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Sabrina Flynn knocks it out of the park in her second installment in her Ravenwood Detective Agency series This follow up to From The Ashes brings Atticus, Isobel, et al together on the hunt attempting to solve a series of murders, at first apparently unrelated but upon further investigation unraveling a web of mysterious circumstances and unexpected evil The author deftly tells a tale of love and hate, jealousy and fidelity, murder and mayhem, in a fast paced and enthralling story that doesn t let go Continued excellent character development enfolded in a first class mystery makes this a five star read, imho I wait with great anticipation for the further exploits of the Ravenwood Detective Agency The second installment of the Ravenwood Mysteries was just as satisfying as the first thoroughly enjoyed delving further into 1900s San Francisco and peeling back the layers of Atticus and Isobel I m hooked and will be adding Sabrina Flynn to my list of authors whose books are downloaded on their day of release Great second instalment in this mystery series I loved how the relationship of Riot and Bel slowly changed and then developed into something Sabrina Flynn has a wonderful way with words that pulls you right in and be part of the stories she tells She draws her characters with swift and accurate strokes and doesn t lose sight of side characters they all come alive the moment you open the book.Very well done Meticulously researched, wonderfully engaging, and frankly romantic as hell Tara O Shea Flynn draws her characters with swift and accurate strokes Bestselling author Annelie Wendeberg beautifully plotted and paced Alice Wright There are some books I likeand there are some books I love This definitely fits in the love category The mystery, the setting and the chemistry between the two main characters seemlessly mesh in this turn of the century San Francisco tale. A Bitter Draught far surpasses From the Ashes I am absolutely in love with Bel and Riot and their entire cast of supporting characters, as well as the detail that builds the atmosphere. Isobel Kingston is dead.Or so everyone believes When a mysterious woman writes her last words in sand, Isobel steps out of the shadows to uncover the truth As she plunges into a storm of betrayal, the winds are determined to throw Atticus Riot on her course, and the two detectives collide in a sea of madness and murder. ExcellentGreat second installment Like the first book I couldn t put this one down Pre ordered book 3, and I can t wait for the further adventures of Bel and AJ and the hint of attraction between them. I LIKE THE main characters quite a lot in the first and second book of this series Unlike a Sherlock and Watson I think they balance each other strengths and weaknesses very well Definitely looking forward to the third book. Better than the first one Anxious for lots