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The Buenavida Dilemma is a rich account of the history and life experiences of Hispanics in the Southwest and Western United States from the 1850s through today Using five generations of the Buenavida family, the author describes the social and cultural events and issues, including legal conflicts affecting Hispanics Hot and controversial topics such as English Only laws discrimination in schools and environmental justice are examined and pointedly analyzed The book will illuminate the Hispanic struggle to maintain one s culture while succeeding in the U.S mainstream.

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    I normally do not write reviews, but I realized I am the only person to have marked this book as read I d feel awful were I not to provide any warning to innocent readers Especially you poor few who were told that you needed to read this book for your online government class.The content had potential at some point in the creative process, but it definitely was butchered as soon as my eyes crossed the first line of dialogue This book reminds me of a project a middle schooler would do in a history class, but somehow I feel that a middle schooler would have done a better job at least at catching those typos yikes That being said, the maximum that I could rate this book would be good effort