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I Jan Guillous Ondskan beskrivs v ldet i den svenska vardagen Vi f r f lja huvudpersonen Eriks fostran i ondska fr n hemmet med den sadistiske fadern till skolg rden med dess g ngbildningar.Erik blir relegerad p grund av sitt brutala upptr dande och hamnar p internatskola Det r en v rld fylld av pennalism, och Erik drivs in i s kandet efter motst ndets villkor Men hans f rs k att h vda sig mot de ldre kamraternas f rtryck leder in i en spiral av v ld och motv ld som han i l ngden inte kan bem stra Det leder till ppet krig Till slut r Erik beredd att ta den avg rande h mnden

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  1. Kirstine Kirstine says:

    I read this as part of a project we re about to write at uni The project is about evil, so this book is certainly fitting When I bought it, the sales person told me That s a really good book And he was right It s brilliant The danish translation is a bit icky at times, but the story itself is incredible And it s a violent book, at the centre of it you find abuse and degradation But it s also intelligent Something that comes through in Erik s internal dialogue, and in the conversations between Pierre and Erik It s a book that explores its own themes, and does it really well There s a lot to analyse, in this case I ll go for the title What does Evil refer to Erik His dad His school tormentors His mother and the teachers who turn a blind eye I believe it s all of them This is not a book about The Evil, it s about the many different kinds we encounter every day.And then it asks the age old question of whether violence is ever justified as a means of fighting back This book never really answers that question, all it tells us is that, sometimes, violence works It mirrors a lot of my own thoughts and observations too Most notably how anxiety angst and fear work much better as defence or offence tools than any pain you could ever inflict on someone Once read, it s not a book or a story that s likely to leave you It forces you to think, to consider where you stand and to form an opinion of the things that take place And as a result to examine yourself What s the right thing to do What would YOU have done It has much the same effect the movie does, it shocks, it horrifies and it stays with you forever.

  2. Marko Suomi Marko Suomi says:

    Upea kirja Hienosti avattu motiiveja ja mekanismeja rakenteellisen vallan v rink yt n ja v kivallan taustalla, ja my s henkil kohtaisella tasolla samaistuttavasti ja koskettavasti.

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  4. Grada (BoekenTrol) Grada (BoekenTrol) says:

    I must admit that I like Guillou in general before I start writing my review.This book has not changed my mind at all On the contrary This was a book that cought me from page one Not only the story, but also the ease it seems to be written with The author uses every day language, no decorations, he just tells what he has to tell.The story of a boy that is severely beaten by his father, and how he survives that Simultaneously that same boy is part of a group that terrorizes others at school and commits criminal acts.When all comes out, he is sent to bording school He looks forward to it, being away from his father and the never stopping beatings Until he finds, that boarding school is even worse there s not only one, but there is a whole counsil that tries to break him.How he fights the system, stands up to it and faces the consequenses, it cought me Despite what happened in the past and what he is going through now, he finds a friend there They have long conversations, stand up for each other and almost untill the end of their time at boarding school they are together He takes revenge for what the board did to his friend, but in a way that noone can pin it down to him Only on his last day he admits his deeds, just before walking out for good.But the best scene I found the final confrontation with his father When coming home, his father thought to go on with him in the old way He forgot, or didn t want to admit, that his son grew up, got stronger So, when they stood face to face, Erik only talked Talked about what he was going to do And his father already broke, not used to any comment, any reply and out of fear Whether the fight really occurred, the book doesn t describe For me this was a happy ending enough No need to go on any futher, since the point was made he won, finally.

  5. Ştefan Bolea Ştefan Bolea says:

    At least 6 stars.

  6. Jhannas Jhannas says:

    My mothertongue being Swedish I ve heard a lot of hype about this book over the years And by the creed no one is a prophet in his own hometown I never took it seriously, despite not even being of the same nationality as the author But I ve now read it for school and it far exceeded my expectations It s a bit teenage angsty but if you, like me, delight in reading about suffering and those who power through it you will love this book The main character is portrayed in a way that I at times was taken aback by The way he knew himself to be steered by his emotions and knew he couldn t avoid it That acceptance he had of his own emotional self It felt refreshing I don t think a woman could have written a book like this Or, rather, I don t think a woman would have written this book like this And well, truth is, no one could have written this book but Guillou He doesn t advertise it anywhere on, or in, the book but it is a autobiografi, which is both horrifying and amazing And it makes me wonder how much of it is true Even as fiction it is gruesome and it makes me ache to think that Guillou has lived through this Perhaps there is a reason for the macho, you can t do shit to me way he carries himself that same confidence that has made me sort of take a dislike to him whenever I see him on the telly Definitely a book worth reading.

  7. my my says:

    L ste den h r i nian och det kan vara s att jag inbillar mig men r ganska s ker p att jag lskar den h r boken

  8. Simon Gombrii Simon Gombrii says:

    Jag r lite f r tr tt f r att f r tillf llet orka skriva en ordentlig recension, men jag kan i varje fall utan tvekan s ga att Ondskan r en av de mest gripande b cker jag l st Kanske den b sta bok jag l st vilket tyv rr inte s ger mycket med tanke p mitt bibliotek I Ondskan f r jag f rdjupa mig i filosofiska fr gor och fr gor om m nniskans moral och analyser om det sociala samspelet i olika sammanhang, allt med ett stadigt fl de av adrenalin i blodet Verket r dessutom stundom v ldigt vackert f rmulerat samtidigt som spr ket oftast r h gst vardagligt och f rmodligen i utvalda stycken och till viss del avspeglar det som anv ndes p 50 talet Rekommenderas f r alla.

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Min f rsta audiobook p Svenska D

  10. ნინო ლალიაშვილი ნინო ლალიაშვილი says:

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