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Three men drawn inexorably together by fear, by need they form the Triangle Mac He s a small time gambler, a big time loser, a hood on the fringes of the Mob He s also Johnny s keeper Simon A San Francisco cop, he has sworn to avenge the murder of his partner, His search takes him across the country and back again, until he steps into hell in a Los Angeles hallway.Johnny He has three functions in life eating ice cream, watching television, and doing what Mac tells him to do Lately, that s been killing people.Day by day the three men move closer together until the triangle is complete.

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  1. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    2.5 starsTriangle tells the story of three men whose lives become entwined through a murder gone wrong Mac and Johnny are partners from back in the war Mac being the one who makes the decisions, and Johnny following through with the killings The two have an odd dependence on each other, that is explained somewhat through their shared war experience.One mission goes too far when Johnny kills a cop in his mission Enter Simon, the murdered cop s partner, obsessed with revenge at the cost of all else in his life Simon, Mac, and Johnny make up the triangle of this story.All of these individuals are obsessed or damaged in some way Although the writing was solid, and the symbolic relationship between Mac and Johnny understandable, I had a very difficult time getting into the storyline The entire novel was bleak and dreary, without any glimpse of hope for any of the characters involved I received an e version of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    This book was offered to me by the publisher in hopes I might write a review It s apparently a reissue of a book originally published in 1982 Kudos to Open Road Media for resurrecting some of these titles I gave it a couple of pages and was hooked It was excellent It could be described as part meditation on friendship, part noir novel a la Jim Thomson or James Cain, part police procedural, but all about obsession.Alexander McCarthy Mac grew up in an orphanage so when his patrol stumbled across a shell shocked kid who had been witness to, and perhaps participated in, the massacre at Tan Pret, Johnny , it became difficult to abandon the kid who now obviously had latched onto and needed Mac s company.Now out of the army, Johnny can t survive on his own and is very protective of Mac who has a terrible gambling problem and finds himself owing thousands to the mob Johnny kills two of the them after they beat up Mac.But the boss knows who did it and Johnny are forced to become hitmen for the mob One of the men killed happens to be an undercover cop.In part two, Simon, the dead cop s partner, vows to find the killer of his friend Simon s euology for his dead friend is amazing He becomes obsessed with it to the point where it starts to destroy his marriage and his life Everything takes a backseat to his obsession at finding the killer.The third part brings them all together But it s not what you think One thing to remember There are no good guys.

  3. Kevin Kevin says:

    I received a copy of this book from Open Road Integrated Media via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review and while a lot of the books I ve been reading from there lately have been very hit and miss this one was overall very enjoyable.The book sees Mac and Johnny leaning on each other Mac a helpless gambler and Johnny who needs to be looked after Through a series of unfortunate events, Mac and Johnny become a team of freelance hitmen traveling the country, killing people and losing money at poker.As we enter Book II we see Simon, a cop with a murdered partner who vows to bring Mac and Johnny to justice, and Book III has our conclusion.First off I really enjoyed the story, especially Book I seeing how Mac and Johnny meet and start to spiral out of control it had a very George Lenny feel to it, but was interesting and I was honestly a little disappointed when it switched over to Simon.I do feel however that after such a long build up of these two central characters, going from their first hit to skipping to several years later seemed a bit weak I was enjoying the story, and suddenly it skips forward so we can bring Simon into the mix Even events in Book II refer to hits they performed in the previous years, but its an in passing thing.That being said, Simon was a strong character, and his descent into needing revenge was enjoyable and quite a page turner.Where it all started to fall apart a bit for me was Book III it brought Mac, Johnny and Simon together, and just. rushed bringing the book to what was ultimately a very unsatisfying end Characters start acting in unusual ways and the whole ending seemed very forced.Overall though, I finished this book in 3 days because I didn t want to put it down I enjoyed the character development especially early on and I think that had a little work gone into the ending, it really could have been a much satisfying story instead of leaving me feeling a little cheated.I d definitely look out for in the same genre by the author though.

