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Have you ever wondered what might have been Gemma Dawson is at the airport, staring at two plane tickets to two different cities Two different weddings Two possible futures She s at a crossroads.Be maid of honor at her best friend s wedding or crash her ex s Gemma s decision, unknown to her, hinges on a delayed flight and a chance meeting Now her life is about to go down two parallel tracks will Gemma fly toward a life with her first love or a future with a man she s not even met yet Love Connection is a feel good Romantic Comedy about one woman, life s infinite possibilities, and the destiny that lies beyond two different choices.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Camilla Isley Jake I inhale deeply When I discovered you were getting married, my world collapsed This was an adult contemporary romance novel, following one woman as her life went in two different directions.Gemma was an okay character, and it was clear how deep her feelings were for Jake It was also nice how much she cared about her friend, that she d sacrifice her own happiness to help her.The storyline in this followed Gemma as her life went down two different paths after one life altering situation In one life she went and stopped her ex s wedding and told him how she felt, and in the other she went to her friend s wedding instead It was enjoyable to see these two different futures unfold, and I liked the mystery of who Gemma would end up with in the end, and whether the two futures would somehow merge.The ending to this was pretty happy, and I was satisfied with the way things ended.6.5 out of 10

  2. Camilla Isley Camilla Isley says:

    Love Connection the perfect read for fans of Sliding Doors

  3. Kathy - Books & Munches Kathy - Books & Munches says:

    This was an okay novel.The concept is unique, I can definitely give it that Having two parallel running story lines with the same characters but different choices, intrigued me a lot at first That is, until I noticed the author keep going back to the same things in both storylines.Although I do get the why, it got on my nerves she sometimes uses the exact same descriptions and dialogues in both story lines.The other issue I had was conversations sometimes feeling very forced and the main character having the tendency to have a childish whine moment once in a while.It was a cute read, but it wasn t really anything special to me.3 5

  4. Amy Amy says:

    Full review on www.novelgossip.comThis book caught my attention as I think we ve all wondered how our lives could have turned out completely differently had we made other choices and in Love Connection you get to see how Gemma s life could be by making both choices and seeing her two very unalike lives side by side She can either attend her best friends wedding as the maid of honor, or crash her exes wedding and reveal her true feelings Which choice does she really make And will the outcome really change much or is fate guiding her to the same place either way Gemma is such a fun character In fact, all of the characters here are loads of fun Besides Gemma you have her best friend Amelia The two are quite the pair and they have a deep friendship full of humor and true understanding Several of their scenes made me giggle and after finishing such a heavy novel a bit of lighthearted fun was exactly what I needed Jake is Gemma s ex and the one that got away He s moved on and is getting married on the same day as Amelia, hence Gemma s huge decision Lastly there is Richard who is the new man in Gemma s life He is utterly charming and quite the catch but Gemma can t quite seem to completely let go of her past and embrace her future.It was really fun and interesting to read this one Every chapter alternates between both choices one chapter with Gemma heading to Amelia s wedding and the other to Jake s I was dying to see how it would all end and I was not disappointed, although I m rather eager for book two in the series now Filled with witty banter, humor and heart Love Connection is a delightful read that will make you feel good and leave you with a smile on your face In fact, I smiled most of the way through this book and still am

  5. Elle& Elle& says:

    Release Date October 8, 2016 Genre Chick Lit Women s Fiction 5 Pretty Little Stars WOAH This is one of the most unique books that I have read in a long time Camilla Isley has outdone herself with this novel and I couldn t be pleased with how it all turned out What do you do when you have to make a decision This is the essential plot of this book One woman Two life choices Each with different endings So what would she choose, and what happens when she gets there This book is AMAZING I was a bit concerned at first thinking that the plot would be confusing as every other chapter features one of the life choices, and the next chapter the other But this was NOT confusing at all Perhaps its because it is so well written that we can easily follow along, or maybe its because we need to ALSO CHOOSE which path would be better suited Either way, it s not a confusing story, rather one that is so interesting that you will be hooked Anyway, I have now read a few of Camilla Isley s novels and I have to say that each and every time I have been impressed Now I can t wait to see what the second book in the series is like I am so excited Highly recommended

