the pictures face palms I guess I m of a words kinda girl I flipped back afterwards to make sure I didn t miss anything okay, don t hate me These illustrations captured the autumn feels spectacularly The colour palette used was so warm and cosy Some advice have snacks with you when you start This book features tons of yummy food and I got so hungry looking at those pics If you are looking for a cute and wholesome Fall read I highly recommend Pumpkimheads Thank you to the publishers for sending me a copy of this book for review _____ Pre ReadMy first ever graphic novel

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  7. Larry H Larry H says:

    What a terrific graphic novel Deja and Josiah are best friends at least from September 1 through Halloween, and at least while they re working together at the pumpkin patch They don t see each other at all except during that period of time Tonight is the last night they ll work together since both will head off to college next fall.Josiah can t imagine a world without the pumpkin patch Deja doesn t quite feel THAT strongly, but she ll miss Josiah, and all the activity, and all of the great food Maybe especially the food But tonight, Deja has a plan It s not going to be just a typical night She s gotten them a shift at a different post rather than the Succotash Hut, where they ve worked the last three years She s determined that Josiah is finally going to talk to the girl in the fudge shop that he s been mooning over for years And she s going to get all of her favorite foods.Sounds perfect, right Of course, nothing quite goes as planned Along the way they ll run into a candy apple stealing punk, flee an escaped animal, say goodbye to old friends, explore what brought them together as friends, and come to some interesting realizations of their own.This was so much fun, so charming, and had such a terrifically warm story, and the illustrations really made it feel like fall Sometimes graphic novels are spare in their narration but this one really worked for me.I m a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell s her new novel comes out 9 24 so I am super excited about that, too and Pumpkinheads had so many of her trademarks, including a story that had so much heart I read the book in one sitting and was sad that I was finished.This is perfect for Halloween lovers and saps like me who love stories of friendship But you probably shouldn t read this one on an empty stomach See all of my reviews at out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

  8. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    Josie and Deja have been working together at a pumpkin patch for much of their high school years They re pretty good friends and enjoy each other s company during the season, but they don t talk much outside of work This Halloween they ll be saying goodbye for good as both prepare to begin their college life Josie s pretty depressed about it he loves everything about the pumpkin patch, especially being the MVPPP Most Valuable Pumpkin Patch Person Deja seems optimistic about it and mentions coming back for visits.Deja s convinced she s going make this Halloween the best ever Her plan is to finally get Josie hitched up with a girl that works with them He s been daydreaming about this girl for years, but he s hesitant to talk to her Deja won t take no for an answer as she plans to make their last night at the Patch one to remember This was such a cute story that really took me back It s both funny and emotional Being the Halloween and autumn lover that I am, the setting is perfect The Patch isn t like pumpkin patches I ve been to its like a huge fall fest with delicious food and fun things to do Sweet treats, corn mazes, hay rides, gourdy golf, and a petting zoo who wouldn t love this place The atmosphere is intoxicating for any fall aficionado.As far as characters Deja and Josie were both lovable Deja was probably my favorite though she s the kind of friend everyone needs I like that she s funloving and caring, but for the most part still isn t afraid to say what she feels Deja s of an extrovert as she s been around the block a time or two, whereas Josie is introverted and unsure of himself They make a great pair, accepting one another for who they are Friendship is a beautiful theme throughout The illustrations are gorgeous, which really bring out the autumnal atmosphere and the characters emotions This is a perfect graphic novel for this time of year Highly recommend this one 5 You can also read this at

  9. Riley Riley says:

    this put me in the biggest fall mood ever

  10. Gabby Gabby says:

    This is really cute This is a short and sweet graphic novel about these two teens Josiah and Deja who are spending their last October working at the local pumpkin patch, where they have worked for the last few years They are both leaving for college soon and won t be seeing each other again for quite some time, so we follow them on their last night at the Pumpkin Patch.This is the perfect Fall read The fall vibes were radiating off the page and it s the perfect read for the season It made me want a pumpkin spice latte so bad I also love the fact that this book is queer, and these characters are just really cute and their friendship is cute, I laughed out loud a few times and I think the art is really colorful and pretty to look at.