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When Becky and Josh Plimpton are kidnapped by Todd Finlay, Megan and her two suitors, Ryan and Apollus, attempt to rescue them, but through the mysterious powers of the Rainbow Room, one group ends up in nineteenth century Jerusalem and the other in central America hundreds of years after the visitation of the Savior to the Nephites.

10 thoughts on “Tennis Shoes: Warriors of Cumorah (Tennis Shoes, #8)

  1. Makenna Makenna says:

    It was really good I like how they switch points of view of characters.

  2. Kerrin Mountcastle Kerrin Mountcastle says:

    This is so amazing I wouldn t change it at all

  3. Karen Rowley Karen Rowley says:

    6 Warriors of Cumorah written by Chris Heimerdinger is a fantastic, adventurous story This is a book where there are many different people who are in some way apart of this family, telling their side or part of the story These people are traveling through time to a bunch of different places and different times They keep splitting up and then getting back together Everything always seems to be getting in the way I LOVED this book It s a story that makes me want to always keep reading I love how there are so many different genres I guess you could say, to this book There is definitely adventure, but there is also a little mystery, and a little romance I feel like every book in this series has somebody falling in love But it doesn t go into to much detail which is a plus I love how this book is clean, no swearing or crude references, or anything like that One of the parts that I didn t love though were some of the war parts of it For me it was just kind of confusing I didn t understand all that was going on One of my most favorite things about this book though was I felt like I was or could be every single character He explains every character very well, how they are feeling what their objectives are There is a forty year old and a ten year old, and many other ages in between But no matter how old they are or what their backgrounds are, you know exactly what it feels like to be them The one thing that I have a love hate relationship with is the ending Because it is definitely a cliff hanger, so you have to read his next book I think the theme of this book is, keep going Because they go through some really hard challenges But if they keep fighting and keep believing in what they know is right they always make it through This book was so amazing to read and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series

  4. James Biser James Biser says:

    This is another great story of modern members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who go back in time to Israel and ancient America to help scriptural prophets and heroes This volume is excellent as it includes meeting and saving the life of Moroni This is a great read

  5. Steve Center Steve Center says:

    Off on another exciting adventure This is the most complicated storyline thus far.

  6. Stephen Greco Stephen Greco says:

    This book was ok I feel like know I have continued reading the books in this series just because I feel that I invested the time in reading the previous 7 books that I really enjoyed I am to the point were I feel like I am going through the motions now Probably a combination of me getting older and the book being less exciting the the previous books.

  7. Jesse Whitehead Jesse Whitehead says:

    I actually enjoyed this one much than the last few The action and situations felt a little realistic than before The old formula is still there but this time it s twisted and turned over on itself so that it s only obvious if you re looking for it.Rebecca actually makes a convincing nine year old girl and Apollus has just the right amount of anachronistic thoughts and actions that make his point of view interesting Meagan is still the smart mouthed teenager she s always been and this time her point of view sounded enough different from Melody that she didn t sound like a cutout female character Heimerdinger still suffers from the delusion that all females think the story is about who is in love and all males want to talk about is how cool they are.This book has better characters, realistic situations, and is generally better written than it s predecessors The tension is much greater with the reintroduction of some people and things from Jim s past another part of the formula and the family being separated across time and space.There are things in this book, though, that make it drift away from historical fiction and into the realm of fantasy The Tennis Shoes books have always bordered on the fantastical and depending on how you look at time travel may have always been there The fantasy is couched heavily in gospel lore and is consistent with the fictional universe that Heimerdinger has established previously.If you ve gotten this far you ll read this book anyway If you enjoyed the early books the middle ones might be worth trudging through in order to get to this one I really enjoyed it I hope that the succeeding books four total are at least as good.

  8. Kimberly Fields Kimberly Fields says:

    Another fun action story in the Tennis Shoes series Chris Heimerdinger is always good at keeping me on the edge of my seat as I read there s never a dull moment in his books There are some way overly cheesy parts namely, the conversation between Meagan and Apollos at the end of the book I wish he d stick to adventure and leave the cheesiness out of it his first 3 books did a much better job at that than the rest Also, I get tired of the constant sarcasm from a lot of his characters It was toned down a lot in this book than in the last few before it seriously, I was so sick of Meagan s attitude , which was good, but I still didn t think the characters had the strongest of personalities I also wish Heimerdinger hadn t felt the need to drag Ryan into the story, just to create a love triangle He did keep the romantic tension a little raised, but he mostly was superfluous I also don t like that Heimerdinger keeps creating romances between the modern protagonists and people from ancient worlds It s just too unbelievable that they could bring that many ancient people into the modern world without problems Unfortunately, I think it s a pattern that s likely to continue.So yeah read this book, but don t take it too seriously Enjoy the action and overlook its flaws it s a pretty enjoyable book overall.

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Heimerdinger switches between perspectives a lot in this book I understand that it s necessary in order to tell the whole story but I m not quite sure if I like it It s not that it s badly written, far from it Each character has their own distinctive voice and they vary greatly Heimerdinger displays a lot of talent and insight when he can make me feel as though the story is actually being told by an ancient Roman soldier or a modern 10 year old girl, but I m not sure how much I like the perspective changing as often as it does I think it was also a challenge to use the perspective of someone in the ancient world with no understanding of the time travel concept and that hadn t been previously introduced at all, and Heimerdinger executed it very well Again, the character had a distinctive voice and was a necessary plot device to tell the complete story I still love these adventures and for me they fulfill the purpose that the author had when he created them They lead me to the scriptures to find out for myself.

  10. Angie Angie says:

    Not that stupid sword again.I enjoyed this book than I thought I would, but I think that is due entirely to my desire to read something fluffy And I suspect Apollus might have something to do with it Otherwise, the Becky, Josh, and Mary arc was frustrating, uninteresting, and unnecessary I enjoyed the arc with Apollus, Meagan, and Ryan immensely .I also had a realization that might explain somewhat why I m still reading the series despite its poor writing editing at times and its proclivity to recycle its plots it s just fun to live through these characters as they meet the legends I ve learned about since childhood Historical fiction is cool that way.