Prime The Second Epistle to the CorinthiansAuthor Paul Barnett –

The Second Epistle to the Corinthians NICNT illuminates the historical background of the church at Corinth and clarifies the meaning of Paul s passionate letter both for those first century Christians and for todayBarnett assumes and offers argument for the unity of the letter and takes the view that Paul is addressing the issue of triumphalism in Corinth expressed by the newly arrived missioners who portray Paul as inferior to themselves It is also endemic among the Corinthians and according to Barnett, the recurring theme of the letter is power in weakness, based on the motif of the Resurrection of the Crucified, which lies at the heart of the gospel of Christ A powerfully written and argued commentary This commentary is perfect for its intended audience Greek words and textual problems are mostly relegated to the footnotes while the rest is solid exposition of the text If you re only going to get one commentary on 2 Corinthians, this is the one you need to get. 0165