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Painstakingly assembled and rigorously organized by that master of clutter, Matt Groening, this is not another mini jumbo, hard to read, abbreviated compendium in that seemingly endless series of discourses on hell but a gargantuan historical extravaganza of ten years worth of the everpopular Life in Hell RM cartoon strip, which still mysteriously appears weekly in several hundred newspapers tricoastally Read the whole story of Life in Hell RM , from early prehistory to late last night.

10 thoughts on “The Big Book of Hell

  1. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    This is one of the funniest books in the WORLD From the Simpsons Matt Groening, this consists of some of his other works, such as Little Bongo, Jeff Akbar and others You start laughing after a couple of pages and then it just escalates My fav in here is How to Waste 8 Hours a Day Without Getting Fired A true gem to put up on the wall of your cube Another one is a limerick, My name is Little Bongo, I sing a little song o Just outright stupid stuff but truly funny Basically it sets out to illustrate just how much life can suck I read this when I need a little pick me up.

  2. Scott Baggett Scott Baggett says:

    I remember loving this book until my 8th grade keyboarding teacher confiscated it That s some bullshit.

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    Forget the schoolyard I learned what the four bases are from this book or maybe it was from Love is Hell Either way it has loads of humorous goodies.

  4. John Collings John Collings says:

    Before Futurama, and the Simpson, Matt Groening wrote a weekly comic that would get published in the smaller newspapers of America It told the story of a family of bunnies with their gay friends Akbar and Jeff and was appropriately named, Life in Hell If you ever find any of the old books that have collected these comics you will see the inspiration for Matt Groening s blockbuster shows, but you will also find some of the most relevant satire even to this day This is a collection of some of the best comics that he wrote during that period of his life, and you will see the same biting edge that makes all satire great He points out the flaws in our society better than any other satirist this day You ll see how little we have changed as a society for the time he sat down and wrote these comics almost thirty years ago, but you will still laugh at these characters The best thing about laughing at these characters is that you are really laughing at yourself which is the best medicine for anybody out there I keep this book by my bedside table so if I ever need a laugh I can pick it up and read it I would suggest that everybody else does the same thing and maybe we wouldn t have as many problems in society today that we do have This comic strip is really that important.

  5. Garrett Cash Garrett Cash says:

    Before there was The Simpsons or Futurama, there was Life in Hell Matt Groening s long running cult comic that covered topics like love, sex, work, death, and rabbits Since I m starting the foolhardy task of watching ALL of one of my favorite shows of all time The Simpsons , I thought it would be reasonable enough to see up Groening was up to before that took off This is the most famous greatest hits collection of the strip, and I definitely feel like I got the flavor of it Incredibly wordy, staunchly nihilistic existentialist, self loathing, misanthropic, and absurd Also very funny when its darkness doesn t drain you There s a lot of great gems here if you spend an hour or so going through the book The Simpsons was definitely an improvement, but there s a lot of gold here as well his observations on love and work and education are worth the price of admission alone If you re a big fan of Groening s TV shows, I would recommend giving this a look.

  6. Kyle T Kyle T says:

    In the Age following Bugs Bunny and Charlie Brown came CALVIN AND HOBBES You cry immediately Oh, you noobs Calvin and Hobbes is aiight, but if ya want to read a comic strip on par with Garfield and Charlie Brown, you really should read the outrageous Life in Hell Bongo is everybody s fave, and I get that He s Bart Simpson in a bunny suit, what isn t to like But I prefer Binky This insecure victim of multi personality disorder has a way of telling you the truth whether you want to hear it or not I also think it s hilarious that Binky s mate was a scaly lizard demon How s that for implied misogyny This cartoon is hilarious, original, and tragic in its own strange goofy cynical way Read it.

  7. Shane Shane says:

    I ve taken to giving everything five stars, but this book actually earns every one of those stars Fans of Groening s other better known work, The Simpsons telly show, will also likely like this book, although I find his Life in Hell comics rawer, edgier and darker the social satire and political satire here is pointed and direct than in The Simpsons Anywho, I ve heard that some Chinese discourses call satire laughing knives, and this book definitely qualifies as such, because Groening cuts to the bone in such a way that after I finished laughing at his zaniness, I often find myself rather depressed after reading his comics.

  8. Mara Mara says:

    Matt Groening s first major work wasn t The Simpsons it was Life In Hell It is a quirky, sarcastic, sometimes angry strip featuring a rabbit named Binky and his fellow cast of characters This book collects a good chunk of them, from the first strips onward, and they are seriously funny For anyone who only knows Groening from The Simpsons or Futurama, these strips might be a bit of a shock considering his liberal swearing and pessimistic outlook But it s a must read, if only to appreciate another side of the man s humour.

  9. Aaron Aaron says:

    Interesting read if you re a big fan of The Simpsons like me Groening s humor here is consistent in tone but hit or miss when it comes to making me laugh, which is to be expected considering when he wrote all of these The cynicism is great and unlike the simpsons, it s all up front about what it wants to say Nice and simple The fake advertisements and charts he s put together in this are some highlights I haven t read anything that resembles these comics but I d bet that the Captain Underpants series was somewhat influenced by them.

  10. Becka Lloyd Becka Lloyd says:

    Matt Groening isn t just The SimpsonsGranted it will always be what he will be known best for, but truth be told, it should be this There is a lot of dark humourpolitical satire..just some really good stuff in it Things you wouldn t expect..some things you would, just knowing how he s done the simpsons He isn t afraid to cross into any kind of territory and take it on Excellent stuff I would give it a 5 stars, but I give those out kind of sparingly these days So technically it s 4.5 stars from me