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Belle jour I am Chance, Knight of the Order of the Phoenix, Lady of the Association I trained as a Phoenix Knight because I m damn good in a fight I trained as an Associ because I m damn good in bed But all the training in the Realm couldn t prepare me for Dark a man so potently sexy I can t keep my underwear on in his presence It s a shame, then, that Dark seems to have other plans for my body for example, killing it less

10 thoughts on “Almost Human

  1. Trina Trina says:

    My very first Cat Marsters book I love it My every sense and emotion has been truely overwhelmed I do not have the words to describe it, you ll just have to read the book to understand Maybe I m still high buzz on Dark Hero at this moment.I m anxious, yet hesitant to read book 2, Mad, Bad And Dangerous Afraid I ve set myself up for disappointment because Dark has shadowed even Jericho Barrons

  2. MH MH says:

    Bought this ebook thinking it was something completely different, due to the wrong description posted at B N and here at Good Reads it s been corrected Definitely erotica but also has echoes of Ilona Andrew s Kate Daniels series, along with humor belonging to Janet Evanovich and still ends up a fairly original fun action filled paranormal romance mostly told in the first person.For a mistake, that s not bad.