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A chicken killer is loose on the ranch In this story, Loper has laid down the law to Hank and Drover the chicken killing must stop or else Gulp It s up to the Head of Ranch Security to interrogate every possible suspect, even old friends Could Drover be the terrible chicken killer

10 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Hank the Cowdog, #6)

  1. Megan Megan says:

    We listened to the audiobook with my five year old on a recent trip out of town And we listened to the sixth in the series because that is what the library had The author reads his own work, which doesn t always work but it does here because he does excellent voices for the different characters and is an engaging narrator However, there was constant distracting music in the background that I could have done without The buffoon who thinks he s the smartest dog on the ranch character of Hank was amusing, as were the reactions of his human owners Some of the language and humor here was a bit above my five year old, so we might wait to read these when he is older The detective aspect of the book was a bit tiresome for me because I had it figured out almost immediately, but my son enjoyed it However, there is no real character development here, and I dislike characters who cause their own problems but take no responsibility for those problems even in Children s literature Hank remains exactly the same and no revelations of solving the mystery actually affect who he is A deep character study this ain t, but it is a fun ride, even if the character of Hank got slightly on my nerves.

  2. Emery Black Emery Black says:

    This book is probably my favorite from what I ve read It is very funny

  3. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    I thought the book was excellent to read I love Hank The CowDog Question Can Hank solve the crime and prove his innocence before he s relived of his commands

  4. DocHolidavid DocHolidavid says:

    It was a dark and stormy night Lightening split the western sky creating ghostly figures of the surrounding characters possibly the perpetrators Hank yelled to his sidekick, under sheriff, Segundo, i.e his confidant Drover They continued to howl to each other in the clatter and confusion of the storm, but only confusion prevailed Three laid dead in the barnyard which reeked Was it ozone, or was it MURDER Who did it The mystery in this one hangs like the stench of humid henhouse It s on the edge of what your pre adolescent should endure In this one there are no clues, no evidence and everyone is a suspect Hank knows where the bodies lie, the buzzards roost and the words of one who is cocksure Is it the polecat, Drover, or is it Ha And, will Little Alfred survive This one s hard to put down.

  5. Kristi Kristi says:

    Description Hank the Cowdog is Head of Ranch Security The chickens are his responsibility Whatever has been killing the chickens is, therefore, his problem But life is so DIFFICULT when you have responsibilities What if you can t figure out who the chief suspect is When you have so much to deal with the neighbor s collie, a devious mailman, the vicious horses in the pasture even the toughest law enforcement officers get worn down And what happens if the chief suspect is you Concerns This one is pretty reasonable name calling , but other books in the 50 series have some tasteless moments Dogs are like that every now and then.Summary Life from the eyes of a redneck dog If you ve ever wondered anything about what the world looks like when you ve got four legs, a tail and perpetual fleas, here s your answer It s a riot Hank is the perfect boneheaded dog, and his ranch is everything you could hope for as a setting for a Texas Rangers mystery canine style.SEE MORE MIDDLE GRADE BOOK REVIEWS BY KRISTI AT kingdomofpages.blogspot.com

  6. Skylar Burris Skylar Burris says:

    I ve been reading this series aloud to my 3rd grade son Because he has dyslexia, his reading interests exceed his ability to read, so I m glad he s picked an entertaining series for me to read to him Hank is quite a character, with lots of personality, and the books are well written, fun to read aloud, and full of humor The pace of these books is a bit slow it s not about the plot, but about the characters, the language, and the wit that makes you smile frequently than laugh out loud It s true the same tropes keep occurring again and again from book to book, but instead of becoming completely boring because of this, the result is like a warm laugh at an old friend There are tons of books in this series, and we ve or listened to on CD maybe 9, so we ll see how long it takes him to bore of them.

  7. Darryl Cole Darryl Cole says:

    I read pretty much this entire series years ago after I descovered them in my elementary school libary The plot, and characters are great Plus these books are extremly funny I loved this series then and I still love it.

  8. Darryl Cole Darryl Cole says:

    I read pretty much this entire series years ago after I descovered them in my elementary school libary The plot, and characters are great Plus these books are extremly funny I loved this series then and I still love it.

  9. Jerome Jerome says:

    Hank investigates the murder of two pullets The story has the usual humorous conversations between Hank and Drover.

  10. Tracy Tracy says:

    I loved these books as a kid