How To Write A Mistake-ist Poem Prime –

In the words of the author I was enad of Mistake ism before I ever knew it existed The way Navajo blankets must bear a flaw Aleatory day breaking into tiny acts of unknowing It s like I could feel inside the nerve fibers of animals, how they d flare into readiness No armor, no geometry Later, I came across the works of many artists working within the field of Mistake ism Cassavettes and Rowlands, Thelonious Monk, Ono, Basquiat, etc I learned from Harmony Korine that Mistake ism should not be merely funny, or beautiful, or tragic, but all of these at once and in no particular order Each Mistake ist act leads one back to where things start, tricking existence into a perpetual middle The way walking is actually a protracted fall life is one long slip on the spirit s banana peel.

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