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The bottom line is I didn t buy this the central character, Di, or Dilana, who apart from having a beautiful name, just didn t seem real, acted illogically and I felt no affinity with her, sorry. Still grieving five years after the death of her father, Dilana Sterling is a shadow of the woman she once was a successful author with a string of best sellers, and a longer string of women SG Ryan, her publisher and only friend since her decline, cajoles Dilana into renting a beach house in the small town of Meredith Hoping the forced change will bring some light back into her friend Rachael Alderman, a teacher at the local orphanage, lives a quiet, yet satisfying life Growing up in the orphanage herself, she loves her surrogate mother, Sister Angela, and the many orphans that come into her life When Dilana and Rachael meet, they develop a friendship that leads them on personal journeys of self discovery Will their memories of the past prevent them from moving towards each other, or will they find a path that leads to each other so they can experience life together Lovely Story A beautifully written romantic novel A writer getting over the the death of her father rents a house on the coast and meets a beautiful mute orphan raised by nuns.Then due due to a misunderstanding between them almost loses the women she loves Good The ending was disappointing I felt they should have adopted Sam Sadie The writing was crisp, but the chapters seemed placed in an incorrect order.