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Although biologist Lou Thornton had prepared herself for the high temperatures of the Sahara Desert, the heat from her guide is about to melt her Master tracker Quinn Caldwell is a man of few words But it doesn t take words for Lou to know that something feral burns beneath his powerful and controlled exterior As they track an endangered species, Lou finds that Quinn has the scent ofthan just one type of prey when decides he must have her. Hmmm.not sure I care for having to wait to find out and that it s going to be dribbled out to me. Desert Thirst Bundle is the first episode of a steamy serial As expected from a serial, it leaves you hanging and longing for I m usually don t read serials, but if this story is already completed, I d like to read the rest Episode 1 is off to an engaging, steamy start. NOTHING EROTIC ABOUT THIS NOVELLA AT ALL GLAD IT WAS A FREEBIE. This just leaves you hanging with no conclusion.nothing Accept for the obvious ploy for you to spend money Sad. I must have skipped the erotic part Absolutely NOTHING HOTT about this except they were in a desert Wow I don t know where to begin Just truly disappointed with this one It just wasn t in my area of interest To each their own Maybe someone else will enjoy of it. The start was great I knew that they were going to get together Was not happy when they stop the story in the middle The fact that someone is watching them makes me not want to read the others. Serials can be tough beasts and while this one had an interesting overall storyline, it was decidedly lacking in the erotica that I was expecting from something that s billed as an erotic expedition I imagine that part 2 will start with some hot and heavy sexin but, well, part 1 just doesn t have it.That said, the characters are interesting and the overall story is intriguing I just wanted those characters to start sexin each other up something fierce Kelly Reading the ParanormalDesert Thirst was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 12 11 12 for the Why Buy the Cow reading challenge.