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Emily s a nineteen year old virgin It s not that she doesn t want sex in fact, she s desperately horny and plays dress up in sexy underwear when she s alone But living with two guys who are just friends means she doesn t get the chance for action, even if she fantasizes about hooking up with Justin, one of her sexy roommates.Now Justin s heart has been broken by his ex girlfriend, and Emily s there to comfort him For the first time, he s starting to notice that she s actually a girl instead of one of the guys And he might have just the solution to her little virginity problem.This sweet and spicy short is 5000 words of clothes ripping, ass slapping, and virginity stealing fun.

10 thoughts on “My Best Friends Virginity

  1. Charity Charity says:

    I really liked this short story It felt real, held emotion, and yet was fun My only complaint is the title The story is told from the Virgin s point of view so the title MY BEST FRIEND S VIRGINITY isn t technically right Just a little peeve of mine in an otherwise great story What would have earned 5 starsMORE to the story This is a great piece of a larger puzzle.

  2. A.j. Lyle A.j. Lyle says:

    I really enjoyed this short story about two friends hooking up for the first time It was sensual, sweet, realistic, and romantic.

  3. Christy Christy says:

    Cute short story about a virgin and her guy roommate Jack which is her best friend finally giving in to their feelings.