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Alexa Ames War God Estella Eaton, a lovely graduate student, is the unwitting carrier of the essence of Aphrodite But Ares, god of war, the ultimate alpha male, knows the truth and becomes obsessed with Estelle, pursuing her relentlessly Can her modern sensibilities and his ancient power coexist, or will their battle of wills destroy what matters most Rae Monet Shadow Wolf A half breed Lupine from the Alagon slums challenges a high ranking Solarian Wolf Warrior When Dia Nahiutras tries to steal Roark D Reincolt s wolf, does she get an enemy forever or a mate for life Only their sensual journey across the universe will tell Natasha Moore Bad To The Bone She s a good girl who wants to be bad, and he s a bad boy who wants to be good At her class reunion, Annie Shane sheds her good girl reputation through one wild weekend with Luke Kendall But Luke is done playing the field and wants to settle down What would a bad girl do Mia Varano Hot On Her Heels Private investigator Jack Slater dons a leopard print g string to investigate an exclusive male strip club, the Lollipop Lounge He s not sure if the club s sexy, hard driving owner, Vivica Steele, is involved in the scam, but Jack figures he s just the Lollipop to sweeten her life

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  1. Paula Paula says:

    Overall, all the stories were very good My favorite of the 4 stories in this anthology was Bad to the Bone by Natasha Moore a lot of emotion and good character development for a short story.Equally good were Hot on Her Heels by Mia Varano and War God by Alexa Aames My least favorite was Shadow Wolf by Rae Monet, which is Book 6 is the Solarian Warrior series.