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Beauty and the Beast meets Irish Mythology in this sweeping retelling of the beloved fairytale.Once upon a time A plague sweeps across the emerald hills of U N ill, leaving a young midwife s father with months to live To save her people, Sorcha makes a deal with a dangerous Fae She must travel across the sea, through merrow and kelpie lands, to find a forgotten king on a crumbling throne Born king of the Seelie Fae, Eamonn fought battles unnumbered to uphold honor, duty, and freedom until his twin brother sank a blade between his shoulders Crystals grew from the wound, splitting open skin and bone His people banished him to a cursed isle for his disfigurement, now king of criminals and fools With the help of brownies, pixies, and will o the wisps, Sorcha battles to break through his crystalline shell and persuade him to take back his stolen throne This determined beauty could come dangerously close to stealing his beastly heart.

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  1. Sana Sana says:

    I m so shook by how beautifully written, gorgeous and utterly magical this book is From the beginning to the end I was so mesmerized by the gorgeous writing and world building in this book The romance had me screaming with feels and all the characters in this book are so wonderful that I just want to wrap them all up in warm blankets Sorcha is a healer and mid wife in her town, U N ill, where she lives with her father and sisters in their brothel In her town, the plague of black beetles is growing worse and worse and threatening to take her father s life Sorcha is desperate to find a cure and crosses path with the Fae with who she makes a bargain with And so she goes on a quest to Ireland, or island of Hy Brasil, to find a banished prince Sorcha is such an amazing character She s the most kind, strong, clever, loving and loyal person She s a fucking Queen and I m so head over heels in love with her I m deadass a love struck lil boi when it comes to Sorcha She can ask me to get the moon for her and I FUCKING WOULD i would probably die but whatever In a time period where women are expected to marry, stay home, and have children, Sorcha spoke up against sexist men and voiced her thoughts and opinions She never let piece of shit man to stop her from pursuing her career or dream as a healer nor stop them from doing what she wants AND SHE DIDN T FALL FOR A HANDSOME GUY WITH A SHIT PERSONALITY Raise your hand if you re tired of girls going mush for handsome guy with a disgusting personality Don t worry this doesn t happen in this book In the beginning there s this oh so handsome, sexy, take my panties off daddy guy who is sexist as fuck and was telling Sorcha to just marry him and stop thinking about being a healer because OH it s not job for a woman But our girl here brushed him tf off and told him to fuck off whenever he tried making a move on her Yes Queen I would dare much, sir, against a man who seemingly does not understand boundaries You must ask a woman if you may enter her abode and, when granted approval, you may do so If they request you leave, then you remove yourself She s also such a strong minded and clever character Sorcha might not be physically strong and able to slice fuckers with a sword, but that doesn t make her character any less Strong or Badass She s a kind woman who treats the lesser Fae with respect and manners and always wants to help those in need She knows what she has to do to get what she wants and she does not let people walk over her and demand things of her She is her own boss, bitch Oh my god, I can literally go on and on about how fucking amazing Sorcha is, but we need to talk about the world building and the beautiful Irish mythology There are so many creatures in this book Fae, gnomes, dwarves, pixies, mermaids mermen, half whale and half female whale creatures, to magical horses and so much It was so magical and beautiful to read about it all When Sorcha met them she was so amazed and heart eyes and I felt that Like,,,, that was Me when read about the world building and whatever And the good thing is that this is mentioned so much The romance iswhoo boy it s heated and hot and I fucking loved it I don t know why, but I went into this thinking this was Young Adult, but it s not The romance is explicit and there is an explicit sex scene, which may not be to everyone s liking, but I LOVED IT LMAO Anyways, Eamonn was a bitter, angry asshole because he was banished to this island for centuries so he was not kind to Sorcha when they first met, but that doesn t mean he was a gross sexist asshole Sure, he was rude, but that s because of his Tragic PastTM and I love how he grew into such a sweet and soft little cinnamon roll Their romance is so sweet, hot, but most of all built with respect and loyalty for each other Never once did they disrespect each other despite their arguments There was this one scene where Eamonn said something like, I will not always agree with you, but that doesn t mean I would disregard your opinions and silence your thoughts and I was fucking crying because aklhdwqda yes we need Healthy Relationships Eamonn s inner Alpha Male came out and he was all like, you re mine yes that bullshit , but Sorcha our Feminist Queen said oh hell no, I do not belong to anyone but myself I am not Yours and then Eamonn shut the fuck up and respected that and holy shit i love them Anyways, Eamonn can keep me imprisoned on that island The story is so intriguing and I wasn t bored once I don t want to say much because spoilers, but so much happens and alkbdqklqjsbdv I was just like what the fuck and saying that over and over again One thing to keep in mind is that there are a few typos in this book and tbh that would have bothered me, but I was so invested in the story that I didn t even care Also, there s this really cute raven in the book and you guys should read the book for him because he s precious.Obviously, I love this book and I would recommend it Please read this underrated gem It deserves so much hype reaction right after reading this masterpiece what a fantastic fucking retelling of beauty and the beast with Irish mythology and fae folk the main character is such a feminist queen and she s the most kind, strong and loving person i stan a fucking Queen there s also scary Mermaids and dangerous half female, half whale creatures that can easily eat you in one bite.anyways, this was so fucking good i am shaking my body is on the floor and I AM FUCKING SHAKING.