  4. Maddy Maddy says:

    SETTING San FranciscoRATING 3.00WHY In Viet Nam, Alexander Mac McCarthy stumbles across a massacre and takes charge of a shell shocked man named John Johnny Paul Griffith Johnny never really recovers and is totally dependent on Mac Mac is a gambling addict and eventually, he owes the Mob and Johnny helps pay them back but doing hit jobs During one of them, a secondary victim is an undercover cop His partner, Simon, becomes obsessed with finding the murderer, losing all he values along the way He has a very strange reaction when he finally finds Johnny The book is overly long with vast amounts of time spent on routine matters At various times, I wanted to kick each one of the characters.

  5. AJS AJS says:

    This novel has a strong beginning, yet it falters in the middle as the narrative gets bogged down with repetitive and mundane scenes.

  6. Jack Heath Jack Heath says:

    Synopsis three men are drawn together, by fear, by need a gambler, a San Francisco cop, and a killer Eventually the triangle is complete.

  7. J. J. says:

    TriangleA novel by Teri White Two men could not be different than Alexander Mac McCarthy, a hard drinking, poker playing tough guy and John Paul Griffith, a frightened and cowering kid They meet on a battlefield in Viet Nam, and neither man can explain why, but each of them needs the other Perhaps it is their limitations, Mac s bad luck and Johnny s stunted social skills, that weld them together, but it is an uneasy and sometimes bitter alliance Leaving the Army behind, they move to New York where Mac s gambling addiction pushes them into a life of crime and finally into doing murder for hire Killing is easy for Johnny, he hardly exhibits emotion, outside his love for and desire to please Mac And Mac will do anything to keep on gambling, easy street is just one card game away, or so he thinks Their targets are other criminals within the Organization who have gone astray But one day a cop is at the wrong place at the wrong time, and that draws in the law Inspector Simon Hirsch, the murdered cop s partner And Hirsch will have justice at all costs In reading the paragraph above did you think that I found Triangle to be interesting I didn t The central characters are limited, their actions circular, and all three of them are thoroughly irksome Why would anyone write 352 pages about three unhappy men There is no joy here, not for the characters, not for the reader and certainly not for the reviewer Reading this book is a grind Book I of the novel s three major divisions, wherein Ms White delineates Mac and Johnny s meeting and relationship, is as heavy and dense as depleted uranium The problem isn t bad writing Technically the proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax seem to be there, though I am no expert Even in outline the book isn t bad But the story telling is awful Things that might have been interesting, like details of the killings, are brushed aside for the routine of their daily lives And then there is the gay not gay nature of the relationship between Mac and Johnny If the author had bravely jumped in and made them lovers that would have been understandable Instead, the pairing takes a form in keeping with a master to pet dependency Weird I do not recommend this book.Professional readers and reviewers this warning take by me Look closely at all prerelease publicity If the praise from Kirkus Reviews, etc., does not specifically name the author or novel it is paired with, as was the case with Triangle, do not request the book Some one is throwing you a spitter I did not notice this anomaly and suffered greatly for my error.A digital copy of this novel was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for this review.

