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When Lizzie Blake knocks on the door of Dan McSwaine s beach house at Middle Point, she barely recognises the man who answers Whatever happened to the guy who swaggered into her home town with a grin and left with her heart in his back pocket Lizzie wonders if he ll ever be that man again and if she should risk everything she s built her life on to help him.Dan can t normally bear to bethan ten minutes from a hip bar, an imported beer and a group of hot women So what is he doing holed up in a falling down beach shack at Middle Point All he knows is that he s made some crazy decisions since the night a truck slammed into his car and almost killed him The first one was to think that buying a crumbling piece of coastal real estate was a good idea The second crazy decision was to try to hide away from the world when a woman like Lizzie Blake is determined to drag him right back into it

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  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    Someone Like You is about Dan McSwaine who after a car accident is hiding in Middle Point and Lizzie Blake who runs the local Pub However, Dan s friend and boss Ryan and his fiance Julia decided to drag him back to the living by pushing Lizzie towards him Readers of Someone Like You will follow the way Ryan and Julie drove Dan and Lizzie together Readers will be happy with the conclusion of this book.I enjoy the way Victoria Purman portrays her characters I like the way Victoria Purman described the problems Dan was having after the car accident and showing readers that everyone needs help sometime in their life Someone Like You shows readers that we all need good friends and what every happens in how life they always there to pick up the pieces.Readers of Someone Like You will learn about running a country pub Also, the issues for people who are trying to set up a new business Someone Like You also highlighted that every situation could cause the people involved to suffer from grief I recommend this book.

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    Elizabeth Lizzie Blake was manager of the Middle Point pub and Dan McSwaine s best mate Ryan Blackburn the owner so the fact that Dan was recovering from a very serious accident and was holed up inside a small shack in Middle Point meant Lizzie was conscious of his presence most of the time Her original meeting with Dan some months previously had set her heart racing now, he needed looking after so she agreed to Ryan s request that she deliver meals to him from the pub But Lizzie was shocked to see Dan as he was now the old Dan was nowhere in sight Obviously he was struggling, both mentally and physically, from the trauma Could she help him on the road to recovery It seemed though that Dan couldn t bear anyone to see him or talk to him after receiving a slammed door in her face, Lizzie vowed to do all she could to ease his suffering and bring back the old Dan I quite enjoyed this light romance and catching up with characters from the previous book, but the flow of the story was constantly broken for me by the continual and never ending use of the word arse With its use being several times a page and on most pages for the first two thirds of the story, then less often but still there for the rest, it makes me wonder if the author has a fixation Hence my lower rating But if you can overlook this, it is, as mentioned, a lovely little romance.

  3. Shelleyrae at Book& Shelleyrae at Book& says:

    I was charmed by Victoria Purman s debut, Nobody But Him, the first in her Boys of Summer trilogy set in a small fictional town on the coastline of South Australia s Fleurieu Peninsula, and totally adored this second installment, titled Someone Like You.Those familiar with the first book will remember the frisson of attraction between the best friends of Julia and Ry, Lizzie Blake and Dan McSwaine Picking up just a short time after Ry and Julia found their happy ending in Someone Like You, we learn that Dan, having been involved in a horrific car accident, has become a virtual recluse in Middle Point, struggling with the trauma of his experience Desperate to provoke Dan into some sort of action, Ry and Julia send Lizzie to his door, ostensibly to deliver dinner from the pub Ry owns and Lizzie manages, but hoping that seeing Lizzie will reignite his interest in the world outside his door Lizzie, who hasn t laid eyes on Dan since the accident, is shocked to find Dan resembling the Wild Man Of Borneo closely than the charismatic GQ model she remembers When he slams the door in her face, Lizzie is willing to respect his desire to be left alone but it isn t in her to give up that easily and Dan needs her help.Purman creates appealing characters with credible motives for their attitudes and behaviour and I really liked the way in which Lizzie and Dan grow and change in Someone Like You The romance that develops between the pair builds on their initial attraction in Nobody But Him, but evolves slowly as they struggle with their own problems While Dan deals with the physical and emotional repercussions of his accident, Lizzie s issues are less obvious, revealed gradually by the author over the course of the novel Though the relationship is beset by the usual obstacles plaguing the romance genre, the push and pull builds the romantic tension without turning it into a farce It s important to me that I believe in the reasons for conflict between the couple, and their chemistry, and Purman achieves this beautifully.Ry and Julia were than cameo characters in this novel and it was lovely to see them blissfully happy with one another I look forward to catching up with Dan and Lizzie in the third book which I m guessing will focus on Lizzie s brother, Joe, and perhaps Dan s ex, Anna I was glad for the opportunity to revisit the beautiful coast of Adelaide and enjoyed losing myself in the romance, drama, humor and heat of Someone Like You A delightful read, so far this is my favourite romance novel of the year.

