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Russia Not a book I would read a second time, but I like it nonetheless A consistent collection of short stories exclusively set in rural Siberia Good setting I m not sure I m found of the substance. Short mostly sad snippets of the lives of country Russians Some of the stories ha e a sedaris humor about them but it s a menacing type. A cultural phenomenon in his day an award winning film director and actor who also wrote novels, plays, and movie scripts Vasily Shukshin is renowned for his mastery of the short story Credited with revitalizing the short story as a genre in Russian literature, he was posthumously honored with the Soviet Union s highest literary prize following his untimely death at the age of forty five Stories from a Siberian Village introduces Shukshin to English readers with twenty five stories that reflect the Siberian origins of his artistic identity These stories, most of which have never before appeared in English, are set in a remote Siberian village caught in transition between rural traditions and modern Soviet life There Shukshin s peasants survivors of revolution, collectivization, and war seek their identity in a brave new world Eccentrics and oddballs, Shukshin s protagonists are restless freedom seekers whose dreams and foibles are as broad and inexplicable as their native Siberian landscape As touchy as artists and as unpretentious as truck drivers, they struggle with questions of life and death, faith and reason, custom and progress From their mutual misapprehensions and the gap between their dreams and reality arises Shukshin s biting humor