  2. Lyn Lyn says:

    Unfortunately I m going to dnf at 58%.The hero and heroine were extremely likeable The cast of characters were really great too The writing and the narration were amazing But the pacing was too slow for me, and I wasn t feeling the romantic connection between the H and h.

  3. Elaine Elaine says:

    If you want Irish Beauty the Beast, go read Marillier s Heart s Blood I was a touch underwhelmed by that one, but cripes, at least it had some sense of the Irish landscape and history God, where to start with this oneI ll say what I enjoyed first, since it s a shorter list the imagery of geode crystals in place of blood filling wounds is interesting and, to me, original Some of the quips and snark were amusing most, come to think of it just not employed nearly enough Also, nice cover art Oh, and the concept of the blood beetle plague is suitably horrifying Really long review ahead Because good books are all alike every bad book is bad in its own way 0 It s part of a perspective swapping series, but this part of the plot is actually a duology, which means this particular book ends of a cliffhanger btw It s half the story.1 Lots of clunky, repetitive dialog that didn t sound natural Replies didn t always map well to the last thing said by the person they re replying to, making a lot of seeming or actual non sequiturs.2 Unclear setting Lots of modern or out of place phrases The start of the book talks about minstrels and guilds, which felt Middle Ages, but later on I tend to think Victorian period Sorcha crosses herself at one point, so it s definitely post Christianization Who knows Women wear skirts and they use chamberpots there s not much to narrow it down beyond that Her dresses fasten in the back, but it s even odds whether that s indicative of period or just plain Hollywood derived inaccuracy Is this even Ireland Who can say Why is Dame Agatha praising someone for being progressive See 5 about Sorcha s creepy pimp whore family You can t have your cake and eat it, too If you want to tie your story to reality e.g by setting it in Ireland, using the real Irish pantheon , you can t have a whitewashed modern, progressive version of history to suit your needs If you want to have Celtic flavored fantasy, you need to do to divorce the story from reality than having faeries be real and a creepy blood beetle plague.Speaking of misplaced progressiveness, I cringed a bit whenever the word deformities came up, namely in how Sorcha would use this term to describe the otherworldly non human aspects of the faes appearances Kind of insensitivite in light the hero and his hangups, and also, just by the loaded nature of that word, really subverts the frequent beauty in the eye of the beholder skin deep thing that ties in to BatB Just because someone looks like a half spider half person doesn t mean they re deformed if they re faerie royals And that s not to mention to the faux feminist let s say fauxminist touches Want to make your character a strong feminist character Have other male characters tell her outright You re useless because you re a woman That s exactly what sexism sounds like, in all times and in all places, and that s how you know it s sexist it self identifies This is actually one of my hot button missteps, because it ignores benevolent isms while also eradicating all nuance to people as people Sexists not great But also usually not so outright either, and plenty of women would share the same sexist attitudes depicted in this book which is hidden by having male characters saying women suck That s what makes bigotry so insidious and ubiquitous Sexism is less telling women you re a woman therefore shut up, it s telling women I appreciate you re worried about this thing, but highly trained people drawn from a pool exclusively male are working to solve it Women s soft hearts are a noble thing benevolent sexism , and it s good that you care Don t let yourself get hysterical over it dismissive gaslighting Tell you what, if you want to help out so much, why don t you focus on comforting the ailing using your natural nurturing touch benevelolent sexism, gendered labor, belittling contributions as help not work 3 You know how you re supposed to solve maze puzzles by drawing a line through and around all the obstacles, and you are not supposed to just draw a straight line from Start to End to win faster Well, the relationship building in this book takes the latter option It s a tempting trap to fall into with BatB adapatations, it seems you know what beats you want to hit angry intial