  8. Autumn Autumn says:

    I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.I have to say this was an interesting story it starts off with part one where two men are in the army This is how Mac and Johnny meet Mac is trekking through the jungle and comes across a village this is where he sees Johnny shell shocked Mac pretty much takes him under his wing and the two were inseparable ever since Mac is a character who has a bad gambling problem you would think he would learn to stop once he is in the hole but of course not he just keeps on Johnny is very quiet and stays to himself but he does whatever Mac wants He is very easy going and I am not sure if that was because of the way he was raised or because of the war The relationship is kind of weird between the two With Mac owing a lot of money to the gamblers he ends up with a job offer to become a collector and then eventually a hit man, but Mac is just the talker we learn that Johnny is the hit man You can tell Johnny isn t comfortable doing it but whatever Mac wants him to do he goes along with it As time goes on Johnny and Mac are moving through out the country killing people that they are suppose to Which leads us to part two in the book.This is where we are introduced to a cop named Simon When Simon is doing stake out duty while his partner is in a house undercover he is shot Simon will stop at nothing to make sure his partner gets the justice he deserves no matter what the cost We watch as Simon pretty much melts down to nothing he eats, sleeps and works on the case, all the while his family and his job is suffering I liked how dedicated Simon was to finding the killer and not stopping until he found out who it was I didn t agree with how obsessed he become in way that he forgot his anniversary and I could see how his wife was worried and upset Then we enter into part three of the book and this is where we see Simon right on the trails of Johnny and Mac but them two do not fully get that they are about to be caught We see Johnny open up just a bit while talking to Simon and he almost seems normal if even for a second Now the ending I didn t see coming and was a bit surprised it turned out the way it did I was thinking something dramatic would happen but nope I liked the way it turned out.The only truly weird thing in the book for me was other guys calling guys babe It wasn t in a sexual way but two guy friends calling each other babe when talking to them it felt off Other than that I truly enjoyed the suspense behind it The story line was great, the characters were developed enough that they didn t seem flat They had personalities.

  9. ItsAboutTheBook ItsAboutTheBook says:

    Review can be read at It s About The Book No plot No redemption No point.My goodness Well, I have to say that if you are a hard core grammar nazi, you might really appreciate this book If there is a single grammatical error, I missed it in my constant attempts to make any sense of this book I must have started and stopped this story a dozen times waiting for a plot to develop It never did The rest of this review might have spoilers than I would normally include, but I don t really expect many readers will want this book.This story begins just after the massacre of an entire village in Vietnam, making it too recent to be historical and too retro to be contemporary The blurb does a descent job of explaining the plot except for one thing But when Mac loses control of his killing machine, Johnny s repressed fury will be unleashed on the world It didn t happen that way Mac, the planner, made a mistake He didn t find out that a second person would be in the apartment with the target Johnny did his job like he had always been told he killed them both, leaving no witnesses Johnny was never a killing machine , he just did whatever Mac asked him to do But the second person in that apartment was an undercover cop, bringing in the third character in the triangle , Simon, the partner of the murdered cop Simon becomes so obsessed with finding the killer of his partner that he loses everything his job, his wife and his family.Mac, Johnny and Simon are the triangle An alcoholic gambler with no self control who stayed in trouble, turning a PTSD sufferer with no ability to make moral judgements into a willing and compliant killer being hunted by a former cop who is so obsessed that he gave up every single important part of his life for the hunt Mental illness times three I like a dark read and knew from the blurb that this one would be very dark I expect, in those darker stories, to find redemption at some point Redemption never came, just three lives spiraling out of control in the most depressing way.No plot No redemption No point I can t recommend this book to anyone.

  10. Heather Heather says:

    It s fairly remarkable how real White makes this whole situation seem Meek Johnny s relationship with belligerent Mac seesaws between sweet and abusive On the one hand, Mac has given Johnny a home and someone to take care of him, make his decisions and protect him from others On the other hand, Mac has a temper, and Johnny isn t good at standing up for himself It s a beautifully drawn codependent and abusive relationship between two people who really do care about each other but sometimes caring isn t enough Gradually police detective Simon starts to put together the pieces, following Mac and Johnny from state to state, because Johnny killed Simon s undercover partner.Simon becomes obsessed with Johnny Unlike most movies, when he spends all his time trying to track down his partner s murderer, disobeying his superiors all the way, he doesn t come out on top His department, co workers and family start backing away from Simon s increasingly erratic behavior But Simon won t stop until he finds Johnny.Unfortunately I can t discuss some of the neatest material without giving plot points away So instead I ll say this the triangle of relationships between Mac, Johnny, and Simon grabbed hold of me and wouldn t let go Johnny, who should by all rights be the book s worst of bad guys, is the character that made me tear up and I wanted to root for him rather than any other character Triangle is of a character study than your average thriller novel, and I in no way felt cheated by that This is one of the better books I ve read recently.NOTE Review book provided by publisherLonger version including plot synopsis available on my site