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The Final Installment to Mi Carino Carina Series Genre Multi cultural RomanceCategory Erotic DramaWord Count 69KFirst Book in the Series Mi CarinoCan one man find love when he doesn t believe Can one woman trust in love when she believes too much Can lust turn to desire into something muchif they forgive and begin again Marcella wants to start again She has reason too She carries a secret that grounds her and makes every new decision regarding her heart and her life profoundly meaningful Still she s never forgotten the fateful decision she made only a few months ago Her choice sent away the man who has forever changed her And soon Marcella discovers he hasn t forgotten her as well Diego Andes arrives and he wants her back This time he won t take no for an answer When he discovers Marcella s secret and betrayal he does something that sets them on a collision path of heartache and violence But are his motives true And if he is will his change of heart matter in time to save their love Warning Explicit Sex, Language, and Graphic Violence This is not a straight romance, the story has dark disturbing themes If you are willing to read the love and conflict of the anti hero then Mi Carina is the book for you

10 thoughts on “Mi Carina - Diegos Wrath (Mi Carino/Carina #2)

  1. Paganalexandria Paganalexandria says:

    What are we going to do about Diego and Marcella They are both a hot mess He is beyond controlling, going into abusive She is selfish, withholding, and almost has you justifying his crazy Yet I could not put this book down, and loved every bit of it Both did things that would have me DNFing a book written by someone else We all know Sienna Mynx has that IR good good.Obviously anyone reading my review so far knows this might not be big with some of my friends looking for low angst That being said, if you re open to a little over the top, soapy drama, dive on in.

  2. MsKingsPens MsKingsPens says:

    Reposting original review from 2013 because GR deleted itI tried to take this story seriously and that just left me frustrated The heroine take that with a large grain of salt was ridiculous and constantly contradicting herself The hero get some salt, I ll wait was bi polar with a borderline personality All of the supporting characters were either annoying or one note I started reading it like a Shakespearean comedy and it was hilarious The taming of the Don For that I give it two stars.

  3. Sexyladi Sexyladi says:

    Now this was a very good story.Love it much better than the first book, loved the first and secondary characters Diego s mother was something else, there was love, drama, misunderstanding, violence and a cleansing I love Sienna Mynx books the first book was okay but the second I couldn t put down I do recommend this series became everyone has their own opinion and theirs could be different from mine.

  4. Alexis *Reality Bites* Alexis *Reality Bites* says:

    Spoiler Free Review4.5STARSGenre Romance SuspenseSetting Paris,France and Spain You kicked that loser Richard out of your life Now you re pregnant and giving up your independence for a man scarier than Don Corleone Garrett in Mi Carina Diego s WrathAt the end of Mi Carino Risky Love Marcella leaves Diego and Delgado Washington for good Now in book 2 Mi Carina Diego s Wrath we find both Marcella and Susan living and working in Paris Marcella is also on the run from Diego Andes the father of her unborn child Marcella has no idea that Diego is hot on her trail and ready to reclaim her as his And Diego has no idea that Marcella is carrying his child When the two finally come face to face Marcella flee s the scene its too much to bare Diego tries to convince Marcella that he can change his controlling, strong willed ways and love her But because actions speak louder than words Marcella is not convinced When Diego snaps after he discovers Marcella s secret he does the unthinkable He kidnaps Marcella.Little do either know that danger looms ahead scheming and plotting.My ThoughtsI knew Sienna Mynx would bring the heat This book was just as good as the first The suspense was on point and the sex was fire Diego and Marcella get a happy ending and thats why i gave the 5th star My RatingsCharacters LikeableWriting Style GoodPlot Storyline Suspenseful and SavoryOverall A goodread

  5. KayB000 KayB000 says:

    I love the writing Sienna is a good writer but as for the book itself I hated it I found the characters annoying for the most parts Especially the two main characters Marcella was spineless a lot of the time and seemed to develop Stockholm syndrome Diego, I hated him He had a hard life, I sympathise with that side of him but he s also a very abusive man It s just not cute This was supposed to centre around dark themes so I took that into consideration The only thing I didn t like was how the writer and some reviewers here were implying Marcella overreacted or was being difficult in some instances A man stalks you after you ve ended the relationship, from one country to another, kidnaps you and your friend and holds you against your will You have no contact with the outside world and you re held in one room whilst pregnant Then he later proceeds to plan a wedding 2 weeks after kidnapping you without even asking SHE WASNT OVERREACTING He was abusive and than a little unhinged I didn t even like the obligatory happy ending because the theme was too dark with Diego s character It just seemed to glamourise an abusive relationship All the things he did were not romantic or understandable because he s sexy, loves her and had a hard life Abuse is abuse.The sex scenes were good, character development was fine and the story was well written.

  6. Veevy Veevy says:

    I ll give it a 2 5 the ending was the only thing I realy liked about the book because there was some character development and some closure and truth But honestly, I don t know how I feel about this book overally Marcella comes second on my list to Anastacia Steele 50 Shades of lead characters I dislike How can a lead character be so spineless like that Their relationship with Diego was sick and twisted and outright absurd and only made sense until the very end The misogyny in this book was than I could take The way the men treated women in this book was just wrong Diego s single minded obsession with Marcella was unjustifiable, I didn t feel the romance or the transformation that came with the relationship Diego was condescending, abusive and was a paranoid sociopath I tried to feel sorry for him but I just couldn t because a lot of things he did really didn t make sense And like I said, This is definitely not Sienna s best offering It left me really disappointed I skipped a hell lot of pages just to get done with the book because honestly I couldn t stand any of the characters in there I only liked them right at the end, maybe because they got their brains back and I was just happy to see them all go.

  7. Ansu Ansu says:

    I really, really wanted to like this book but it was not happening Marcella had just to subborn to live syndrome and she drove me crazy I like Diego, he was strong and powerful and this carried over from book 1 into book 2 but Marcella wanted to turn him into her whipping boy which I did not like Her stubborness went too far that it became too much to read, you either love the guy and make it work or you walk away, not love him and still walk away I just wish authors would write a story where the heroine actually wants to be there and not be forced and constantly pushed into a relationship A very disappointing read, I did not finish this one as I could not take any of Marcella and her constant running away from the problems that she made bigger because she was soo perfect.

  8. Starapple Starapple says:

    I have read both this book and the previous book in the series They were absolutely awesome Just the way I like my books Dark, alluring, erotic, sexy tortured hero, multicultural, clever, intelligent, heroine who is not a whimper and does use her brain, other sexy and interesting characters.I am not going to give a full review, but it was a riveting read In fact I could not put either of the two books down and read each in one sitting and went to bed at 3.30 am and 5.00 am respectively.No typos could be found Excellent editing Everything made sense.I can only highly recommend that you get this series.

  9. TJ TJ says:

    An interesting take on the dominate alpha male however Marcella was too quick to forgive Everyone deserves a second chance however I dont know if I could handle anyone making every decision for me then make up some elaborate story just so he could kidnap me I like my heros to be dominate not a dictator Although Diego s mother was quite a character.

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    Diego came and conquered in this book Love will make you do incredible things and he showed Marcella and everyone else for that matter what it s like