meeting, tenseness, some eye opening sensitivity, some life saving, some falling in love, etc and it s very easy to not do the legwork to earn each moment In this case, the characters are having personality revelations and falling in love like flipping a switch It doesn t help that days weeks months path and the two leads have a total of like 2 interactions in that time.4 Canon Sue main character I know there s backlash against the freehanded labeling of freehanded characters as Mary Sues, but Sorcha is exotic in appearance, so feisty and sassy , wins over everybody not because she s just plain kind but because she s kindest most unusual human to ever be nice to a fae creature and she s the one person in Ireland the world to honor the old ways at all, and all the characters, even the enemy, go out of their way to sing her praises about how smart and wise and lovely and different and special she is Oh and some Too Stupid To Live tendencies but she s always just so correct in how she handles things, how dare you shout at her.5 Mixed characterization and creepiness Let s talk about Sorcha s family The narrative goes back and forth between how much Sorcha loves her sisters and her feeling all put upon for apparently being the one sensible person who keeps their household running and no one else could possibly omg And of course she starts off on a bit of a deadline, which she mostly doesn t think about Does her family love her back, or do they think she s a weirdo like everyone else Who knows What kind of angst is called for on that page She s got all these sisters whom she loves usually but literally only 2 of the 13 are named or described One is the cutesy sweetheart, and the other is the older, sterner type Apparently there s a set of twins That s it That s what we know about this big creepy whored out family that is totally so close and functional Totally Her family is a bunch of orphans apparently picked off the street and turned into prostitutes And oh, they blub about how nice and gentle their Papa pimp is, and another man might not be as nice to them but they are girls raised to be prostitutes Sorcha eyes the marks on the wall where she tracked the height growth of one girl, who is now a prostitute Ack ack ack ack And Sorcha, special Sorcha, is the one girl the pimp picked out as too good to be a whore, ergo she gets to focus on herbal lore book learning The author tries to minimize this by being weirdly sex positive not that sex positivity is weird in general, just in this particular case about how they re just hard working girls when they aren t frivolous burdens, ahem , but uh no, that s not what prostitution is typically like, and especially not in this quasi historical setting we re apparently in Also undermined by Sorcha being singled out for non whore work because she s So Special For some reason the author and by extent, the sisters , seem to labor under the misapprenhension that a whore would ever even have the option of marrying a nobleman who came in as a john And that when if that happened the prostitute in question was indifferent to the idea , the former sex worker would still be visiting them all This is a book with fairies and mermaids and magic, and that s probably the most fantastic element of all Why does it feel like we re supposed to look down on Dame Agatha for never visiting the brothel to get her midwifery needs tended Again, if we re in a chamberpot period of history, there were a lot of very clear, very conservative class lines about those kinds of things Chances are, Agatha wouldn t dream of using a widwife who also tended to prostitutes if she could help it.6 Disney s BatB adapatation is the elephant in the room for telling this story, and it s something authors have to choose to work with or around either finding entirely new spins or hewing closer to the original materials, and dropping in homages as desired This tale, I feel, had some good loose adaptation feelings e.g the lead is still trying to save her father, but not from captivity , but I got way too many Disney winks Geralt Gaston, Oona Mrs Potts, the enchanted mirror with a rose motif I did like the snark about that, though , the torn painting, the servants bringing the heroine out of her cell to wine and dine her there was even a scene early in the book that reminded me of Belle s stroll through town with the Bonjour lyrics.Good news, if you ve made it this far if you need convincing, apparently I made well over 100 notes and highlights wherever things bugged me So I ve got that going for me, which is nice.

