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Who is empowered to make and execute corporate decisions Is it stockholders who have the final say, or a board of directors What happens during a corporate merger or hostile takeover What legal rules are in place to ensure corporations behave ethically Theselectures answer these and other questions about a high stakes, ever evolving area of the American legal system Recreating a traditional law school course in corporate law, Professor Geis guides you through the foundations of corporate law, the history of corporations, the problems that can plague corporations including insider trading and bribery , and In clear, accessible language, Law School for Everyone Corporate Law introduces you to the inner workings of corporate law, from the fundamental structure of a typical corporation to the high stakes drama of battles over corporate control They also explore fascinating, landmark court cases that have shaped the way corporate lawyers think about their field, transforming legalese into easily understandable stories that, woven together, create a grand narrative of the evolution of corporate law from its beginnings right up to the challenges of the present day This lecture series is a fascinating look at how corporate law works, where it works well, and where it may still fall short of its goals PLEASE NOTE When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio