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Learn how to screen for red flags and when to refer clients to a medical specialist Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists Screening for Referral, 6th Edition provides a step by step approach to screening for systemic disease and medical conditions that can mimic neuromuscular and musculoskeletal problems It describes both red flags and yellow flags, so you can recognize the signs and symptoms for conditions outside the scope of physical therapy practice This edition includes new information on women s health issues Written by experienced PT practitioner Catherine Cavallaro Goodman, this book helps you determine whether a client s symptoms require physical therapy or physician referral

10 thoughts on “Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists

  1. Lora Lora says:

    Excellent content, POOR editing Many grammatical errors throughout making it a very tough read It was overall laid out in an understandable systemic method, but the poor editing made me re read several sections 5 times to understand the content.With editing, this rating would increase substantially