  4. Dianne Dianne says:

    We never outgrow fairytales There s nothing better than believing in the fantastic, in the impossible, and especially believing in a love that can conquer all, even if it s only for a few hours Emma Hamm s HEART OF THE FAE is one of those love stories and like all great fairytales, it began, once upon a time When a plague ravages Sorcha s land, as a healer and midwife, Sorcha will do anything to save her people and her family from certain death She strikes a bargain with a powerful dark Fae with her own agenda and that will send her on a journey to a cursed island that few humans will ever see, a land that holds magic and a scorned, young Fae prince Eamonn is the rightful heir to the Seeley throne, betrayed by his twin brother, abandoned by his family and cursed with a disfigurement that makes touch near impossible, he keeps his distance from his subjects, and is slowly losing his hope, his trust in the world and believes he is the monster he has been turned into In spite of Eamonn s attempts to assure that Sorcha knows she is not welcome, her inner strength, determination and kind heart reaches beyond his hardened shell and plucks at the fading strings of hope, justice and love in his heart.Emma Hamm has created a special grown up version of Beauty and the Beast, filled with painful memories, secret dreams and the need we all have for help and support from those we trust Time is running out for Sorcha to save her family and her people, but first she must save Eamonn from himself and the curse he never deserved, because sometimes, all you need is one special person to believe in you.Beautiful details make picturing the creatures of this cursed island, the lands they live on and even the hag s cottage come to life, reminiscent of so many fairytales that we have grown to love Emma Hamm has created her own special magic for us to believe in, in a land far, far away that can be as amazing as it is special I read this twice, that s how good it is I voluntarily reviewed an ARC edition from Emma Hamm Series The Otherworld Book 1Publication Date November 26, 2017Publisher Emma HammGenre Historical Fantasy RomancePrint Length 368 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More

  5. Melanie A. Melanie A. says:

    4 STARS Who am I to judge others for the choices they make This was really good Emma Hamm is a great writer who has a seriously creepy imagination, lol The positives 1 The heroine had a backbone made of steel and a truly generous heart, which made reading this one a real pleasure One must decide whether to live in fear, or courage 2 The banter between Sorcha and Eamonn had some stellar moments Have you no care nor discretion for your own survival You berate a creature of superior strength Superior Sir, I find you lacking in every sense of the word 3 The fantasy aspects were top notch The pages were filled with unique, well developed, fantastical characters, including the hero Eamonn was a creature bred for war and destruction 4 The central message of the story was wonderful You can t change the world, Sorcha I would if I could So where are the 5 stars The negatives 1 The pacing felt a bit off In parts, I thought the story lacked a much needed sense of urgency 2 The romance The relationship between these two had such huge potential but I felt like it was squandered and never really went anywhere.Overall, I definitely recommend this one as long as romance is not your key ingredient to making a story great Happy reading

  6. Viktoria Winter Viktoria Winter says:

    Spirits of the East and Air, I welcome you into our circle and bid you well tidings On this sacred night of Samhain, come dance with us Spirits of the South and Fire, I welcome you to feast with us on this sacred night Spirits of the West and Water, I welcome you to drink and be merry with us tonight Join our revelries on this sacred eve Spirits of the North and Earth, I welcome you to this hall and ask that you tell us stories from ages past Speak easy and loosen thy tongue on this sacred night I m always looking for faerie elven stories to read so you could imagine how excited I was to find Heart of the Fae by Emma Hamm Its a lovely retelling of Beauty and the Beast with an Irish folklore twist Sorcha, a young midwife, is deep in peril when a plague sweeps across her village and takes root in her father She had always been respectful of the Fae leaving them offerings and praying to their deities so when faced with such tragedy, she turns to them for a favor In return, Sorcha finds herself sent on a suicidal mission across realms to the Otherworld where the Fae reside It is there she will meet Eamonn, a banished king with a curse that allows for crystals to grow beneath his skin instead of flesh and blood He is your typical brooding male protagonist, set on being miserable and sulking for eternity Because the Seelie don t take to deformities kindly, Eamonn was considered a monster and was tortured by his twin brother so that he wouldn t stand a chance coming king His people turned against him, and now he surrounds himself with simpler Fae that become like a family to the wayward prince Together, they will need to rely upon one another in order to save her family and reclaim his throne I enjoyed this story The world building was rich and lyrical, the characters were beautifully described in their own gruesome makings, and the amount of references to Fae folklore made me beyond happy Instead of just using the Fae as her mythical creatures, Hamm included beings like selkies, brownies, nymphs, and boggarts And those are only a few I think that when an author attempts to write a story about these specific beings they should always try to include a varying array of them, because, after all, the Fae are only one branch of species in relation to their thousands of kin Its an entire spectrum of earth spirits we re referencing Hamm even touched upon a favorite element of mine the Seelie and the Unseelie Often times, the Unseelie are described as the dark Fae usually autumn and winter , and the Seelie are the light spring and summer In this book, the seasons don t play any role but the notion of good and evil certainly does Lesser Fae are those that don t appear humanoid by Seelie standards, or don t appear grotesque enough by Unseelie standards There is a social contract within both major realms, and the political intrigue on the Seelie side will throw in a few plot twists that will make you question whether you re reading about the right Fae The writing was easy to follow, simply put it was straight forward with a sprinkling of poetic moments here and there I prefer emotion and prose in the books I read, but maybe I m biased because I still enjoyed this one very much Another slight issue I had with it was the romance Of course, I was rooting for the two main characters to get hitched since the first page because of the way the synopsis promises them to be lovers but it somehow still felt forced Thankfully it didn t feel rushed, but there were a few times that I had to contemplate why the one character was confessing their emotions to the other when it felt like their wasn t a basis to their emotional ties just yet The plot was decent, but you can surmise a great deal of what will happen because this is a loose retelling of a story that has been retold millions of times People even draw parallels to another Beauty and the Beast inspired story that also includes the Fae and, yes, you guessed it A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas Even though I ve already begun to see people compare the two, I will just put my two cents out there and say that while they share glaringly obvious similarities, these stories are highly different and unique in their own ways.All that being said, if you re in the mood for a cute romance, or like me in the mood to always read about the Fae here s your next book I m currently reading the sequel and thus far it s even better than the first.

