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Dr Toni Grant is a clinical psychologist who is also a pioneer in media psychology In this book she explains how the four Jungian archetypes , Mother, Madonna, and Courtesan operate within the female psyche I was definitely a purebred , always in control, in command I thought I was riding the horse, but really there was no horse Tsk Tsk I really like the book and recommend to all women in the world I was definitely an ,but now I think i m better now ,I try to be Mother, Madonna, and Courtesan I really want to give this book to all of my female friends. When I first came across this book, I was in college and I was healing from a broken relationship At first, I didn t expect much from this book because of the title I thought that i knew what it meant to be a woman However, I didn t know what the author knew Maybe there was something else to being a woman that I didn t know about I was open minded and began reading I was pulled into a new world as I continued to read on I underlined practically every line in the book I also added my thoughts to each page s margins I looked at my mom and I saw the pain that she had gone through to incorporate all the types of women described in the book Although my mom was unsuccessful for incorporating all four types, she still had a long marriage with my dad But i knew that my mom was the exception Most of the women that I knew had to incorporate all four into themselves to be happily married to a greater extent Now, three years later, I revisit this book and I can say with emphasis that this book is life changing All the wisdom she parts are valid It s not easy to incorporate all four types of women into oneself, but it s necessary for sure.I had slipped on being a Madonna and I felt the brunt of it I was scarred emotionally Then I recall being too strong an and I was condemned for ignoring her family s needs SO in short, all four , Mother, Madonna and Courtesan need to be in balance to have a happy marriage Although men don t have to worry about these four types, they have their own issues that they need to take care of If you want to be sane, whole and healed, then this book is a must read. I read this book a while back It s an easy read Can get through it in a day especially if it s winter and snowing outside.This book answers a decades old question about the power of women It isn t in competing or imitating men Since the 1970 s, women have been giving that power away Nowadays the behavior is vile One thing women need to learn is that men will respond to a woman s behavior This is not new Women have just forgotten it and Toni Grant reminds them of it. This book was fun It was neither overly conservative nor completely devoid of values I am excited to start using the knowledge I gained to maintain and improve the health of my relationship. This explosive book by the nationally famous radio personality argues that many women today have becomewomen miserable due to the loss of their femininity Grant shows how women can integrate back into their lives the feminine aspects they have lost. It is now 2017, and Dr Toni Grant was correct Today s feminists are off the charts and out of their minds by making it seem as if there is something wrong with being a woman They ve gone too far in he wrong direction. love all the theories, could be practical excellent Shows how women can bring out the latent feminine in their natures, and succeed in love.