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This book a twist on Cinderella is an all time favorite For every girl out there who lives in reality but still wants a bit of romance It makes me cry every time I read it Thank heavens for every Heber out there that makes his sweetheart feel like a princess. Ok, it s a kid s book Still it is a great read Fanny a sturdy country girl just knows that her fairy godmother will come and she will marry a prince or at least the mayor s son So when the mayor throws a ball, Fanny waits in the garden for her fairy godmother Instead of her godmother, along comes Heber Heber proposes Even with all that moonlight it took Fanny an hour to give up her dreams She shook Heber awake I don t do windows Okay, said Heber Thus begins their life together You can see there is a great deal of affection and caring throughout the challenges that come their way Eventually Fanny s fairy godmother shows up Sorry I m late and urges Fanny to go to the ball because a visiting colonel will be attending Fanny hears Heber reading to their children in the home they ve built together and says nope The story is beautiful and the illustrations are just fantastic I think I will purchase this book for my little girl who wants to be a princess. In this inventive take on the traditional Cinderella tale, Fanny Agnes is a sturdy farm girl with a big dream Someday, she believes, she will marry a prince When the town mayor announces he is throwing a grand ball, Fanny is convinced her time has come She puts on her best calico dress and goes out to the garden so that she ll be ready when her fairy godmother arrives As the seconds tick by, Fanny waits and waits Finally, she hears a voice It isn t her fairy godmother but it is someone who will change her life forever. Title Fanny s DreamAuthor Caralyn BuehnerIllustrator Mark BuehnerPublisher Puffin BooksDate 1996Grade Level 2Lexile 790LPages 32Guided Reading Level NGenre Twist on traditional fairy taleSummary This is a hilarious twist on the traditional story of Cinderella Fanny wanted to meet her fairy godmother and marry a prince When she thought it was going to happen she waited and waited Instead of her fairy godmother showing up, one of her friends did instead and they ended up talking together all night instead of going to the ball They get married at the beginning of the story and they live a wonderful life together and have 3 children The fairy godmother comes late into the story to make Fanny an offer I love this story and would read it in a classroom because it depicts real life and is very entertaining to read Students still get the feel of the traditional story but can enjoy the funny twist put in where the main character does not rely on her fairy godmother Teaching Ideas This would be a great story to use with students comparing traditional and contemporary fairy tales The students could compare and contrast the different stories and even come up with their contemporary twist on a fairy tale.CCSS.ELA Literacy.RL.2.9Compare and contrast two or versions of the same story e.g., Cinderella stories by different authors or from different cultures. I absolutley loved this book I just cried for half an hour with my two older children wanting to know what was wrong This is the sweetest children s book I have ever read Having waited a little longer than most girls to get married, I can attest to belated blessings My husband is the most perfect husband I could have ever asked for and he treats me like a princess every single day What a wonderful story with a beautiful message This book takes a fairytale and adds a practical twist It shows that true love can happen even if you don t marry a prince, even if you have to work hard, even if life doesn t turn out the way you expect it to Although I love a great fairytale, I still think it s important to teach that relationships require hard work, compromise, disappointment, and frustration But through these hard experiences, relationships develop and love grows It s cute and it s fun and I love the message In the classroom, this story could be used in the dramatic play center or drama center where the students can act out this different kind of fairy tale. I was spending time with one of our Institute of Religion missionaries tonight and she took out this book and read it to me she used to be an elementary school teacher It is absolutely delightful I would recommend this to everyone It is a children s book, but the message is perfect for those who are looking for Prince Charming. Everyone should read this book to their children It is a different telling of the Cinderella story, but instead of being beautiful, Fanny is normal It makes you step back and look at what happily ever after really means, and it is wonderful I am so sad that it took me until my sopho year of college to ever hear about it and read it Get it now Fanny wants to marry a Prince or something like that something like the mayor s son On the night of the ball she waits for her fairy godmother and is laughed at by people A man, Fanny knows comes to talk to her as she waits He proposes marriage and Fanny decides that her dreams were childish and does so Her fairy godmother comes years later and in the end Fanny decides she is happy with the life she chosen The moral of the story is that we do not need a prince to be happy. I have erased my paragraphs of heartfelt thoughts and will simply say this book is worth your time