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Blood Angels Brother Kravin, grievously injured in battle with a monstrous enemy, fights to return to his battle brothers before his body fails Pushing his transhuman form to its very limits, Kravin knows that he must return what he carries to the Chapter he cannot die until he delivers his legacy.Even the mighty Angels of the emperor can fall In this short story, we witness the dogged tenacity of the Blood Angels.

10 thoughts on “Blood of Sanguinius

  1. Dylan Murphy Dylan Murphy says:

    A fun little short where we get to see to what lengths a Blood Angel will go to protect what is precious to them.Good stuff, though surprisingly little action for a Blood Angels story.

  2. Michael Dodd Michael Dodd says:

    On the eighth day of Christmas Black Library gave to us no less than six Blood Angels short stories With contributions from veteran authors Dan Abnett and James Swallow , well established names Chris Wraight and David Annandale and relative newcomers Ray Harrison and Mark Clapham , between them these six 1000 or so word stories illustrate various facets of this noble but flawed chapter, only really scratching the surface but hinting at what lies beneath.Read the rest of the review at