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It was an interesting story, but the ending felt abrupt like there was supposed to be a follow up book that never got written. wow, this was a really good book, ive been reading alot of books about israel and palestine and the gaza strip and this one was the best out of all of them it was about how the whole thing got started after ww2 and i loved it read this, its good, but you might have a hard time trying to find it, the copy my mom got for christmas is falling to peices.. 7th Grade Assigned Reading I read this book for research while I was writing a book on the Civil War This book had useful information that was helpful to me. It looked like it could be intriguing but it was too slow paced for me. The ending was weird There should definitely be another book, the story just doesn t feel finished yet. This is a post WWII novel involving a young Jewish boy who goes to Israel After becoming a sheepherder, he meets an Arab boy an enemy who becomes his friend It is a poignant, stark novel about the problems in the Middle East I read this novel in the 70s when I was taking an adolescent lit class The critique came from one I did for the class With all the issues in the Middle East, it is relevant today Released from a concentration camp after World War II, ayear old boy settles on an Israeli kibbutz but finds new life threatened by the growing conflict between Arabs and Jews