  6. Camilla Isley Camilla Isley says:

    Love Connection the perfect read for fans of Sliding Doors

  7. Debby "Piene Raven" Debby "Piene Raven" says:

    Audiobook Review I received Love Connection in a giveaway and found it to be a fun romantic comedy that makes you wonder about the choices you would make to find happiness The story deals with Gemma Dawson, who is an attorney from London She sits at a Chicago airport bar, holding two tickets while contemplating if she should fly to her best friend s wedding as the maid of honor or crash her ex boyfriend s wedding in California After a few drinks, she eavesdrops on another heartbroken woman who happens to be a flight attendant She discovers that her best friend s fianc has been carrying affair with this woman for over a year The other alternative is that she s never forgotten Jake, the love of her life and soulmate and needs to confess all to him before it s too late Thus begins the What If and the vignettes on each path that she chooses to get to her HEA.The audiobook of Love Connection by Camilla Isley flowed nicely into a well written romance that had very entertaining characters, comical moments and serious dialogues between Gemma and those around her It was light hearted and a bit of a short novella on the What If The only drawback to this listen was the narration I did not feel that the choice of narrator suited this story The voice was a bit dry and did not punctuate the exclamatory parts in the story i.e., parts that should have made you feel excitement or anger were not accentuated when needed.I was thankful for receiving this audiobook giveaway and I look forward to listening dependent on narration or reading form Ms Isley My rating would have been higher if not for the narration.4 Stars

  8. Kay& Kay& says:

    Love Connection by Camilla Isley GENRE Romance Comedy NARRATION First Person heroine BOOK DETAILS Standalone but book 1 of a connecting series First Comes Love AUDIO AVAILABLE Yes Whispersync for Voice enabled THE STORY Have you ever been at crossroads and not known which direction your meant to take Your choice being so crucial it will literally be life changing Have you ever wondered how your life would have turned out if you chose the other direction Would the outcome inevitably be the same no matter your path Believing your destiny has already been written and fate will guide you back to where you belong This is a story very cleverly and well written in a sliding doors scenario, following two parallel stories of Gemma Dawson and her journey back to her true love and happily ever after One woman, two choices, two separate journeys, one destined ending. MY THOUGHTS This story evokes some pretty relatable emotions for its readers Doubt, indecisions, regret and questions The writer grabbed my attention within the first few pages and I was completely engaged throughout the entire story The good use of witty humour lightened the sadness throughout the story You would think that all the back and forth between the two separate journeys would create some confusion, but Camilla s talented writing ability created a smooth flowing and easy to follow story I have to mention that this is a very G rated romance I needed along the M rated romance though to feel their chemistry, passion and pain on a deeper level Adding some intimacy or sweet bedroom moments would have helped connect the character s motives to their emotions, therefore enhancing the intensity of their love for one another, making it realistic.Jake came across as a little detached and lacking in character depth for me because his presence wasn t strong enough throughout the story Yes, he is kind and sweet and easy going but who is he really Not enough of his personality shone through for me to attach myself to him.Overall,This was a really enjoyable and engaging story about friendship, the significance and consequences of our choices, true love and undeniable destiny.I received an audio copy of this book in exchange for my honest review MY RATINGS All ratings are out of 5 BLUSH RATING 0ROMANCE RATING 4PLOT RATING 5OVERALL 4 Blushing Stars Narrated by Audra Cook Length 6h 11mInitially I was completely thrown off by the robotic tone of the narrator, but after a while I adjusted and the audio flowed a little easier Overall the dialogue parts for Gemma and Amelia were fine, but her narration of a male voice and narrative sections were off putting.There were external sounds added popping popcorn and cat purrs and meows which I didn t feel were necessary, and to be honest sounded weird.Unfortunately, Audra s voice just didn t work for me, which is a shame because I really enjoyed the story.AUDIO RATING 3 5 Liked my review Follow my Blog or join me on Facebook for reviews, Giveaways, Freebies and new release updateshttps kaysblushinghttps media kaysblush

  9. Fiona Bauer Fiona Bauer says:

    OMG Take Sliding Doors wrap it in a book and make it ten times better and hilarious and you ll end up with Love Connection POW I LOVED this book The two parallel stories were so original and even when events overlapped it was amazing how the author gave it nuances to make each chapter unique I couldn t put this book down I wanted to know what would happen and I kept guessing wrong, I was hooked until the very end If I could give it ten stars I would

  10. ItaPixie ItaPixie says:

    Flawless,Enthralling,Irresistible Loved it I don t know how to express how perfect was this book without reveal too much ruining your reading experience.I was afraid that the plot would have been too intricate to follow and enjoy but I was so WRONG because the author made an amazing job.Everything was perfectly developped,all the characters were well thought and I loved how things turned out in the end.I can t wait to read Camilla Isley next novel Copy kindly provided by the Publisher Author