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What started out for a young boy as an innocent search for old guns left behind or hidden in a cave in Latvia at the end of WWII turns into a nightmare that will haunt him for the rest of his life Traversing not only time, but continents, what young Ben found in the depths of that cave become the focus of some of the deadliest entities around The secrets held within an old suitcase are invaluable to those who are still searching for it No one connected to Ben are safe, government agents will stop at nothing to find its contents, who can be trusted Who else will die How far will these faceless demons go to secure the prize A Suitcase Mystery by Steven Nedleton builds at a steady pace as the tension rises and a web of deceit and intrigue unfold Filled with intensely detailed scenes, the world Mr Nedleton has built is gritty, frightening and cloaked in mistrust For those who favor a good old fashioned thriller filled with intrigue and suspense, a mix of realistic characters against incredible odds, written with a heavy pen, A Suitcase Mystery might fill the bill I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date November 15, 2012Publisher Steven NedeltonISBN 1481015850Page Count 366Genre Adult Mystery IntrigueAvailable from Barnes Noble For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook. A Suitcase Mystery by Ned Stevens is a Cold War espionage thriller that rattles along at a good rate of knots The story starts in Latvia as WWII is closing down Russians invade and take over where the Germans left off in much the same style Young Ben investigates the local coal mine now used to store gold and other precious items stolen by the new invaders Although he is caught, he manages to wheedle his way out with a suitcase.The reader is propelled to the early sixties when Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton is released Ben grows up and becomes a boxer His poverty days have been left behind, but that suitcase comes back to haunt him Secret agents want what is inside that case, something that looks harmless but is in fact a time bomb of information, and the clock has run its course.Ben s family suffer greatly as a result of this much coveted item Spies pop out of the woodwork and do what spies do best Now the FBI get involved in this complicate case full of twists to satisfy all spy novel enthusiasts.5 Stars and highly recommended. REVIEWMr Nedelton wrote a novel that is full of suspense, unsolved murders, deception and double lives What a combination You get it all in one book The book covers several generations The author writes of the background when Ben and his family came to Minnesota At the end of WWII, young Ben begins to explore an abandoned mine tunnel in search of guns that soldiers had hidden inside This is the beginning of his life story It is also the setting of mysterious relationships The story has many plots that are centered around Ben and his family Some of the plots involve other countries, government agents and yes, the mob and FBI The author has his own distinctive style of writing where he makes the characters real, like they could be people in your own town The author put in great descriptions and information concerning World War II.Ben, his father, Edwards and his Latvian mother, Agnes go to Forks, MN along with his two younger brothers, Ben begins a promising future as a At the age of 20 he went from amateur to pro, but his trainer doesn t think he has championship qualities He feels that Ben doesn t have the killer instinct.Ben seeks out to prove the trainer wrong and he does just that.The author throws you for a loop when Ben s father and neighbor are murdered Somehow the tunnel incident has something to do with the murders This is where the FBI enters The author keeps you interested with the suspense and the twists and turns You can t wait to turn the page because you re in a hurry to see what s next The novel is very fast paced and the author keeps you riveted to the story so you don t miss a word I would recommend this book to everyone who loves, mystery, suspense, murders, WWII, I could keep going but I ll leave that to you Pick up a copy and follow Ben through his extraordinary life You won t be disappointed.I would give this book 4 STARSI was given a complimentary e copy of this book A SUITCASE MYSTERY from the author, Steven Nedelton for my unbiased opinion. I m a sucker for a historic thriller, and A Suitcase Mystery got me right from the get go.Picture Latvia I ve never been there, but I know it s way up there on the Baltic Coast I imagine it must be very cold there, don t you Picture this tiny country during the final days of WWII The Soviets have annexed it the Germans have overrun it Then picture a young boy, inquisitive as children are apt to be, and set him down into an abandoned coalmine Watch him enter a tunnel Is he lost Is he playing What s he looking for What did he find Fabulous beginning The boy s name is Ben Kalninsh, and what he finds follows him like a noose around his neck for the rest of his life Or the rest of this book, as this is only part 1 of Steven Nedelton s Suitcase Mystery The venue changes as we leave Latvia to its fate and find Ben all grown up in Minnesota Before you know it, bodies pile up, and Ben has to leave his home once again in order to solve the suitcase mystery A Suitcase Mystery is the type of expansive, fast paced thriller with great dialogue I would like to see of But then there is of it So, on I go to find the answer to the suitcase mystery in Nemesis A Suitcase Mystery, Part II. As World War II draws to a close, a group of Russian soldiers occupying Latvia stash a fortune in gold within a mine tunnel Ben, a young man, witnesses the event and enters the tunnel, only to be caught, but he manages to negotiate an escape.Fast forward to the 1960 s Ben and his family now live in the USA His father is murdered