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Sequel to Four Things My Geeky Jock of a Best Friend Must Do in Europe Brady had her letters Delia has her poetry journal Who knew that non boy crazy jock Brady would bring home an Italian hottie and become his girlfriend Delia is amazed at her own sneaky plans to grab Giulio the very moment he and Brady break up, which, according to all Delias magazine research, should be in about 41 days In the meantime, she has to learn about football, the X Men, and other icky boy things, all just so she can attract the lover of her not so simple life.

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  1. Renee Renee says:

    Jee oo lee oh is how the handsome Italian foreign exchange student s name is pronounced according to Delia who is in love with him Mispronouncing his name is a small problem compared to the fact that he is her best friend s boyfriend But, thanks to the always reliable Internet, Delia calculates that their relationship will last the standard 34 days that high school relationships normally last However, Delia s plotting does not go as planned and she realizes that what she originally thought she wanted, she no longer wants The book is written in journal style, but because Delia writes during her English class and they are on a poetry unit, several entries are written in pseudo poetry form to fool her teacher Though the plot is the conventional silly girl chasing after a boy, the integration of poetic styling and Delia s ever constant shenanigans put this book above the average line.

  2. Katie K Katie K says:

    I really wasn t expecting to like this book, based on the whole I m in love with my best friend s boyfriend and I m going to steal him plot line But, I was pleasantly surprised The main character, Delia, wasn t the boy crazy mean girl I expected her to be and I loved the journal format used to tell the story, particularly since it showed that a journal assignment for an English class isn t the end of the world Just like the prequel to this book, the supporting characters were a little lacking but it was an enjoyable read.

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Delia is in love with her best friend s boyfriendand writes in her journal describing all she does to try to get him to notice her Fun, light read.

  4. Deborah Morgan Deborah Morgan says:

    Two best friends like the same guy.

  5. Laura Laura says:

    It s cute Some of it is written in poetry However, I couldn t really get into the characters.

  6. Bella Bella says:

    I didn t expect to like this book at all but it was very cute, funny, and enjoyable an easy quick read that is light and full of humor.

  7. Angela C Angela C says:

    Actual rating 4.5 stars My Best Friend, the Atlantic Ocean, and Other Great Bodies Standing Between Me and My Life with Giulio is a much needed reminder that a book doesn t have to be serious, overly dramatic, or dripping with angst to leave a lasting impression Harrington s novel is light hearted, hilarious, and easy to read, and I absolutely loved it I can t think of a single thing I d change about this book, and I have a feeling that the good mood it put me in will easily carry me through the rest of the week.The premise of My Best Friend is pretty simple Delia, a ditzy high school student, has the hots for her BFF s boyfriend Giulio She doesn t try to seduce him away from her BFF, just does whatever she can to put herself in Giulio s path so that when he and the BFF eventually break up it s inevitable, you know Giulio will move on to her.Plotting to snatch up your best friend s man may sound pretty low, but in Delia s case this behavior is humorous than reprehensible Delia s not manipulative or bitchy, just clueless She truly believes that her best friend and Giulio are destined to break up within approximately 34 days of beginning their relationship a statistic she read online somewhere , and she wants to be ready to step in as Giulio s new girlfriend as soon as possible The entire book hinges on the schemes Delia comes up with to get closer to Giulio, and the results are hilarious, as she s not particularly gifted in the field of boyfriend thievery.My Best Friend is narrated in the form of a journal for Delia s English class I m usually wary of books written in this format, but in this case it s quite effective The journal allows Delia s unique voice, which is the source of most of the humor in the book, to come through loud and clear.When I started reading, I was initially alarmed by how much of an airhead Delia is There are times when she seems to be completely oblivious about pretty much everything Roman numerals, vending machines, sarcasm, basic vocabulary you name it, she s clueless about it I was mildly put off by this at first, but after a while the humor that results from her obtuseness made me laugh loud enough, and often enough, that the ditziness became a strength of the book rather than a weakness.The fact that Delia is tremendously likable also helps make up for her lack of, shall we say, book smarts Delia has a big heart and makes friends with just about everyone she meets, getting close to people that most other popular girls wouldn t look twice at She comes across as a very sweet person Even when she s doing something that s generally considered despicable, such as plotting to steal her best friend s boyfriend or suckering a guy who has a crush on her into doing her homework, she does it with such genuine na vet that you find yourself unable to fault her for it.Delia s quest for winning Giulio s heart, combined with her total lack of common sense she s like a teenaged Amelia Bedelia, I swear gets her into some pretty hilarious situations She ends up managing the high school football team, becoming vice president of a gender neutral club, and joining an alliance of costume wearing X men enthusiasts If that s not enough to pique your interest in this book, I don t know what is.Overall, I can t say enough good things about My Best Friend, The Atlantic Ocean, and Other Great Bodies Standing Between Me and My Life with Giulio It is an absolute delight to read, and I love that it didn t leave me heart broken and exhausted from sobbing like many other books I ve given 4.5 stars.This review can also be found on my blog, Angela s Library.

  8. Esther Esther says:

    Jane Harrington s book, is an easy read and very quirky, the main character Delia is a young girl who s best friend is dating her future husband, Giulio, the story is about her waiting for the two of them to break up, which according to the internet is around 34 days While she is waiting she goes to all sorts of lengths to try and get Giulio to like her, and along the way unexpected feelings start to occur between her and Richard, a friend from years ago Harrington s book is a funny, quirky read and I loved it from finish to end, there were moments throughout the book where I laughed out loud from how she has written the book Really good read and I would recommend it to others.

  9. Stasha Stasha says:

    Hilarious As a high school English teacher, I loved it Kittle and Gallagher and Atwell fans MUST READ THIS This is a great alternative for any student who might want to read the TTYL books, but parents might be opposed This only alludes to sex once or twice and I think there are two times characters kiss I will probably buy a couple of copies and use pages in my classroom as writing prompts Hilarious

  10. Sue Sue says:

    second book in the series i kind of liked this one better because it is written in journal form by the best friend of the first book s main character she is a total ditz and the author makes it kind of fun and cute not mean i have known girls like this these are a couple of fun, easy reads that i can recommend to my jr high girls.