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Every job seeker should read this book There are a lot of great resources, tips, tricks and insights in this book Even though I have been in the job market for over 20 years, there are things I learned and can easily help mentor my students There is also an appendix of 500 jobs questions and answers Great read. What Does Matt Epstein Know That We Don t One summer day, Matt Epstein applied to 20 different companies on LinkedIn to find work He waited And waited He never heard back a single response Fear began to creep in He couldn t find a job because of one simple reason He was blending in with the masses Panic began to race through his mind Seriously, what the hell am I doing here He took a deep breath, stepped back and assessed the situation And then a stroke of genius hit him He was going to be bold Inspiring Outrageous Awkward Funny Unbelievable It was in this moment Matt Epstein created the most viral and successful job campaign of our lives By the time his campaign was finished, he had amassed these results Received 80 interview offers from companies like Google,, Microsoft Etsy and SigFig among manyReceived over 400,000 unique visits and 720,000 page views for his site Received over 450,000 YouTube views Received 20,000 Facebook Likes, 4,800 Tweets and 4,100 Google s Received print, online and TV coverage across the world from TechCrunch, Gizmodo, to the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal How is it that Matt was able to get publicity from just about every big name media outlet, generate a massive fan base and garner 80 interview offers from top tier, innovative companies while so many of us have to beg for a single interview What does Matt Epstein know that we don t In fact, what do all these people know that we don t Hanna Phan sent the Tweet heard round the world to the CEO of one of the hottest technology start ups in the world and had 1,290 people share her story on Facebook, 1,854 retweets, 204 LinkedIn shares and multiple job offers from different companies Nagesh Palepu overcame being nearly deaf at a young age and went through an incredibly journey as his career started as a cashier at McDonald s and continues today as the CEO of a highly successful company today Sarah Rossdale started working in a tiny ice cream stand and fought her way to her dream job at Disney, all while competing against her own roommate Nelson Wang went from Labor Foreman to a Partner Manager managing a multi million dollar territory of business and built a LinkedIn brand so powerful that he had recruiters from Google, Apple, Verizon, Paypal, and HP reaching out to him And finally, Jerry, at the tender age of 20, overcame a life and death experience to build an incredibly successful career His comeback story reminds us of the importance of enjoying the moment and having balance in our lives So what do they know that we don t It s simple really They all acknowledged one fundamental fact The resume is dead Your job opportunities, however, are alive and well If you learn the secrets on how to be an artist and to create with emotion This book will teach you how This step by step guide also includes 500 of the top interview questions and answers created by Fortune 100 HR experts How to create your own website and blog from scratch in under 10 minutes The top 5 secrets on how to build a standout LinkedIn brand Additional tips on how to leverage new media tools like YouTube, SlideRocket, Twitter, Prezi and Facebook How to garner recommendations from CEOs, VPs, Managers and peers How RATING 2.71 STARSI ve had this book in my Kindle library for just over seven years now In that time, I conducted a job search with a resume and it worked I ve also done quite a bit of work on other people s resumes to help land them a job or a contract The truth is The resume is still essential component to the job search It s not exactly dead Fortunately, this book does understand that This offers a look at ways to supplement your resume and stand out in your job search There is also an extensive list of interview questions and answers to help once you land an interview There are some helpful tips for your job search as well as some interesting stories to inspire you along the way.Unfortunately, there are a significant number of typos and formatting issues that distract you from enjoying the advice and also makes some of that advice feel insincere I mean, if this is what a final version of an edited book by Nelson Wang looks like, I completely understand why his resume wouldn t necessarily get him a foot in the door I m sure it stands out, but mostly because it s the one with all the mistakes, right Also, the content wasn t particularly well organized and at times it was difficult to recognize where you were in the text Pro tip if you need three layers of sub bullets and you have than five in each layer, you probably want to re think your communication strategy Anyway, I m glad I read it There are some thoughts in there that could be helpful, so if you are looking for a job, give it a chance But also turn on spell check and maybe buy that grammar plug in. This book was the primary reason I changed my outlook and style when I was job searching I got hired a week after I started reading this book, and although it might be pure coincidence I was not the same person during interviews or even on paper I love this book, but then again, I m slightly biased.