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Mob princess Brianna O Reiley has just discovered she is pregnant What should be a joyous occasion is actually a nightmare because she knows that the father is not the husband she recently lost in a mob ordered murder, but Alessandro Dardano, the son of mob boss Bernardo Dardano, her family s greatest enemy.Brianna and Alessandro shared one night of passion after taking shelter in a snow storm, neither knowing the other s identity, that they were the children of families who have had a blood soaked vendetta between them for the past fifty years Alessandro Dardano, has returned to New York from running his father s business overseas to take his place as Bernardo s successor The passion he and Brianna generate between them make him question his loyalty to his father, but even , the love he feels for her makes him want to do whatever he must to make Brianna his, despite her last name.Brianna, who has vowed to make Bernardo pay for his part in her husband s murder, is torn between the searing love she feels for Alessandro and her desire for vengeance.Will this baby bring the two families together, or will he be the lit fuse in an explosion of violence that destroys both sides forever

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  1. Nicky Nicky says:

    Really closer to 2.5 SpoilerIf he would of slept with the ow just once, I could forgive but to keep doing itum no.

  2. Expresso Expresso says:

    This story is really different from the other mob stories I ve read There s a ton of humor, open relationships, and lack of made men and other muscle It s almost as if this story is written in another era.Bree and Alessandro meet literally by accident She saves his life and both are stuck in an abandon cabin during a snowstorm They agreed to not exchange names or personal information Fate intervenes and months later each discover the other s identity Well yeah shoulda known karma was gonna stick her nose in this cluster fu Not a very happy happy reunion when the Irish mafia princess meet the Italian Mob Boss.well mob boss who grew up in London and is the most proper and emotional Brit ever The antics between Bree, Alessandro, and Will Bree s four year old son are hilarious The grudge and animosity between the families.not so much Oh yeah and a crazy brother who believes he is the Boss and will kill anyone who say different Kidnapping children, murdering animals, men women, etcyeah I d say he is a psychopath This is the first book in a three book series It s a wonderful story filled with humor, drama, and intense sex Yeah the sex is definitely not vanilla and I m suitably impressed with the level of kink in this story Kudos to E Jamie The series is available at a phenomenal price Buy it I promise you will not be disappointed 5 gigantic stars for Vendetta

  3. Sandra Sandra says:

    Excellent Tale I am a fan of all things mafia so this book gets the first four stars just on the premise The other star was given because this is an excellent read Alexandria and Bred are like a modern day Romeo and Juliet

  4. Grace Grace says:

    This book disgusts me, and it should come with a trigger warning A cheating hero that hits the pregnant heroine out of anger, in front of her four year old son I can t believe I just gave money to someone who thinks that domestic violence is an acceptable part of a love story I didn t finish the book, but my imagination has cooked up some great revenge stories, where Alessandro gets exactly what any man who puts his hands on a woman deserves.

  5. Tim Benedict Tim Benedict says:

    Amazing book Sex and Mafia My favorite topics

  6. BooK-O-Holic BooK-O-Holic says:

    This book surprised me, in a good way And I was surprised that it had kind a low rating 3.76 , so I wasn t expecting too much, but it turned out to be as pretty good read Initially when I first started reading, the book seem to drag a little bit, even though the hot scenes started rather quickly I was thinking 3.5 stars but towards 50% of the book it definitely became a solid 4 star read for me Some people seem to have a few issues with the story and some of the things Alessandro did to get Brianna s attention like, view spoiler when Alessandro sleeps with another woman not once but a few times I don t care at all for cheating boyfriends, but since Brianna was acting like 5 year old and refused to accept a relationship with him I didn t feel he was really cheating on her He also smacks her once Although I am not a fan of abuse, what she said to him to provoke him would have been hard for anyone to hear and not retaliate physically, at least in my mind I kind of felt like Brianna needed a good smack to force her back to reality hide spoiler

  7. Carrie White Carrie White says:

    Blood Vows Book 1Alessandro was raised molded into a powerful, undefeated solider, destined as the Dardano heir Brianna is a spit fire of a mob princess who is keeping one heck of a secret.The day she s putting the love of her life to rest has stripped her emotionally raw.Taking a few days to herself is what she decides she needs.One night One night of unforgettable passion No names Nothing.These nameless strangers connect soulfully physically After parting ways reuniting, recognition realization dawns Enemies Rage hatred to the highest degree.As Alessandro woos Bree revelations are made secrets are exposed.A Vendetta between the O Reileys Dardano s that go back generations.As their families continue to spoil their minds against each other plus overcoming numerous obstacles, one thing is agreed upon Figuring out this darn Vendetta And beating it Alessandro Bree love each other, and boy is their work cut out for them This is a great debut to a three part trilogy

  8. Michelle Cage Michelle Cage says:

    I thought this was a good book, I did get kind of tired Bree constantly doubting her feelings and being bullied by her family I am anxious to see what book two has to offer Hopefully ot will have answers to questions that I have from reading book one.

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    WowHidden gem I was just browsing one night and stumbled across this book I read this in 3 days all 3 books Amazed about the content and storyline it was a complete story.

  10. Roisin Roisin says:

    Rating 2.5 I thought that this book was okay Some parts I enjoyed, whereas others just left me frustrated My problems with the book were The annoying British phrases Christ, Alessandro came with every English stereotype I ve ever heard Extremely irritating, just FYI, we don t use the term sunshine in every other sentence Too coincidental Look, I m all for poetic license, but meeting in a freak accident and also happening to be the woman he was set to impregnate and marry AND happening to fall in love with her all at the same time is a little too much for me Daddy s boy Alessandro was in no way masculine enough He bowed down to his daddy at every turn and it was just plain annoying Will I loved little Will but the weird relationship with Alessandro is just unrealistic There aren t many kids whose dad has just died that would be running to call a new man daddy Violence I can t condone him hitting her and I think that is unforgivable I just don t see why it needed to be included in the story and it almost condones domestic violence Immature I didn t like him using that horrible woman to make Bree jealous, it was just stupid and off putting Bree is a tad irritating I couldn t keep up with her thought process she changed her mind that often.