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With his leather jacket and Indian Chief motorcycle, Ray wasn t the kind of guy a girl took home to meet her parents So he and his sweetheart planned to elope until the day Ray was murdered Now he is bound to the Earth, held captive by his need to find his girl again.

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    When the hero wakes up in the basement of his elderly neighbours house, he is confused The last thing he remembers was wanting to reach his fianc so they could defy her parents and run away together Then.darkness Now, to his horror, he can see through his hands and his feet down touch to floor He s dead, murdered before he could meet his love and begin their life together The heroine s life is consumed with work She s working multiple cases for the D.A but none so as important as the case to finally charge the scumbag Frank Dane for his many crimes and put him behind bars She has no time for dating or anything like that though there is a cop who pressing his suit He tells her to be careful getting involved with this Frank man cause those who cross him tend to end up dead She s an independent woman with a strong head on her shoulders She won t let her tiny frame set her back from playing with the big boys But when she is run off the road in an obvious attempt on her life, she flees into the woods, bloody and scared to death She runs to her best friends house and breaks into the basement in an attempt to hide from her attacker She meets the hero but she passes out before his see through form could truly settle in When she wakes up, she has no glasses and she has a sever headache The hero s face is the first she sees as he wakes her up throughout the night to give her water and pain pills He takes care of her and she s thankful for his kindness The hero may not understand why he s woken up at this particular time but one look at the heroine and he can see this woman is something important Not only can he see sparks of his true loves essence within her but she s the one human being he can touch and feel touch him She makes him feel alive again and he hesitates to tell her about his less than corporal form because he wants to be treated as a man again not a ghost Dreams of a mystery man have haunted the heroine for some time but now with the hero s company, they have become stronger and vivid She knows she has been dreaming of him for her entire life When he finally admits to being a ghost, she is at first doubtful Then she s angry, thinking he s been sent to harm her by Frank Dane Then, she hears Earth Angel.their song The song they played the day they met And in that second she remembers her love for him and the life they had together before he was murdered She remembers the child she left behind when she killed herself All of this comes flooding back and before she can accept this stunning revelation of reincarnation, she is attacked once again by the man she s desperate to put behind bars.This book was very busy It had a lot of different POV S and while I can acknowledge and accept the fact that they all tied into the main story, it was not enjoyable to read For a book that s only 300 pages, it s a shame to spend almost half of the book on the secondary characters and their love affair that results in leaving the main characters story rushed and lackluster I felt very little chemistry between the hero and heroine and besides a few scenes with that had a little spark, I found the entire book rather boring and drawn out The whole evil mob villain was stupid and the ending was stupid as well The heroine was annoying because she was that typical small independent woman who stubbornly refuses to accept help or to allow herself to be vulnerable HOWEVER, she did tend to scream or screech nearly every chapter for no good reason The hero had potential as he was kind and over the moon in love with his fianc , as well as the heroine who held his love s soul But it was never given the chance to turn into anything Shame I wasn t impressed with this story and am hesitate to read this author in future.