under mysterious circumstances The murder is somehow connected with the Russian gold heist decades ago, but there may be to the mystery than would at first appear Ben soon finds himself in a dangerous bind of international intrigue, global politics, and covert assassinations.A Suitcase Mystery is a historical thriller Aficionados of spy fiction and Cold War themed literature will definitely enjoy this book. Here we have a murder mystery packed with many clues in the dialogue and clues hidden in a suitcase But is there than one suitcase We see not one suitcase, not two suitcases, but three cases as well as a special briefcase Did Jack the Ripper leave behind an evil relative The murder mystery gradually unfolds, to a large degree, through an investigative type of dialogue and a mystery type of narrative It almost has the feel of a James Bond mission, but the killer is unknown It almost has a dialogue driven style like Law Order, but there is no courtroom Follow the various conversations, interrogations, and suitcases, and you will find several murders Mature content language For ages 18 and up.With a well rounded number of characters, several murders, and a suitcase full of mystery, this book is packed with a good old fashioned murder mystery. Just completed reading Ned Stevens A Suitcase Mystery It kept me entertained and interested I can see why the author has a following His work is well paced, complex and riveting As others have noted, it spans nearly two decades and two continents The case begins during WW II when a young boy, Ben, notices that soldiers are stashing suitcases in a cave Ben finds it and the implications are dire over the long run After his family moves to the U.S and settles down for a few years, life gets ugly for the young boy and his family He s picked up something in the suitcase that s than what it appears to be The FBI and other agents get involved Life and death issues are at stake It s an entertaining and well plotted novel. 5.0 out of 5 stars Intrigue, December 8, 2014By KAREN INGALLSVerified Purchase What s this This review is from A SUITCASE MYSTERY PART I Kindle Edition A story about suitcases with money and a mysterious notebook that was stolen from the Russians by some Latvians shortly after World War II There are several characters that the author did a very good job keeping me aware of who is who Mr Stevens also an excellent job in going from one event to the next without losing the flow of the plot What will the notebook reveal What will happen to it and the money Ready to read Part II to find out what happens next. During the final days of the Second World War, Ben Kalninsh would search an abandoned coal mine tunnel for stolen guns the soldiers hid inside Unfortunately for him, by entering the tunnel he sets into motion events which will follow him into his adult life Ben travels to America with his veterinarian father, Edwards, and beautiful Latvian mother, Agnes, along with his two younger brothers, where they settle in the Nordic friendly town of Forks, Minnesota Ben is 14, tall, shy and often the brunt of the cruelty of his peers The initial poverty of his family doesn t help During his teen years, Ben decides upon boxing as a way to achieve the wealth he s determined to acquire By the age of 20, he s managed to go from amateur to Pro, makingmoney than even he dreamt of but his trainer claims he lacks the quality for championship determination and the killer instinct Ben knows better and intends to prove it And he does just that during a fight with Europe s Swede champion Author Ned Stevens has a knack for dialect and his characters come alive, vividly enhancing this fast paced novel of intrigue buried under even deeper intrigue festering and about to erupt Ben s excitement over beating the Swede is short lived when FBI agents approach him with news of the murder of his father His practical mother advises them not to tell Ben until after the fight Special Agent Miriam Dokes and Agent Book are assigned to the case which includes the torture and murder of Edwards Doctor turned farmer friend, Karlis Goulbis The agents question his shaken widow, in particular, about a page from a notebook with RIGA written in red and attached to Karl s body Edwards and Agnes had lived near Riga during the war, the only connection to the deaths of the two men so far The agents take the relatives of the two slain men into protective custody, giving them new identities Ben realizes it must be Karlis they are after, killing his father when he walked in on their torturous attempt to get information from his friend When Ben decides not to leave, his mother gives him an envelope his father left for him, in the event of his death It is sealed FBI agents, Tom Mansfield and John Holt speculate that Edwards and Karlis were killed for information and that there is a third man, yet unknown Allegedly, around the end of the war, in 1945, a Russian bank was robbed of an impressive amount of gold gold they want back and aren t too fastidious as to how they get it FBI manager, Sawyer, has a hunch there s something muchvaluable than gold stolen as well Due to so many secret projects and so many years gone by, it s become the proverbial needle in a haystack In order to find it John needs to go back to where it all started in Riga. It all started in World War 2 when a young boy accidentally saw something he shouldn t have seen and being a curious creature as he was, he went to check things out closely By doing so he started a snowball effect, making one thing to lead to another and so on, until he and his family were entangled to a spy game beyond their imagination This engaging thriller was full of twists and turns and I absolutely loved the plot line It is so well developed and created with such care that the story flowed easily from one scene to another making it a pleasure to read it I think readers of Tom Clancy would love this story Highly recommended