  4. Sally906 Sally906 says:

    SOMEONE LIKE YOU is the second book in Victoria Purman s Boys of Summer trilogy and I can assure you that far from being boys the male leads are all man I read the first book Nobody But Him last year and really enjoyed it, so was ecstatic when I scored an advanced copy for this one from the publisher Lizzie and Dan both appeared in the first book as supporting characters, very much attracted to each other but their time hadn t come at that point Now the time has arrived and the two of them are front and centre of SOMEONE LIKE YOU, both carrying baggage and not sure if they are ready to take the extra step to become a couple Dan has retreated from life after a devastating accident that he was lucky to have survived He is locked away in his beachside shack and sees no one and eating very little His boss, and neighbour, Ry is concerned for him and arranges for Lizzie to deliver a meal from the pub she manages to Dan s house each night Gradually the barriers come down between the two and things get very hot in the beach shack Of course this wouldn t be even a decent romance if there weren t some major misunderstandings that keep the should be loved up duo apart And there is a very good one Reality tells the reader to yell at Dan and Lizzie Just talk to each other but they don t and to be honest deep down this is really what the reader wants lots of angst before the melt into each other s arms moment Julia and Ry, the main couple from Nobody but him , appear as well, and while it was lovely to catch up with them again and see what their plans are, the sizzle all comes from Dan and Lizzie SOMEONE LIKE YOU does have a few really good subplots going on to break up the sexual tension there is lots of laughter, some drama, a few twists and turns, walks along the beach, a summer Christmas and a beachside wedding The setting is on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia, and Middle Point is a laid back fictional seaside town based on a real community called Middleton located near Victor Harbour and just a hop skip and a jump from two of South Australia s wine regions I really liked the first book, loved this one and can hardly wait for the final book to come out In fact the final book in the Boys of Summer trilogy is due for release later in 2014 and I have guessed correctly lips are zipped who the focus is going to be on and I cannot wait

  5. Kira Kira says:

    Dan is trying to hide from his former life as a result of a life changing accident His best friend, Ry, lives next door with his fianc Julia and they have hatched a plan to get him out of his man cave which involves sending Lizzie, Julias BFF, next door with hot food The sparks that started between Dan and Lizzie before his accident are still there but are they too broken to be able to ignite a flame I loved the second instalment of the Boys of Summer series Lizzie is my favourite character and it helps that Dan is smoking hot Middle Point sounds like my kind of place and I can totally imagine myself there I am looking forward to the final series, which I hope is about Joe and Anna

  6. Melissa Wray Melissa Wray says:

    Lizzie is one of those characters you can t help but love and want everything to work out for The thing I enjoyed most about this female character is there was no waiting around for Dan to come to his senses about the way he feels Lizzie didn t just mope around, she got on with her life Thank the wonderful writing s of Purman that Dan did get his act together Let s hope it s a happy ever after for them like their best friends Julia and Ry.

  7. Steve Steve says:

    Sadly, while I enjoyed this book, it felt much too much like the first book, with a few plot twists, and a name change While the romance was good, and built up nicely, the climax was rather predictable, and I guessed the major plot twist that the author drew out over a chapter break at the beginning of the book I may finish the series, but I m not sure.