  7. Emma Hamm Emma Hamm says:

    Can t wait until Heart of the Fae is released There are plenty of ways to stay in touch Pre Order today Find me on my Facebook for daily updates, snippets, and fan art Follow my Blog for extra content, information on characters, and bits of writing that won t be in the book Join in my Mailing List for emailed updates And of course, add this book to your To Read to be notified when it s released

  8. Jemima jamir aka Sentranced Jem Jemima jamir aka Sentranced Jem says:

    This is it I ve found it I cannot believe I haven t read this book before yesterday.A Beauty and The Beast re telling Are you kidding me I loved this book It combined my love of classic fairytale and Irish mythology Wohoo

  9. milou ☕️ milou ☕️ says:

    1 Heart of the Fae 2 Veins of Magic Something, or someone, uncurled deep within her soul A woman she barely recognized, who knew how to take what she wanted and asked for the world All of the stars Sorcha works as a midwife in U N ill where she lives in a brothel with her family A curse of black beetles has grown worse over the years and a lot of innocent people are suffering from the curse When her father becomes a victim to the black beetles Sorcha decides to leave behind everything that she knows to try and find a cure to heal her father and her people Her path crosses with Fae and she strucks a bargain with very particular one view spoiler A sudden goddess hide spoiler

  10. Carvanz Carvanz says:

    When Sorcha s father is nearing death and her family is in danger from the same fate, she makes a bargain with an ancient Tuatha De Danann Knowing the dangers of such an arrangement, she sets out to find a hidden isle that houses a banished king.Eamonn s rightful place is King of the Seelie Fae but when his body becomes disfigured, he is tortured then sent to Hy brasil where he hides away with his anger and rage When the fiery human woman washes upon the shore he finds himself both tormented and captivated by her presence.This is a loose re telling of Beauty and the Beast and one that I instantly fell in love with It s a slow moving story filled with all things Fae, and creatures that stretched far beyond anything I could have ever imagined I really enjoyed this book, especially the first part where Sorcha is seeing first hand all that she had believed in but had never seen with her own eyes It s a story filled with magic and wonder that balances out the dark presence of Eamonn and his disfigurement The relationship between these two evolves from dislike, to friends, to I loved watching as Eamonn slowly came to accept that his little human accepted him for what and who he was.The second half seemed to slow down and I began to struggle to stay engaged Realising the author was setting up the background for what would come in later books I forced myself to pay attention to the details It did get a bit dragged down here and there However, once we moved from that, it picks back up and we are thrust towards the end of the book but not the story This ends in a pretty big cliffhanger and I m just glad I knew about it before starting or things could ve gotten ugly Dual POVSafe view spoiler no ow om drama h not a virgin H not a manwhore hide spoiler