  8. Bree T Bree T says:

    Lizzie Blake isn t too keen about being roped in to being Meals on Wheels to Dan McSwaine but she can t really say no to the people that asked her After all, one is her best friend and the other one is her boss So she hauls herself up to his beach shack and knocks on his door, offering the best Middle Point pub has to offer Only to have the door slammed in her face.Dan has changed since the cocky, gorgeous guy who sauntered into the pub a few months ago with a wink and a smile There d been a glimpse of something between the two of them and Lizzie had been looking forward to exploring that a little , maybe getting to know Dan But then his car met a truck on the highway to Adelaide and Dan was severely injured lucky to even survive He is holed up now in his shack, looking like the Wild Man of Borneo and letting life go by And so his best friend and business partner Ry, who happens to be engaged to Lizzie s best friend Julia and Lizzie s boss has decided that it s time to get Dan back into the land of the living And Lizzie is the perfect person to implement his plan.Because although Dan has changed, there s still something of the old Dan there And there s definitely a whole lot of the chemistry that sparked between him and Lizzie before, as well All Dan wants is a bit of peace and quiet and for everyone to leave him alone But against all odds, he suddenly finds himself realising that maybe, just maybe, that isn t what he really wants Maybe what he really wants is blonde haired, blue eyed and determined to drag him back into life again.Someone Like You is the second in Victoria Purman s Boys of Summer trilogy, the first being Nobody But Him, the story of Ry and Julia reconnecting after many years Now it s the turn of their best friends in Nobody But Him, readers saw sparks between Dan and Lizzie and I was pretty excited when I found out that the next book would be their story Dan s accident was always going to make things interesting and I was keen to see if this book was going to deliver on the promise constructed in the first novel.The short answer to that would be yes, it does Purman eases the characters back from their interaction in the first book by having them not cross paths since When they do, Lizzie is shocked by the way Dan looks now and his desire to stay reclusive in Julia s old house Even though he slams the door in her face, she continues her deliveries, sneaking away before he can see her When he finally catches her in the act, the two of them discover that the chemistry hasn t gone anywhere at all.I loved the glimpses of Dan that I got in Nobody But Him and was glad to see him become such a fully fleshed out character in this book He s not the cocky, confident man he once was the accident has truly shaken him both physically and mentally He s having some trouble dealing with it and just wants to hide away from the world He and Lizzie have a great spark and they bounce off each other so effortlessly Both of them make a multitude of mistakes in this book they re both packing some issues and some of those issues are rather similar However despite their mistakes and the feeling that sometimes it s just the wrong time, they still can t keep away from each other They keep coming back to each other, keep supporting each other in different way, keep slowly building the grounds of a relationship until it sneaks right up on them that they ve fallen into one without really communicating it in so many words They both respect each other, they want for each other and they understand each other They can talk about things with each other that they can t share with others And of course, the sex is off the charts for both of them.Lizzie too, is given much greater depths On the surface she comes across as settled and having no problems but slowly the layers are peeled away from her and the reader gets to know her and why she s still in Middle Point and the various things she s gone through when she was very young She s much caring and feels a responsibility in ways than one towards people, especially Dan Whereas I would ve given up after someone slammed a door in my face, she keeps delivering the meals, keeps going making small inroads until she begins to see some real progress with Dan However things really aren t easy for them and both of them have to keep adjusting to the setbacks they experience, regathering themselves and then trying to go forward again It s a dance that s been done many times before but it s very well done here It s a fine balance between throwing up romantic conflict and tension and the reader feeling like they re being jerked around by large numbers of obstacles.Someone Like You is a great second installment in the trilogy We re treated to plenty of Ry and Julia, which will please readers like myself who always like to know how couples are getting on after the end of the book and we re introduced to the couple who will take center stage for the third book I m looking forward to it and seeing how Dan and Lizzie are going as well has how the next couple find their HEA.

  9. Sam Still Reading Sam Still Reading says:

    Sometimes you just discover serendipitously an author that works for you Victoria Purman is one of those authors for me I loved her debut novel, Nobody But Him, as it had just the right balance of gorgeous characters, sexual tension and happy ever after I didn t think she could beat it in her next book in the Boys of Summer trilogy, but oh boy, did she nail it Someone Like You absolutely sizzles with an undercurrent of sexual tension between the two main characters, Lizzie and Dan In between flows a tightly written plot that contains heartbreak, demons of the past and some wonderfully happy moments Plus, we get to catch up with the main characters from Nobody But Him, Julia and Ry, to see how they re faring In Someone Like You, we return to the fictional South Australian beach town of Middle Point situated near Victor Harbor and Goolwa Middle Point is a sleepy beach town that s starting to wake up as people discover the town s wonderful beaches and laid back lifestyle Giant glass mansions like the one Ry and Julia live in sit beside small beach shacks It is in one of these shacks that Dan McSwaine lives, after buying it from Julia He s a broken man after an accident on the twisting road back to Adelaide nearly claimed his life Formerly outgoing and a definite ladies man, Dan is a shell He doesn t go out He possibly eats nothing both toast So Ry and Julia hatch a plan not only to get Dan eating again, but to match make him with Lizzie There were sparks before the accident and surely there can be again so Lizzie starts bringing over daily dinners for Dan from the pub she manages and Ry owns The description of the food alone is enough to get you salivating before Dan is even described Lizzie and Dan start to get to know each other better and a night of passion is a night of triumph for Dan Lizzie isn t keen that he s broadcasting their relationship before it s really begun and things begin to cool A number of misunderstandings and appearances of family and friends in Middle Point complicate things Will Dan and Lizzie get the happy ever after they deserve Or will the demons that haunt them both keep them apart The book is brilliantly plotted there are enough curves and twists to keep things moving at a brisk pace Both Lizzie and Dan are multilayered characters, having secrets beyond what I was expecting Dan s problems are both sympathetically portrayed and dealt with realistically Lizzie is very interesting with her motivations and her reasons for staying in Middle Point, plus you ll love how Dan reacts to them Purman also captures the essence of summer with the plans for a market that Dan and Lizzie work on you can almost feel the sand between your toes as you read.One thing I was curious about before reading Someone Like You was who the couple would be in the third book, as there didn t seem to be many likely contenders in Nobody But Him Someone Like You introduces these characters nicely their story will be very emotional I m sure.Both steamy and sweet, with an injection of Aussie humour and cricket , Someone Like You is a beautiful book to spend a weekend or longer with.Thank you to Harlequin Australia for my copy of this book.http samstillreading.wordpress.com

  10. Sheree Sheree says:

    4.5 starsI fell in love with the small fictional beachside town of Middle Point on the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia after reading the 1st book in Victoria Purman s Boys of Summer trilogy, Nobody But Him Nobody But Him was Ry and Julia s story and now it s their best friends turn I waited with heart skippy anticipation for Lizzie Dan s story and what a gorgeous read for the romantic month of February Lizzie is one of those women you want as your best friend loyal, protective, funny, compassionate, loving, frustrating, endearing Actually I have a best friend just like her Following an accident he was very lucky to survive, Dan covers his fragility with belligerence and reclusiveness The initial spark of attraction Dan Lizzie shared in Nobody But Him is still there, there s an undercurrent of desire that takes some time to grow into but when it does, oh it s worth the wait I love that Victoria Purman keeps the plot tight, of course there are issues and obstacles, it s not a straight path to HEA but it never becomes melodramatic I was also really happy to spend time catching up with Ry and Julia, gave me warm fuzzies watching them glow with happiness and love and their mutual Operation Dan rescue mission was both heartwarming and amusing Someone Like You is the very reason I love romance chocolate for the soul.I m taking a guess that Lizzie s brother Joe gets his own story next will it be with Anna Write faster Victoria Purman Recommend a heart skippy YESCover Gorgeous I m sure this series has a cover fairy.